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Jean Pfann, Step Down Now! Let Your Sister Go!


Please help save my life — and Save Tax Dollars.   Tell Jean that California’s Welfare System is NOT Her Private Playground! 



Let it go — and let me go!

New Year BlueJay Flying

I feel my life is at risk and directly threatened by my sister, who is hoarding my inheritance and has forced me to instead beg for basic physical nonfoods and to resort to public assistance for food.  Since October, 2012.  This pattern is longstanding and beyond redemption.

I have run out of time for asking resolution.

You can make a Statement to my Sister  — “There is No Excuse for Abuse (at any age, for any reason)”

— or don’t.  Pass it by and “pass the buck.” 

You have that option.  I truly don’t.  But realize there is always a public cost to accommodating private abuse.   

Family Abuse is TaxPayerAbuse!  

Sibling rivalry is one thing, but this is off the charts – we’re all three adult women in our sixties!

I am Victoria Englund (born Anna Victoria Pfann), the sole heir (beneficiary) of a trust fund worth $802,355.34 on January 1, 2014 — but it’s in the control of my older sister.

 My name is on the trust fund after the words “for the benefit of” (“FBO”).

So what’s with forcing me to beg for basic nonfoods and onto public assistance for food?  

Jean became my fiduciary (assumed the control of my inheritance) in 2010.

Within just two years of my sister’s “help,” I’m back on food stamps and seeing work I just got, driven away, . . . all sense of safety is gone.  I am a domestic violence survivor, and in this situation, safety and knowing I have it is not optional.

This has happened before.  Here’s how, this time: