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Strange Hybrid Species Inhabit that Rabbit Hole….

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(See “Down the Rabbit Hole with ACJFCJ” first)

…And guess who’s funding the breeding programs?  [look in the mirror]

WHY should anyone go Down this Rabbit Hole (and Read this Long Post), which FYI, wasn’t easy to write;  I’m also in the middle of this situation and dealing with some VERY frightening prospects?  

Owner Nicky Harwood is reunited with seven-year-old Bilbo who get wedged chasing a rabbit down a 10-inch wide hole in Dobwalls, Cornwall. Back home: Bilbo relieved to be back home following the ordeal

Miracle mutt!  Terrier survives 20 days down rabbit hole…then wriggles free after losing weight

(Daily Mall Reporter, 2 Dec. 2011),

With a name like Bilbo, you would have expected him to be good at finding his way out of holes.  But when the border cross lakeland terrier chased a rabbit into one, his owners feared they had seen the last of him.

For unlike his hobbit namesake, the seven-year-old pet was unable to find his way out of the narrow underground maze. …

‘We will never know what happened to him but I think he may have got stuck in one of the small tunnels and after he lost the weight managed to free himself.’

The family had sat outside the hole for a few hours every day and tried to lure Bilbo out with various familiar scents – including his bed, the family’s bedsheets, and his pet food.

But after 20 days he was thin enough to wriggle free and dashed straight back to the car park where his family had parked nearly three weeks before.

A passer-by recognised him from missing posters that had been plastered around the village and reunited him with the grateful family. Mrs Harwood added: ‘He looked so skinny and sorry for himself when I first saw him. He was caked in bog mud and had trouble breathing. Luckily he is gaining weight and is nearly back to his full health now.

‘We are just so grateful to have him home. It really is a  miracle he survived.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2069216/Miracle-mutt-Terrier-survives-20-days-rabbit-hole–wriggles-free-losing-weight.html#ixzz2z5AmwIHk  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Don’t let the long sentences fool you — that’s partly how I deal with the PTSD of (a) confronting this situation and (b) still being without funds for food or gas, as we speak.  

I also faced this every time, for years and week by week, month by month since August 2012, in  realizing my sister’s “Round 3” game plan — and confronting it, when I repeatedly had to write my sister, who is also trustee and controlling my inheritance, to demand what she had a legal duty to provide me as fiduciary — resources to live on, without retaliation for insisting this not involve taking personal abuse for asking.

(See sidebar for Donate Button if you want to help temporarily!)

Short Answer — for the same reason you should ask Jean Pfann to Step Down Now!    It’s your tax dollars — not mine.  I’m not earning enough to be taxed, as I said, I’ve been held to begging and food stamps, when I wanted a safetyzone and a stable employment record. The alternative is letting her private family matters (aggressions/abuse) continue to waste public funds.  FYI, this didn’t just start in 2010 – it started as far back as 2001 (while my restraining order was still on).

In another post, I requested people, along with asking an abusive sister to step down from her position over my inheritance.  She is entirely too comfortable with the situation — and with hurting others, when it suits her purposes.

The juicy center of this particularly Pfann family’s situation involves (“IMHO”) exploiting someone, me, leaving a violent, nearly lethal and chronically abusive marriage, with minor children. Someone doesn’t want this known, wishes to minimize, reframe, blame, coverup, and walk off with the spoils.

It can get exceptionally ugly when someone the family had gotten “used” to in one situation (i.e., victim) demonstrates the will and initiative to change — and re-connects socially and workwise, making new friends.  DV is horribly isolating and connecting with one’s community is the opposite — it’s healing and refreshing, provides energy, and hope.

My sister, and her husband (Jean Pfann and Jim Morgan, Oakland, California) and eventually the other one (Susan Pfann, southern California City of Los Angeles career attorney married to another, I believe but am less sure of his work profile, also City of Los Angeles career attorney, Arthur Walsh) made it absolutely clear where they stood, early on, with my process of exiting abuse, raising my children, and refusing to substitute one abuser (Eric Englund) for another one (Jim Morgan, and with him, Jean).  They were aggressors, I was not.  I have the proof, in writing.

And the ones from Northern California here, didn’t take rejection, or “No” for an answer very gracefully.  The rest is history.

So far as I know, I am the first person ever to stand up to an abuser in our family line.  In previous generations, there weren’t laws to protect from this;  now, there are.  But there are also institutions and courts which appear to cancel out those laws; there’s an internet to expand, infinitely, the scope and influence of those institutions which say they are saving people from family violence — and those which do the opposite, keep them trapped in it.  The “Alameda County Family Justice Center” (ACJFCJ) that I sought help from last October (2013), and it was emergency help, the situation was dire, is one of these such institutions.  It is based on a federally-funded, and national model.

Look Below the Surface, Look past the Press and the Public Relations (including nice, colorful websites):

I think this MODEL (let alone this center itself) is continuing to falsify (exaggerate) services provided, while dumping cases, and while continuing to take USDOJ // “VAWA” (Violence Against Women Act) funding, as it turns out here, through the local counties — AND through participating nonprofits stating they are also opposed to such violence, who are also taking federal funding — but people are still kidnapping children, stalking their former partners, sometimes killing each other over divorce and custody matters, are forcing them back onto welfare, and are doing this in and through the family court arena, which is also funded by the public dollars, is that not a public issue?

I requested people not just contact my sister (obviously, she’s not very interested in hearing from the beneficiary of a large trust fund she stands to inherit if I can be gotten rid of, which we have a good start on, at this point.)  I said, contact Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and ask her to do something about this situation (to help me, in other words).  The form of help I need is fairly simple — I need an abusive trustee out, ideally access to my inheritance — and after that, safe separation (probably protection) from the same.  This blog would NOT be published if I felt I had another option, and weren’t really concerned about survival.

I wouldn’t know so much about so many systems had I not been dragged through them trying to put a safe distance as a single mother between myself and my ex-, and as it turns out family members who took up his cause.  Most people don’t really know about these agencies til they’ve had several face-to-face encounters and come to understand the assembly line, case-dumping, “not our problem” behavior.

Driving this was my drive to help my kids and to of course, stay involved in music.  I just happen to like the profession. I know that without  these outrageous situations, and without repeated, chronic disruptions, it indeed will last a competent professional, which I have been, should he or she want — well into their seventies.  If in the process of getting out, I can warn others or help them out, and warn the public and ask them to ALSO become aware, so much the better.

On the other post, you’ll see several links to this particular organization and my attempts to track some of its:
  • Incorporation (Secretary of State Registration with California)
  • Nonprofit filings (Office of Attorney General, “OAG,” registers charities and professional fundraisers in California).
  • Tax returns (from a few different places one can look, including on that OAG site).
  • Press releases and commentary about who they are and what they do.
Although the “Family Justice Center” IS a corporation, and a nonprofit, it’s also a division of the DA’s office, as this County Organization Chart shows, boxes, who they report to, and all.  Each box is followed by a # in parentheses, and this one’s is (230200).  The following staff — I guess this represents how full-time a position is — are under the Justice Center.  So it looks to me as though there are a combined total of 6.66 (interesting total!) positions..

1 – Admin Services Assistant 0.08 – Legal Secretary (P) 0.58 – Legal Assistant SAN 1 – Deputy District Attorney

3 – Mental Health Specialist I 1 – Mental Health Specialist III.

[While on the chart — this is under ADMIN, not the FJC, but relates to family matters for sure; domestic violence is going to affect who lives where, which will affect, often, child support) the Admin division has  – Child Support Caseworker III].

And towards the bottom I went looking for HOW (through whom, where can the public look up) does a USDOJ “President’s Family Justice Initiative” or, any ongoing USDOJ grants by way of the Office of Violence Against Women, or however they might get this ACJFCJ.  I found notes from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors Minutes about it.  I’m pretty good at looking these things up, actually — but tracking federal funds to a hybrid organization with an identity crisis, when the hybrid organization with an identity crisis was started by the local District Attorney — is a little tricky.
This makes for messy posts — but I still think others ought to look into this.  I know only a few people who, so far, have started to put this together.  Most people would not spend their free time plowing through corporate records or tax returns unless there was a good reason to do so.
MY good reason is, it’s time to get a better understanding of where public funds are being spent, particularly federal funds.  if we cant look them up, and don’t persist in trying — that’s just giving our public/private affiliated centers (justice centers, and others) a real playground called, our money, collected from LOTS of sources.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
Here’s a look at the year 2012 (5/1/2012 through 4/30/2012) tax return which really got me thinking:

This is a nonprofit organization (see below for MUCH more detail). Their tax return for year 2012 (timespan, 5/1/2012 –  4/30/2013; ending last year — about six months before I walked in 10/4/2013 asking for help).  Below, I talk about looking up parts of a 990 to get a fiscal, or kind of financial/what do we do?  Who are our leaders? profile (at least from the tax return) of an organization; like what they told the IRS.



“Year of Formation 2007” (actually they didn’t register as a nonprofit properly til 2010)

Page 1, Where the money came from:  [“K”= in thousands]

“Contributions – $103K” [up $81K from previous year, not bad!!]  “Other revenue” (which is, fund-raising) “$85K.” Remember that number…    EXPENSES (items 13-17).  None of the usual categories, only “Other” = “$24.5K”  Remember that number too, see program purposes above…

Page 2 “Professional services provided for victims of abuse” (Expenses — $16.8K only).

Page 7, Section 7 — Officers, Directors, Trustees, etc. (Name, Title, Hrs. worked, pay).  All is “0.00” because these are mostly County (DA’s office) employees, at least Nancy O’Malley, Kevin Dunleavy, Harold Boscovich (ret’d — see below) are, or possibly are being paid by an agency under ACJFCJ (Kimberly Jones, Rhoda Hing**?).

[Kimberly Jones’ LinkedIn says she is in the printing business, and an Account Exec at “California Lithographers“]

Kimberly Jones


Page 8, Section VIII Statement of Revenue — there’s the $103K (not marked “government,” so I guess it’s not from “government?” — and then there’s the “Other Revenue, $85K.  Actually “$85K is net of expenses for their Gala Fundraiser.  We see (as in other years), that expenses over around 1/3 of the take for the Gala.  In 2013, this translates to:  $142,680 – $56,808 (that’s EXPENSES of fundraising) = $85,872.   How can you spend $56K fundraising?  

Schedule G at the end, while it doesn’t say fundraising gross receipts were $142,680, but rather $140,965.  And of this “$41,308” on Food and Beverages, and $15,100 on other “Direct Expenses.”  (In 2013, until about 10/25/2013, I was destitute and on food stamps as a family violence survivor with an abusive and withholding family members as fiduciary).

*Rhoda Hing, 2008 AABA (Asian-American Bar Association), I learned is the wife of Judge Stuart Hing, who became a judge (in a ceremony) 9/1/2008.  Before this he was a deputy district attorney for 23 years:

As of 9/1/08, the State Bar membership was 217,584 and the number of judges in the state rose to 1,944. That number of judges included the Honorable Stuart Hing, who was sworn in by California Supreme Court Justice Ming Chin as an Alameda County Superior Court Judge after an Enrobing Ceremony with Hing’s wife, Rhoda, perform- ing the honors. The well-attended Induction Ceremony was standing room only in the James Moore Auditorium at The Oakland Museum followed by a lavish catered reception with a hosted bar and hors’ d’oeurves spread. Over 300 guests consisting of family, friends, and colleagues attended this fete on the beautiful evening of 8/28/08. A contingency of AABA members was in attendance.

More than forty Alameda County Superior Court judges and com- missioners, many of whom Hing appeared before in his 23-year career as a deputy district attorney, attended a special en banc court session. Presiding Judge Yolanda Northridge called the event to order and Chief Assistant District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley served as the Mistress of Ceremonies. Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff spoke about Hing’s successful career as a prosecutor. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Brenda Harbin-Forte and Cali- fornia Court of Appeals Justice Henry Needham both shared humorous accounts about Hing’s accomplishments including his courtship with Rhoda, a court reporter, with whom Hing has been married for two years.  [i.e. since about 2006]

. . . In addition to being active with AABA, Hing is active with several legal organizations including Women Lawyers of Alameda County (serving as one of the very few male board members in its history), Earl Warren American Inn of Court, Alameda County Family Justice Center, Alameda County Bar Association, Charles Houston Bar Association, and Alameda County Homeless Court.

Judge Hing (2012) featured in “Ms. JD” blog

(There are also photos; they seem a very attractive and fit couple, he is much taller.)  Volunteer Legal Services Corporation (“VSLC”) “Guardians of Justice Recognition” photos:

(Stuart Hing is on the right).
VSLC == helps provide pro-bono legal services. I guess “Guardians of Justice” help financially?
The Volunteer Legal Services Corporation (VLSC) created the Guardians of Justice campaign so that large firms, small firms, and solo practitioners can join VLSC to bridge the justice gap in our community. To join Guardians of Justice, we ask that you make a commitment to support VLSC on an annual basis.
At about this time, I decided to look into their Annual Gala Fundraiser.  A Google Search came up with this homage to how great they were — a short statement before the U.S. House of Representatives, on the Congressional Record, January 22, 2013:

January 22, 2013

113th Congress, 1st Session
Issue: Vol. 159, No. 7 — Daily Edition

Entire Issue (PDF)

(House of Representatives – January 22, 2013)

[Page H185]

  (Mr. SWALWELL asked and was given permission to address the House for 
1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. SWALWELL of California. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to salute the 
great work done by the Alameda County Family Justice Center, a 
nonprofit organization in California's East Bay, which represents my 
  I was an Alameda County prosecutor, and it was during my tenure that 
the Justice Center was founded by my former boss, Alameda County 
District Attorney Nancy O'Malley. Prior to its existence, people in my 
area subjected to domestic violence, human trafficking, or sexual 
assault had to navigate a complicated bureaucracy and go to many 
different places to obtain much-needed services.
  The Justice Center changed that by coordinating and centralizing 
critical programs in just one place. It operates as a one-place 
location for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human 
trafficking, offering services like counseling, job training, and 
housing. Those suffering at the hands of abusers now have a place to 
rest, recover, and restore their lives.
  As a prosecutor, I saw the horrible damage that these crimes cause, 
and I am grateful that the traumatized victims of the East Bay have the 
Justice Center to which they can turn.
  In a few days it's holding its sixth annual fundraising gala called 
One. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone involved good 
luck with the event and continued success in helping all victims of the 
East Bay.


[Inbetween two comments on the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade]


As described on the DA’s site — the 1/26/2013 “Annual One Gala”  held in downtown Oakland (Cost, food and drink, $41,308):

Helping Victims and Healing Children 


On January 26, 2013, the Alameda County Family Justice Center held its sixthAnnual One Gala. The event took place at the Rotunda Building in downtown Oakland and was attended by over 300 people. The gala raised money for the FJC’s KidZone and other victim support programs offered by the Family Justice Center.


Guests of the came together from the Bay Area and beyond to unite in support of the ACFJC, including a number of state, regional and local elected officials. Over the course of the evening, attendees bid in both a silent auction and a live auction to raise money various programs associated with the ACFJC.


and they got the Congressional testimony on a large video screen (was that the rest of the “Direct Expenses” for the gala?)


Gala attendees watch a video of Congressman Eric Swallwell speak on the floor of the House about the Alameda County Family Justice Center.


Presumably this is Eric Stalwell: (Election 2012 reference).

 Eric Swalwell was born in Sac City, Iowa, and raised in Dublin, Calif., where he now resides. He attended the University of Maryland, where he earned a bachelor’s in government politics and a law degree. Since 2006, Swalwell has worked as a deputy district attorney for Alameda County. He has served as a Dublin City Council member since November 2010.

Swalwell was also a member of Dublin’s planning, heritage and cultural arts commissions. He also served as a student member with the College Park City Council in Maryland.

He is single.

Eric Swalwell, a young county prosecutor, is a Democrat challenging 20-term Democratic Rep. Pete Stark in Northern California’s newly drawn 15th District.  The 31-year-old Alameda County deputy district attorney came in second in California’s first top-two primary. Stark came in just 7 points ahead of Swalwell, who had never run for state or federal office.

In a debate against Swalwell, Stark _ who is known as a volatile politician _ accused his young opponent of accepting “hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes” from land developers in exchange for zoning privileges. Stark later retracted the charge and apologized.

Click to Home


Here’s from a 2008 ACJFCJ Gala, snapshots and description (In 2008, after my children were stolen overnight and I was effectively driven (traumatized) out of doing music as a profession, not to mention at this time having had almost no contact with either one (including NO major holidays but one, for one daughter, New Year’s Eve 2006, and I was gradually coming to realize that my family, including Jean Pfann and Jim Morgan, intended that, basically, I should not see my own children again, PERIOD), here’s how the ACJFCJ was raising funds for NOT prosecuting felony child-stealing in the same county, in summer 2006:

Alameda County Family Justice Center


Oh well.



Blue Shield of California Foundation Announces

 $10.7 Million in First-Quarter Funding

New grants will bolster California’s healthcare safety net and domestic violence services; Edward Cymerys named to board of trustees 

San Francisco, CA (March 26, 2013) — Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF) announced $10.7 million in first-quarter grantmaking today. The majority of these funds will focus on modernizing California’s healthcare safety net and strengthening its community health centers. Additional investments will help to reinforce state and national programs that are effectively addressing domestic violence.

. . . HEALTH CARE AND COVERAGE ($8,330,043):

The following grants are designed to strengthen the state’s health care safety net to ensure that all Californians have access to high-quality, effective, and affordable health care:

(and they are listed, then…)

Coverage Expansion under the ACA ($1,655,138):   [ACA= Affordable Care Act]

This group of grants is focused on enabling counties throughout California to maximize enrollment in Low Income Health Programs (LIHPs) in 2013 and transition LIHP enrollees and uninsured residents into coverage through Medi-Cal and the California Health Benefit Exchange. Funds will support the following organizations:

 (and they are listed, then…)



The following grants are aimed at expanding access to domestic violence (DV) services and improving systems of DV care by building a strong, coordinated network of DV providers; catalyzing innovation and shared learning; and advancing the DV policy dialogue.

National Family Justice Center Alliance (Statewide; $850,000): To provide technical support to the California Family Justice Initiative, a network of co-located, multi-agency domestic violence service centers across California, and identify promising approaches to health services integration.

Foundation Center (Statewide; $125,000): To analyze and improve the taxonomy of the Foundation Directory Online database to better capture multiple dimensions of the domestic violence (DV) prevention and services field, examine and map DV foundation funding trends in California, and share results with the DV and philanthropic fields.

Peace Over Violence (Los Angeles, CA; $750,000): To institutionalize and implement promising teen dating violence prevention policy and programs in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Family Violence Law Center (San Francisco Bay Area; $500,000): To enhance and expand the work of Start Strong: Oakland to have the greatest impact toward the goal of preventing teen dating violence in Oakland.

San Diego Grantmakers (San Diego, CA; $100,000): To develop a regional, cross-sector community response to the needs of San Diego’s veterans and their families, and serve as a national model.


The “National Family Justice Center Alliance” is based in San Diego, runs a Camp Hope, and is complicated.  Like this one.  As you can see the “$500K from 1! 2013 went to an agency within the ACJFCJ — but not, technically speaking, to the business entity ACJFCJ itself.  Although the Family Violence Law Center’s leadership is probably on the board of directors of the ACJFCJ.

Just remember, you too might get stuck down this hole like the little terrier dog at the top of the page, lose your way, get separated from your family (owners?) and have to lose some weight, or other ballast, before extracting yourself from the underground warren, with prominent funding, beautiful websites and $41-$53,000 Gala Fundraising Expenses for a nonprofit entity whose staff are in part paid by the public as county employees anyhow.

– – – –

from that tax return I posted, for FY2012 (which ended 4/30/2013), their cash balance at the beginning was $169K, and their cash balance at the end was $334K or such — almost double.  One way to do this is (as it apparently did) complicated accounting and spending next to nothing on actual victim services.

In part, and possibly, by simply telling cases one doesn’t want to go away.

Oakland is still an exceptionally violent place.  I have some ideas on why, based on my past about 12 years (1988-2001 (living there) and seeing what happens when people with children leave abuse and are hauled into the family court system, where other public policy (like marriage/fatherhood promotion) plays a greater influence.

I did not have PTSD bad in 2001/2002, that I’m aware of.  I remember being filled with hope and energy and very happy that I could do music again, pretty freely and without threats — as had been a real issue while married.

It became a significant issue when my children were stolen on a double-concert weekend, after I’d just signed a 12-month lease and one week before a major audition — only to be told by my ex (who’d moved without notifying me or the courts, which I had NOT done for him) — that I was an abduction risk, our girls were mysteriously NOT in school, and etc.

See the framework to this blog:  “Both my daughters deserved better from their married aunts.”  I didn’t have cause to expect better from their father– but I believe that my sisters could’ve made better choices, and simply chose not to.

My priority now isn’t reporting all of this — my priority is safety.  Please remember this is in the context of my appeal for the public to CONTACT JEAN PFANN (and simply tell her to quit wasting tax dollars, and get off my trust fund, by distributing it to me, or, 2nd choice, discuss replacement fiduciary — she has the name).  I felt this was important to make plain — I have been attempting to set boundaries.  The groups in place to supposedly help single mothers and single parents do this — are on another agenda, playing another game.  If you want to know more about it — and I’m safe — I will send more information.

Thanks for reading this far!


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Want the Short Version, or to Sign? It’s Here.

Jean and her attorney have leaked to a third party (NOT me, as they should've) intention to resign, probably because of this*:

Link to Care2.com Petition (with signatures)
Care2.com has over 25 million viewers, mostly progressive site, and encourages SHORT petitions. Mine is, with signatures from many different states.

= a concise, truthful statement of the problem.

Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds are Not her Private Playground was set up April 20, 2014, and apparently that, or this (probably that) has persuaded Jean to plan to resign, and will remain up at least em>until I see it with my own eyes, and am in a far safer condition and situation. For shorter attention spans, go there!

And, the updates page blog linking to it @ JeanPfannUpClose.

*While attorney would not tell me directly, a 3rd party calling on my behalf (unannounced) obtained it at least in email, which was cc'd me. Conditions for resigning are as unacceptable as conditions under which she has "administered" the trust. I am continuing to negotiate for change before then, and signatures are still being accepted above, and will help. This is a choice anyone faces who stands up to abuse -- report, and be prepared for retaliation. Don't report, and sit still while abuse increases incrementally beyond intolerable -- or suddenly, if someone gets "out of line." Been there, done that, not again. (Sign the petition!) I also want to notice, with some exceptions, how few "good Christian people" very aware of the situation, including the abuse, decline to stain their hands with public involvement (that's not including the not-so-good Christians involved in sponsoring or covering the domestic violence and other issues right along). Finding the strait and narrow here has been interesting, but with practice, it's easy to tell where it's not.
[box added only June 10, 2014]

Seventh Day of my Public Petition (Descr. Below)April 19th, 2014

Milestone: One Week since Petition went Public

See "Jean Pfann Step Down Now!" post (April 8), which explains that: My oldest sister controls my inheritance and funds I need to survive, and my housing, and since October 2012 has forced me onto Food Stamps.

On April 1, 2014 after another devastating month of dealings with my sister, I submitted (emailed her) a formal two-page letter, again demanding stepdown, and distribution. (see post) She didn't acknowledge letter. On April 8th, I published this post (at considerable effort), for a landing page of a public campaign IF I got no answer. Friends have the link, but I didn't publicize it much.

Today April 13th (almost two weeks!) she still has not acknowledged my letter, distributed one cent this month, or shown any indication of changing policy, I'm submitting a petition to Care2.com, a progressive public site with over 23 million members. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]]. So the milestone just gives one week for me to find out who is more apathetic in this matter -- my sister, or the public (hopefully not the public).

Since June 2012, I've been consistently asking Jean Pfann to RESIGN as TRUSTEE, and DISTRIBUTE from my trust so I do not have to beg and can safely leave California's FOOD STAMPS program, which is for people who do NOT have an inheritance with their personal name on it. (I wonder how many others nationwide, and in California, are forced onto Food Stamps just as I was, or even homeless, needlessly. I know some -- but I wonder just how many).

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I'm no an attorney (she's hired one from the trust fund), but California Probate Code seems clear that my petition as sole beneficiary enables her to legally resign as trustee . I am not asking for anything in conflict with probate law -- or this trust. The code also implies that when she resigns, the trust [a legal document regulating whatever's under the trust's control] could be terminated as its principal is distributed to me.

NO ONE has ever given me a reason for her control of my inheritance (I'm not incompetent, a substance abuser, have no criminal record, and am not physically disabled), this would seem sensible.

Clear conflict of interest and intent towards me:
"Fine art, Lousy Fiduciary!"
ALSO, the trust seems to have been drawn up about 3 years after my sister Jean Pfann and her husband Jim Morgan aggressively opposed me in court actions to (1) retain a restraining order for safety reasons, (2) retain custody of my two young daughters their nieces after I left a violent relationship (marriage), having had reasonable knowledge of just how violent it had been.

While I don't understand WHY my inheritance should be under someone else's control I am speaking the truth: leaving it under Jean's is dangerous to me, has compromised two young women my daughters, and burdensome to the public. I am not challenging the trust itself, but the administration and the administrator of it, who has a clear and on-the-record conflict of interest.

Calif Probate Code 15640, 41, 42. 15641 says liability doesn't end with resignation, and 1542 lists six conditions for the court to remove a fiduciary who doesn't voluntarily resign. From what I can tell, Jean meets four of them. Of the only two reasons to remove a trustee that don't apply here, one relates to co-trustees (none here) but speaks volumes to my situation:

"(3) Where hostility or lack of cooperation among cotrustees impairs the administration of the trust."

There's just one trustee and just one beneficiary -- and there's hostility. It is in the public's AND my best interest that I be released from this hostile and dangerous relationship with the hostile trustee. The trustee for almost two years now has refused to acknowledge she's even been asked! MEANWHILE, (and shortly -- just months -- after she was asked) One of my two daughters A.L. Englund almost died, did (from what I can tell) become homeless and fled the area to get away from the influence of this trustee's household -- a fact which was concealed from me by the same. That's why I started this blog in Febr. 2013 (and why several of its posts are "protected"). From what I can tell (and completely consistent with the historic context) Jean and Jim's demands upon my daughter, then an adult (only 19) involving a third nonrelative, were resisted, her "rent" was raised, and my daughter, realizing she was an adult (as I years earlier realized and made it clear, Jean had no jurisdiction, or business, in directing my life, either), apparently made a clear "No!" and chose hardship rather than abusive control of her own future. . . My other daughter M.K.Englund, alienated, lives with the trustee, her aunt.

The father, Eric Alan Englund (from MN), a "loose cannon" in part through my sister and brother in law's prior relationship with him (and interference in my divorce, custody, child support, and restraining order legal matters!) continues to haunt my life through stalking behaviors (more than one media and occasionally at my home!), which Jean knows -- but apparently doesn't care about. Jean was given and saw clear written evidence on 10/25/2013 in a rare face-to-face interaction with me. I was asking for funds for a safe house!

How am I, A.L. and M.K.'s mother (future beneficiaries if I die) supposed to negotiate for timely and sufficient distributions, or to relocate or anything else, with a trustee sister who refuses to acknowledge there is a mother-daughter relationship, period, was instrumental in destroying it, and in the process, my sustainable work life? And who then attempts to engage in conversations with me (around the trust) as though none of the above happened, or were relevant?

So, I set a milestone. Time will tell how the public, and my sister, responds to this petition going to Care2.com and whether it has to be taken to court. Meanwhile, my urgent concern is surviving that time span without further major losses and if possible, trauma or vicarious trauma to onlookers, remaining friends and associates.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking up for me (I realize many people who may be going through similar things may not want to compromise their own cases, and are often likewise destitute) can help (even very small amounts), please do so, now.. [Wed 4/16/2014- situation unchanged. No distribution, no response. I am forced to beg, which you bet this is!].

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I promise if freed, I will not forget others in similar situation or worse (see bottom of "Step Down Now!" post for work samples; for five years now I have been investigating and reporting, regardless of my personal situation.

In fact, this forced-dependency, survival condition is already hindering my ability to unleash my full energies on protecting others from what I went through. I am not asking for a free ride. I am asking for access to what is legally mine, and be freed from ongoing PTSD which comes from being unable to get certain dangerous, unethical people out of my life, year after year. What happened here is outrageous! It is also a sign of these times.

Please help Save my Life and Save tax Dollars. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]] and please speak up in this situation.

Taxpayers' lives (particularly those with less, not more, of a buffer) are going to be disrupted, or drained one way or another, as some of the policies setting up situations like mine -- are in fact public policy. White-collar crime is still crime, and I have been tracking and reporting the funding for five years now. I didn't sign up for "advocate and systems change agent," it has been a matter of survival from the first.

"For Justice and for Life!," Anna Victoria Englund (that's me).
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