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Down the Rabbit Hole with the ACFJC, Inc.

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“ACFJC” = “Alameda County Family Justice Center”**

“ACFJC, Inc.” defined:

Precisely. That’s quite a trick — and whose definition counts? Theirs? Mine? or something less Public Relations and Grants Solicitation — and more solid, for example, is this a government agency, and if it is, why is it also a California corporation (as of 2007) and a nonprofit (as of 2010, when California Attorney General’s Office finally got on their tails to register)? Or all of the above?  and what’s Justice got to do with it?

In this blog’s context, they are a place in Oakland, California (which is in Alameda County) that I walked into for HELP last October, 2013.  In fact I walked in on 10/4/2013. In the public/PR area, the websites and news media articles say they help people like me, i.e., they deal with family violence, stalking, domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual assault. Also, where there is a District Attorney in any county, it’s that District Attorney that decides whether or not criminal activity they are made aware of is, or is not, actually prosecuted.

When D.A.’s or other criminal enforcement people are made aware, and do nothing about it — and the aggressor (criminal, perp, whatever) then realizes this — the situation is worse afterwards, the person seeking help has spent precious survival time not getting it, and checking off a decreasing list of survival options.

So, from my perspective, in asking the public to put some positive pressure on Jean Pfann, I said:

And while you’re at it, cc to District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, Oakland, California and ask her office to look into my case, for real this time!

I already did, last October, after walking into the “Family Justice Center,” and saying “please help!” expressing that I felt this situation also placed my daughters at risk. I also offered feedback, having previously come through their nonprofits on the way out of a violent marriage.

This is the public spin:  ACJFCJ (website)Justice is not served til Crime Victims Are!”

Meet the Executive Director:  Cherri N. Allison (click and read), who is absolutely highly qualified and recognized in the field of domestic violence.

The description also says that before functioning as Executive Director and a founder of the ACJFCJ here, Ms. Allison was Executive Director of “the Family Violence Law Center.” [“FVLC” for short]

As we can see [California Secretary of State, Business Entities Search] , FVLC is a California corporation with a registered agent, and a birthdate — 7/12/1978:

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

Ms. Scott has been been Associate Director of the FVLC organization since February 2009.  FVLC doesn’t approve of “myopic solutions” [such as??]  but wants to influence the larger culture.

Instead of myopic solutions, FVLC focuses on long-term social change and the larger culture of violence, in order to lay the groundwork for a stronger DV field of the future. By developing effective business and evaluation strategies, the Center provides a model for other DV organizations working to maximize the impact of their resources and ensure their sustainability. – See more at: [StrongFieldProject]

Erin Scott (LinkedIn, or google) is a clearly very smart, well-educated, and very busy attorney.  Background:  Princeton Day School, Swarthmore (BA with Honors, History and English Lit) and NYU School of law.  That’s for starters — then see the professional experience.  She is also (concurrently) a Board Member of Family Violence Appellate Project (formed only in 2012) and California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (“CPEDV”) another LARGE one formed by merger of certain others:

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is a statewide membership coalition of domestic violence agencies and victim service providers that was formed in 2005 through the merger of the California Alliance Against Domestic Violence (CAADV) and the Statewide California Coalition for Battered Women (SCCBW). These two organizations joined together to form one state coalition to foster unity within the domestic violence movement in California.

Like other Domestic Violence Coalitions throughout the U.S. States and Territories, The Partnership is rooted in the battered women’s movement and the values that define this movement, including working towards social justice, self-determination, and ending the oppression of women. No other organization in California has the resources to recognize and recruit support from related organizations such as the national coalition or law enforcement agencies that can play a powerful part in helping end domestic violence.

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence believes that by sharing expertise, advocates and legislators can end domestic violence. Every day we inspire, inform and connect all of those concerned with this issue, because together we’re stronger.

Their Board of Directors and related organizations, incl. Ms. Scott for FVLC

In fact I have come to the conclusion that so long as there is this so much money, and so many careersto be made in the industry of Ending Domestic Violence or Stopping Family Violence (etc.) we (and “the public) can forget ending it.  Where are all these violent people coming from, and how come they keep either being bred – or slipping through the cracks of the legal system, HUH?

On July 24, 2010 the FVLC got a Delinquency Notice from the California Office of Attorney General [“OAG”] (which runs the registry of charitable trusts, i.e., nonprofits etc. in the state.  These charities have to file a simple “RRF” form annually and provide copies of their IRS tax returns too, so we know what public (gov’t) sectors are contributing to them.  This one was getting big around that time:

FVLC Charitable Registration Details:   FVLC Charitable Details=Assets,Revs, and Filings 2001-2013 (run @Apr2014)

FVLC Delinquency NoticeFVLC’s July 24, 2010 Delinquency Notice re Yrs 05,06,08 and 09 Tax Returns, from California OAG (Compare to ACJFCJ 2010 notice from OAG to file as a charity)

(sent to FVLC — click above to see)


July 14, 2010

The Registry of Charitable Trusts has not received annual report(s) for the captioned organization, as follows:

1. The $150.00 renewal fee for the fiscal year ending: 6/30/09 was not received. Please send a check in that amount, payable to “Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts”.

2. Registration Renewal Fee (RRF-1) Report (s), together with required renewal fee, for fiscal year(s) ending: 6/30/08.

3. IRS Form 990, 990-PF, or 990-EZ report(s) for fiscal year(s) ending: 6/30/05, 6/30/06, 6/30/08, & 6/30/09.

Failure to timely file required reports violates Government Code section 12586.

Unless the above-described report(s) are filed with the Registry of Charitable Trusts within thirty (30) days of the date of this letter, the following will occur:

1.The California Franchise Tax Board will be notified to disallow the tax exemption of the above-named entity.In addition, the above-named entity will be billed $800 plus interest by Franchise Tax Board, which represents the minimum tax penalty.(See Revenue and Taxation Code section 23703).

2.Late fees will be imposed by the Registry of Charitable Trusts for each month or partial month for which the report(s) are delinquent.Directors, trustees, officers and return preparers responsible for failure to timely file these reports are also personally liable for payment of all late fees.

WHASSUP with NOT FILING THEIR IRS form with the State for:  2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009, not turning in their RRF-1 for 2008, and apparently sending in 2009’s RRF-1 without the required fee OR the required tax return?  The website I got this from shows (from their 2009 RRF-1 they finally submitted) that in that year, they had gross revenues of $3.25 million and assets of $1.4 million.  What we are talking about here, is record-keeping and timely reporting.

  • These government agencies contributed, per that same Yr 2009 form:  City of Alameda, City of Berkeley Housing, City of Hayward, City of Oakland Measure Y (see bottom of this post), City of Oakland OFCY (Office of Family Children and Youth, I guess), City of Oakland CDBG (Community Development Block Grant), AND, City of San Leandro, COUNTY of Alameda (see map below, know that it includes Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, Hayward, and more), FEMA in San Francisco, and Legal Services Trust Fund, State Bar of California.

I’m not sure, but I’ll bet this happened while FVLC was actually housed within the same ACJFCJ which is County of Alameda Real Estate!  Erin Scott (smart, active and educated attorney with multiple board memberships now, and others before in her career) was Associated Director at this time, and Cherri Allison, Esq. LinkedIn says she was Executive Director of this organization from Feb. 2003-April, 2011.  In April 2011 she moved to running the ACJFCJ (in the same building).

If that’s not enough to keep track of, it seems to me that the ACJFCJ,  incorporated (below) in 2007 (although funded through Alameda County itself, through Federal Grants to — in part, this FVLC), but got a May 2010 notice to register as a charity, did so then made more excuses.   Who is keeping track of this shell game, or has time to?   Was  Ms. Allison was simultaneously on the boards of TWO nonprofit corporations, neither of which was filing correctly and both of which were housed in county facilities and taking a variety of public funds in a variety of manners.  Since ACJFCJ has been around, it also appears to have been running Gala fundraising events.

The ACJFCJ as we’ll see below is (in one of its several appearances) actually corporation with by-laws stating that its Board of Directors include one representative from the DA’s Office, and one from leading nonprofit agency providing DV services (link below, for exact description).

If I sound indignant, I am.

I’d rather have been, and would still rather be working (i.e., with income, i.e., paying my own bills)  and dealing with my own children regularly, to help them, than stuck asking for help and forced year by year to explore the entire (sure seems like) social service and family court, child support, and law enforcement infrastructures in two different counties, with no end in sight!

All systems have some operating principles, and they have financial incentives.

So? I went looking for answers. You should too (notice date: April 15th!).

Below, they will talk repeatedly about how wonderful and centralized (versus “fragmented”) it is for such victims to come to the lovely facilities.  But what I’m going to talk about is their business entity and corporate structure.  Which is downright strange.

You might want to look at it IF you’re going to actually contact this DA on my behalf.

I’m almost afraid to say more (like what else I already know about the system– ask for if you want the links). I’m not the only person aware of the situation, but may be one of few who have a pretty good handle on the corporate/nonprofit setup here — and in San Diego, and how this relates to getting favorable legislation passed, etc.     FYI this is a long post. Two-for one perhaps.  (It takes a while to lay out the information.)

I assure you, this post is relevant. You’re UNlikely to get this information elsewhere.

On the other hand, if the public has become such passive spectators we don’t, won’t, or can’t afford the time to follow District Attorneys and their favorite projects, (which the public funds; these are civil servants, right?), we might as well just give it up, and not complaints when justice doesn’t come back out of that slot machine we took a chance on when we pay taxes.    Also then don’t complain when people like me (in my situation, or worse) are forced onto welfare (or homeless) and when we, also hoping for justice, then come on the web, or to you if we’re associates/ friends/ colleagues — asking for help, in the process of staying alive, fed and housed when we can’t just WORK instead.  I learned this the hard way, and at a very high cost.  Perhaps there are better ways to learn — if you’re willing.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” defined:

 California Registry of Charitable Trusts, among other places trying to identify what kind of creature is a One-Stop-Justice-Shop that takes funding, uses public employees, exists in a county building — and dumps cases.

Why would the top enforcement official of any county — which is last I heard, the District Attorney– need to go set up a corporation (to be run right from a county building) to do what their public office already says is to be done — prosecute crimes, including domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse, and against children?

I dare anyone to straighten out the public versus private funding in this model, and figure out if services claimed are actually being provided to the victims, and whether (appears likely) or not (a slim chance) there is a built-in, inherent conflict of interest with sane people and taxpayers.

It doesn’t sound like they can keep themselves straight either.  I don’t feel comfortable, really, with having an organization or agency investigate a complex matter (which they are in the business to do) when this was submitted as an excuse for requesting an extension on their first tax return.  Seriously:

Alameda County Family Justice Center EIN: 26-1141080 Schedule E Line 5

Request for an extension of time for failing to file form 1023 within 27 months from the date of formation:

“In early 2009, Form 1023 was filed on-line and a fee was paid to an agency, which we believed was the IRS. It wasn’t until we inquired into the status of our filing later in 2009 with your agency (IRS) that we discovered there was no record of our filing and in fact the agency was in fact a private company with no affiliation to the IRS. In good faith, we believed we had filed 1023 with the IRS but in fact were misled.”

[see Page 17:  ACJFCJ %22FoundingArticles%22 Applic for IRS Tax Exemption, See p10, last pg%22 000F105E-10  More on this below…]

(No proof attached.  Can the rest of us use this excuse with the IRS too?)

Why this post:

I have attempted to leave a violent marriage and stay employed in a neighboring county, without violating court orders specific to our case, without cutting the father of my daughters out of their lives, and unfortunately, without understanding who I was dealing with in the various government agencies, criminal and family court sectors — and how they interact with each other, and how their operations relate to their federal grants, and state, local and county matters.

I wanted to know WHY I couldn’t leave a violent relationship and stay re-enaged in a wonderful profession, and maintain my ability from then on, not to be economically entrapped into very bad relationships involving the family members.  Or, to ever again have to resort to welfare.

I wanted to know why the word “family” when it applies to blood or marriage relationship, should be allowed to cover up so much violence, destruction, and hatred, such evil intent.  I don’t believe that blood or marriage relationship should pre-empt the restraints of criminal law.  If I had to choose between a known, destructive criminal who was also a family member (by birth or marriage) and a stranger, client, or colleague (co-worker, etc.) who wasn’t, I’d go with the stranger.

I also after 2006 absolutely wanted to know why a crime isn’t a crime if the case lands in “family court,” which is where, I found, public servants whose duty is to enforce the law (which includes standing court orders) want cases to go which otherwise qualify as crimes.

I’m not the first person to notice that the “outbox” of the criminal enforcement of family violence is the family court system and the “inbox” (“ka-ching!”) for the collaborative service “centers” (hybrid public/private operations) includes the word “family.”   The buzz, the myth, is that, it’s better to reunify families than break them up because single parents (especially single mothers) are a drain on the public.  This is inconsistently applied — they certainly broke up my family and household!


Well, I learned how that works in Contra Costa County, California after leaving Alameda County, California  (scene of major trauma) many years ago with energy, hope, employment, and growing children in my household.

These are the 9 San Francisco Bay Area Counties: (Association of Bay Area Governments)

Bay Area


Berkeley (UCBerkeley), Oakland and other cities (“East Bay”) are in Alameda County

San Jose, Palo Alto (I.e., Stanford University), Silicon Valley are in Santa Clara County

The California Judicial Council  is in San Francisco (City and County), California having the largest court system in the country, and many (not all, but many) programs influencing court programs seem to center around the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area and its nine counties.

Courts: The Judicial Branch of California   Center for Families and Children in the Courts

  • Court Programs and Practices for Working with [prisoner] Reentry 
  • Community Justice Summit 2014: International Summit
    • April 22-24, 2014  San Francisco
      The Center for Court Innovation, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s [“USDOJ”] Bureau of Justice Assistance and the [California Judicial Council’s] AOC [Administrative Office of the Courts], will host a conference for judges and criminal justice and social service partners working together to implement evidence-based practices addressing addiction, mental health, homelessness, recidivism and reentry issues among high risk or hard to reach populations
  • Ending the Criminalization of Homelessness: The Role of Courts, Lawyers and Advocates
    • April 25, 2014 San Francisco
    • In conjunction with the Community Justice Summit, the ABA’s Commission on Homelessness and Poverty will offer a California Homelessness Summit.
  • The Juvenile Dependency Court and You – A Guide for Parents
  • Juvenile Dependency Mediation Resources
  • FAMILY LAWAccess to VisitationChild SupportFamily Dispute Resolution ~Unified Courts for Families/ Court Coordination

  • etc.

Others, around Los Angeles, and still others in San Diego, including the first insemination of this Family Justice Center idea.

However the main idea of the Family Justice Center Alliance was it seems the USDOJ federal grants hookup.  


The Alliance is the coordinator of the current California Family Justice Initiative, funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, which has helped start ten new Family Justice Centers in California in the last three years. The $2 million Blue Shield of California Foundation California Family Justice Initiative is funding development of a statewide network of Centers made up of core criminal justice system professionals and a host of community-based non-profit and government agencies. Today, the Alliance is assisting with the start up of fifteen additional Centers in California.


FYI, this Alameda County Family Justice Center, like the San Diego model it’s based on  is something of a hybrid [public/private] operation with a corresponding identity crisis and a reluctance to cough up exactly how they’re being funded.  Which, IMHO (in my humble opinion), is probably what’s behind the “hybrid, collaborative” model to start with.  If it were JUST government, we could look at the government financial statements and expenditures.  If it were JUST nonprofit (and that were an honest nonprofit), we could get also an idea of where any private vs. government funding might come in.  Good luck straightening this one out!

This can be seen better by reading its California charitable registry returns [“RRFs”], articles of incorporation, and looking what looks like the lead nonprofit agency (Family Violence Law Center).  The county owns the nice, freshly-painted building. What looks like low-funding if the cover (umbrella?) corporation doesn’t really show where the money is.

Moreover, wherever the money is — while this one was having its grand-opening, ground-breaking activity ca. 2006, with an executive director paid $90K on salary from the DA’s office, elsewhere in Alameda County (same month, same year) Alameda County sheriffs were deliberately facilitating a felony — allowing my daughters to be stolen on a court-ordered overnight visitation, directly violating a judicial order in place since 1999, and a recently re-affirmed one with the ink hardly dry on it.   Which event:

(a) DIRECTLY stopped ongoing work I had in and made sure that I really would not be able to work in music as a profession, period, and in which event

(b) Jean Pfann and her spouse appear to have a long-term strategic (profit) interest in making happen, also.  (More at “Fine Artist, Lousy Fiduciary” post).   I, my daughters, and the public, have sustained long-term and chronic harm, not repaired, and not stopped, from significant screw-ups like his one.

2006 Groundbreaking for A Family Justice Center — simply a just a “Breaking” for my family — same county:

In case you are wondering why I’m so interested in this particular “justice” model — they SAY they deal with the situations I’m experiencing, need legal intervention to get stopped.  My court case, my trust, and my ex-batterer who has STILL shown up stalking many years after we separated, after he stole our daughters, and later it seems abandoned them, apparently he doesn’t have better things to do with his life.   My basic need was to know that court orders (and criminal law) might be enforced so I could engage in the normal issues of life — like working, not to mention, raising daughters.

This ACJFCJ actually is a corporation affiliated with government, which was started by the Alameda County District Attorney, the person responsible for prosecuting crime within this county.  They say they are the one-stop justice shop.  They say the have centralized services for people dealing with DV.  I’m still dealing with DV due to prior screw-ups coming from the same DA’s office or people they supervise in a family court case.

If this group is going to blow it off and say they can’t help, I am absolutely going to find out why, and publicize it., and who’s funding them and questioning that funding.  Wouldn’t you?   All I asked for was to live in a certain county, leave a dangerous relationship.  Essentially to live, and to work.  If that’s just not going to happen in a community, I think the community needs to know why — not just me.

But I’d like to also know why, so WHEN I move, it will be to a place, if possible, which doesn’t have fake operations like this one falsely assuring the public all’s OK when it’s not.  And this one is now a national model trying to go international.  I don’t think that’s good news.   2012 Speech from the USDOJ website on this, when it says “Casey” and “Gael” on a first-name basis — they are from the San Diego one.  They talk about coordinated community response.  My problem is with, who’s coordinating it!

Press piece says they were started in 2005, and like I said, is a model being duplicated all over the country after the first one in San Diego:  Found on-line:


Oakland North

[“With Family Justice Center, county implements comprehensive approach against domestic violence,” 12/28/2009, by John Grennan / Oakland North is a news project of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.  {{Also see  the “to the contrary” comments underneath the article}}]

. . .Bates also said the presence of a social service agency like the Family Violence Law Center has also meant the DA’s office can give survivors of domestic violence other options when their cases don’t meet the burden of proof for criminal charges. “I can say to a victim: ‘Let me put you in touch with the Family Violence Law Center. You can speak to an attorney there and get a civil restraining order,’” he said. “I find it’s extremely satisfying to provide good service to people who’ve been victimized.”

The model has worked well enough that other counties are following suit. Over the last few years, Family Justice Centers have started up in San Jose, Fresno, and other cities around the country. Officials from several California counties, including Contra Costa and Solano, have visited Alameda County’s center site in recent months with an eye toward creating their own centers. “It’s a model that is being reproduced all over,” Bates said.

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

The street address of the registered agent (Harold Boscovich) is a division of the DA’s office in Downtown Oakland near Lake Merritt (which is central to downtown Oakland) .  The Entity Address is different.

Harold Boscovich* is known for his career work in Victim Witness/Assistance.  This site says he retired in 2004, and returned to work for this justice center as a “retired annuitant” in 2007.  As we can see, they incorporated in 2007 — but (below) didn’t file as a nonprofit/charity until 2010, and after asked to do so by the OAG’s office.

* . . .Prior to his employment with the District Attorney’s Office he served as a police officer in the City of Oakland for over 8 years. He received his law degree in 1977 from Armstrong College of Law, Berkeley.

He returned to work in the District Attorney’s Office as a retired annuitant, shortly after his retirement, to begin the operation of the Alameda County Family Justice Center, in Oakland, (“a one-stop shop” for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and elder abuse), where he currently serves as its Site Manager.  [He is still listed in the DA’s office under “Victim Witness Services” — scroll down]

Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type

This registration, above, shows on its header (see next link) the  EIN# 261141080.  the EIN# (or “FEIN”) being like an individual person’s SS# –an identifier for TAXATION purposes.  I looked for those tax returns.  Click on the organization name (any row) to see its tax return.
Alameda County Family Justice Center Inc. CA 2012 990 21 $169,773 26-1141080
Alameda County Family Justice Center Inc. CA 2011 990 19 $42,302 26-1141080
Alameda County Family Justice Center Inc. CA 2010 990 18 $0 26-1141080
Before discussing the ACJFCJ Inc tax return, compare with an agency housed in the same building, and who appears to be the lead non-profit on the Board of Directors of this corporation ensconced in a County building with lead agency being the DA’s Office:
Family Violence Law Center CA 2012 990 33 $585,006 94-2527939
Family Violence Law Center CA 2011 990 29 $774,340 94-2527939
Family Violence Law Center CA 2010 990 27 $1,172,763 94-2527939

Quite a different size of operations, right? (more, below). In 2010, FVLC had $1.1 million of assets, while ACJFJC, Inc. had none, ALTHOUGH it had been around as a corporation since 2007.  Go figure…

Re, the ACJFCJ, Inc. tax return (of two similar charts, the one on the top).

How did they obtain $42,302 of assets, suddenly in 2011 (middle row)?  This is for Fiscal year 5/1/2010 through 4/30/2011 (on a Year 2010 IRS  form) and is stamped “Received” 3/20/2012 – meaning it’s, well, LATE, isn’t it? The ACJFCJ gets almost a full year to file a simple tax return?
Well that tax return (signed by Harold Boscovich, with books in c/o Nancy O’Malley), I look at usually Page 1, and Page 2 (Section III -Program Service Accomplishments), and then Section VIII which breaks down revenue and IX which breaks down expenses.
p.1 — Revenues:  SOME contributions $11K, and much more “Other Revenue” $141.7K, but $53.9 on “Fundraising Expenses.”
p.2 — They say (NO details given) $52.8K was spent on “Victims of Abuse.”  No detail is a little strange, in my opinion).   So, the Victims got about as much as the cost to fund-raise for the victims.
p. 10 (Section IX Functional Expenses) also shows $48.2K on Item #11 (Fees for services),”Other” and $2.6K for travel, nothing else substantial (other than the $53.9K fundraising already mentioned).
The next year, they got about $32K “contributions,” spent the similar amount ($51K) (but raised a little less ($131K) fundraising, cut their “Other” by about $18K, and cut Victim Services [which is their main purpose for existing) also by $21.7K.  So I guess the best place to be in times of a shrinking budget, based on this, might be working as a service provider (professional fund-raisers?) for Family Justice Centers operating out of county property?
The worst place to be (which it was for me that year as well) was being someone in actual need of services in the same county.
To look this up yourself, if you’re that nuts (and understand that this is part of the county budget supported by federal grants), here’s the California Charitable Registry Database search site:

The Alameda County Justice Center (ACFJC) has operated as a government agency since its inception. The County of Alameda District Attorney’s office obtained a federal grant to establish the Center. It is located in a county-owned and maintained building, housing governmental and non-profit agencies working in collaboration to provide services to victims and families who have experienced family violence. It has and still operates under the administration of the District Attorney’s office and funded under the budget of the County of Alameda. It has no assets, all utilized assets belong to the County of Alameda.

2.  With the ever-shrinking county-budget and the need to ensure the continued operation of the ACJFCJ** and expand services, a decision was made to incorporate as a non-profit and thereby maximize the potential for obtaining grants and receiving donations normally not available to government agencies. An application_for Recognition of Exemption (InS Form 1023 copy attached) has been submitted to IRS and we are awaiting their decision.

3. Registration Renewal Fee Forms (RRF-l) are attached for 12/31/07, 12/31/08, and 12/31/09.  There is no annual gross revenue for these periods, as all funding is provided within the budget of the county of Alameda.

A look at the charitable details (top, year by year section) shows that after being served a “Notice to Register in MAY 2010, in August 2010 they filed “RRFs” showing basically zero financial activity until May, 2010-April 2011) retroactively to 2007 (not 2006) and changed their fiscal year from a calendar year to May 1 through April 30th. Not to be outwitted this easily, the OAG came back in May 2012 requesting forms and financials for the missing four months of year 2010.  Again, this is the top office (Attorney General’s) which regulates charities in California, talking to top leadership in a major urban County part of the SF Bay Area.

The Registry of Charitable Trusts has not received annual report(s) for the captioned organization, as follows:
1. Registration Renewal Fee (RRF-1) Report (s), together with required renewal fee, for fiscal year 1/01/2010 through 4/30/2010 representing the missing months filings due to the change in your accounting period:
2. Copies of IRS Form 990, 990-PF, or 990-EZ report(s) for fiscal year 1/01/2010 through 4/30/2010 representing the missing months filings due to the change in your accounting period…

So far, I don’t see those four months uploaded. However, as of May 1, 2010 — the Nonprofit business entity called ACJFCJ, Inc. shows up (in county-owned buildings, with DA’s office staff, etc.) with $42K of assets and $153K of revenues. During the parallel time I, personally, was dealing with similar issues as now — attempting to get (that particular year) HELP from he DA’s office for two major issues involving personal safety — an abandoned (by their father) minor daughter in the care of a non-relative, and protection from stalking. I was housed, destitute, dealing with my family (Jean Pfann, Susan Pfann, forcing our elderly mother Mary Pfann to fund their private agenda or purposes, i.e., abuse) personnel as I have been for the past 12 years since I left an abuser.

There are two sets of “Founding Documents” uploaded.  The first one, “1350 Founding Documents” [date-stamped June, 2010] show clearly bottom of page 1 (of 27pp!), “EIN# 94600051” (note:  I copied it right — and that’s only 8 digits, EIN#s require at least 9)
and there is also on that site another filed “Founding” using a different EIN#.  (Maybe the 94600051 is probably in use by the county of Alameda)  The next one looks like the correct one per an IRS “Exempt Organizations“search site:


26-1141080 Alameda County Family Justice Center Inc. Oakland CA United States PC
This is stamped August 19, 2010, first an IRS checklist form, after which description of the corporation.  It clearly displays a different EIN# 261141080, the one shown on the charitable return (sky-blue background table, above), does not show   On page 10? it says they received $280,000 contributions in fiscal year 7/2010 through 6/30/2011 (last digit not shown), and spent $260.5K of it on “other” and $18.5K on “rent” (meaning, paid to Alameda County).   However this column is usually for previous years, but is filled in as a budget.  So that $280K “Proposed Budget” is detailed on the document, page 19, and $245K of this is salaries (but, staff are county employees).
Then on page 17, their 2009-2010 operating expenses are listed as $1,051,641, which includes no salaries to the Executive Directors, Directors, or Administrative Staff.  All staff are county employees.  Also, it’s a Mutual Benefit corporation.
Can what’s left of my family get in on the “mutual benefit” please?  The “services” I requested from the DA’s office or people it would seem they’re dealing with — such as the county sheriffs — was to prevent a threatened kidnapping (while it was in process, although technically until children cross the state border it’s only “child-stealing”), including while it was happening, and to get one daughter still a minor back from a non-relative/non-guardian who’d improperly kept her and defrauded me, her grandmother, and the public, when I discovered my kids had been abandoned.  Somehow basic services that involve law enforcement when armed officers have the facts and the court orders in their hands (8/2006 in one case, 2009, 2013 recently in others) just don’t count?
Incorporating officers at this time are (I’m including for SF Bay Area people who may recognize some of these names):
  • Cherri Allison [Family Violence Law Center.  Link to 2006-2007 ABA Commission on DV “Standards of Practice Representing Victims of DV, Sexual Assault and Stalking in CIVIL Protection Order Cases” brochure mentions Ms. Allison under acknowledgements.  However it mentions Casey Gwinn of the San Diego (model justice center, see above) as actually on this Commission, see first pages.  Point being – she’s in the loop in prominent matters surrounding DV. See also below**]
  • Harold Boscovich [See above]
  • Kim Hunter* (note:  I spoke with her personally on 10/4/2013 and sent follow up material, followed up twice with phone calls.  No response answer so far, other than the official case-dumping by other staff)
    • DA “Divisions” Link shows she’s Domestic Violence Unit c/o the justice center.  I also note that the ‘Child Abduction’ Unit is at the same address.
  • Kevin Dunleavy [shows is Chief Assistant DA, Sr. Staff, in Alameda County)
  • Randy White

Structurally (see by-laws, 3.1), it looks like this is a county+nonprofit directed, county+nonprofit etc. FUNDED operation controlled essentially by a Board of Directors of from three to five people ONLY ,but doing business in county property.  It took me a while to figure out*   —

President of the Corp (EIN# shows as 94600051, above) = representative from the DA’s office; and a representative from a “NON-gov victim advocate agency,” and a third member appointed by the both of them.  After that the “Board of Directors” can appoint two more people. These board of directors will (1) not be compensated (but can be reimbursed for expenses.  Note:  It seems that doing the DV industry conference circuit and persuading the federal government to keep them grants a-coming may be is involved)

**Cherri Allison, Esq. LinkedIn — it would seem that agency, here is the Family Violence Law Center.  ANd that it’s a $2.1 million agency (nonprofit), which puts things in a different light, eh?

Executive Director

Family Violence Law Center

Nonprofit Organization Management industry

November 2003 – April 2011 (7 years 6 months) 470 27th Street

Executive Director of a non-profit legal services organization responsible for management of an annual budget of $2.1 million. Served as official spokesperson of the agency, fundraising and fund development oversight, including working in collaboration with program staff on planning and proposal writing. Cultivation of major individual and corporate donors and maintain collaborative partnerships with government and community based agencies for major grants; contract negotiations and management including ensuring compliance of government contacts and foundation sources.

So, to understand the ACJFCJ (and its quirky responses to people approaching it for help, as I did last fall, and/or offering feedback on what’s NOT working in their programming), one would have to understand something about the Family Violence Law Center housed within it — and whose leadership appears to also be board of directors (per the bylaws) of the ACJFCJ as a Corporation and Nonprofit.   Compare size of operations with the list above:

Family Violence Law Center CA 2012 990 33 $585,006 94-2527939
Family Violence Law Center CA 2011 990 29 $774,340 94-2527939
Family Violence Law Center CA 2010 990 27 $1,172,763 94-2527939

Clicking on the bottom row, I notice their address is a PO box in Oakland.   Their funding profile is the opposite of the ACJFCJ’s — they got $1.55 million of Contributions, spent $1.09 million on salaries (!!), and only had $3K of Program service revenue.  So I guess after paying salaries, there was about 1/3 of donations available for other purposes…

But page 1 of that tax return also shows the previous year– THAT year (2008?) they got $1.3 million contributions, but earned (“Program Service Revenues”) $1.8 million, profiting almost (not quite) $500K.  So some major changes happened.  Out of (p.2) several kinds of Programs — totalling $1.5 million spent, they spent the LEAST on people actually fleeing domestic violence, $317K.  It says they “assisted, advised and counseled” (provided council to) 692 clients of which 179 actually got court orders.

They also are (Bylaw 3.3) “to supervise all “officers, agents and management employees of the corporation”  Also, up to, but not more than, 49% of the board members can be “interested persons,” [someone the corporation paid in the past 12 months for some form of service, or related (what kind of relation is specified) to such person.  …  [Our local DAs and Judges should be so careful– the county and related counties are known for nepotism!]

Now WHAT, exactly, are they being paid to do?

[To possibly be supplemented as I get more information.  I already know more than’s on here].

IN CASE YOU WONDERED why I can look up all this and not stay gainfully employed?

Surely someone that could do all these lookups could go work somewhere else and not need to access her own inheritance, right?

Well, up to a certain point, it was yes.  However, look at “Fine Artist, Lousy Fiduciary!” (and the “step down now!”) post.   I HAD work — repeatedly, plenty lots of it, over many years of course.  I’m 61 — I didn’t turn 61 by not having a work life (single, married, single mother, or noncustodial single mother).

But at some point there comes a point of no return. I have mentioned, this is a siege situation — and when people are able to commandeer OPM (other people’s money) to facilitate their own abuse, OR do it through public institutions (such as the family courts), there comes a point where your support systems of NONsociopathic individuals can no longer pick up the slack.

That’s exactly where the people targeting innocent for elimination or simply exploitation, want things to be.  You can tell this by attempting to change the dynamic after it’s been in process.  “Unfreeze/Change/Re-freeze.”

This is why I’m making a public appeal for my sister to give me access to my own inheritance, and got get a life, instead of sucking the life out of mine — and draining what I need to live on, etc.  I am overdue for some recovery time and down time in this matter.  The threat of homelessness was never removed, and I also have daughters to be concerned about.

If you think I’m some lazy indigent, then this appeal is not for you anyhow.  Consider the information on the ACJFCJ, if you were not already aware (or participating) a freebie public alert.  Is that what you want to continue funding?

Here’s another “Down the Rabbit Hole” item — on the same center.  Does this sound like good news for the public (just found this article in attempting to locate the actual grants received by the center).  They say it got ‘Measure Y” funds were which were partly to hire more police — but also allowed more collection of parking tickets, etc.  I just found, but it’s from “ORPN.org” (Oakland Residents for Peaceful Neighborhoods):

Measure Y requires the City of Oakland to hire and maintain 802 police officers. The City did not fulfill that requirement during the 2005-06 fiscal year nor in 2006-07, nor in 2007-08. However, the City immediately and illegally began to collect the Measure Y parcel and parking taxes.” 

Brief history of Measure Y

The city council put a new tax on the March 2004 ballot, Measure R. During the campaign, increasing questions arose about the uses of the tax proceeds. It turned out that most of the money would be granted to private agencies to carry out social programs with hardly any supervision. Although the council also promised more police officers, discontent with the absence of any minimum guarantee of new officers grew….”

The 802-Officer RequirementOn the police side, Measure Y guarantees 802 police when the City collects the taxes. The guarantee was offered in two parts. The measure allows the collection of new parcel and parking taxes only in those fiscal years in which the City maintains 739 police officers with non-Y money, mostly from the general fund….

On the grant side, Measure Y guarantees that at least 40% of its proceeds go to social programs under the vague heading of  “violence prevention.” However, the grants are subject to the same requirement that the City may not collect the tax for a fiscal year when it does not maintain 739 officers with non-Y funds.”

“A City on the Edge of Crisis

Today, based on its population, Oakland has less than half a police department by comparison with most major cities. The situation is rapidly getting worse. The new chief has imposed mandatory overtime on all patrol officers. Morale is lower than it has been in ten years. Homicides, reduced for a year, increased in 2005 over 2004, then increased even more in 2006.

and on another page, same site, this appears again within a few years of it opening.  Perhaps that’s why they have to continue opening new centers while various people, or employees, sue, or complain about the behaviors of the existing ones, as happened in San Diego shortly after its center opened, too.

City Gets Award for Mis-Used Y Money

It was a typical feel-good item in councilmember Jean Quan’s weekly newsletter:

Measure Y Receives Award for Family and Sexual Violence Efforts
The City received an award from the Family Justice Center for its Measure Y programs. Coordination with County and non-profit groups and new Measure Y programs have dramatically increased the numbers of women and others seeking help, the numbers have tripled from my first year in office 5 years ago. Deaths due to domestic violence on the other hand are at a 10 year low.(Issue #271, March 8, 2008)

Heart-warming, isn’t it? However, the Alameda County Family Justice Center gave Measure Y an award in 2008 after the city council voted the Center $147,364 of Measure Y funds in 2006(Dept. of Human Services memo to council, July 11, 2006)

Furthermore, the grant runs for five years until 2011 with no obligations or milestones on the part of the Family Justice Center. (Another County-spawned agency, the hyphy-promoting Youth UpRising, also grabbed a five-year unconditional grant from Measure Y.)

Still further, 85 percent of the Measure Y grant to the Center is used to boost the salary of the executive director. According to the 2006 City staff report, the money provided by the federal and county governments for the director’s salary “is not competitive. Finding and retaining a qualified Executive Director will ensure the success of this important program for victims of family violence in Oakland.”

The director turned out to be Nadia Lockyer. She had been admitted to the state bar less than ten years earlier on Dec. 5, 1997. Her most important qualification was that she is the wife of Bill Lockyer, California Attorney General at the time. He began his political career on the San Leandro school board. Alameda County rounded up money from Oakland’s Measure Y and other sources to boost the director’s starting salary from $60,000 to $90,000 per year. That was a nice plum for Ms. Lockyer in her mid-30s.

The federal government provides much of the funding for the Center. A Berkeley gentleman reported that he “called the head of the Federal agency which gives grants to the Family Justice Centers, (US DOJ OVW Director Mary Beth Buchanan) and she told me she did not know that the California Attorney General’s wife was picked as head of this FJC.”

Yeah, and that melodrama later became headlines, to this day. Very, very disturbing.

Before that, a pause for the uninitiated (to California top leadership), Bill Lockyer is a career politician.  He seems like a pretty good one, and has taken on some tough tasks for California as a liberal Democrat.  (Wikipedia).  BUT, for the record, he was Attorney General of the State of California from 1998 through 2006 at which time (due  to term limits, it’d been three terms!) after considering running for Governor, he headed off for State Treasurer instead.     I’m just wondering how the Attorney General’s Office at the transition time (2005/2006) or after under someone else, “forgot” to keep track of a few (at least two) significant and high-profile FAMILY VIOLENCE PREVENTION// FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER nonprofits right in his home county.

However, along that career track, at about the same time we can see that his (third) wife, married in 2003 and they have a son together, and three decades younger than him, was made Executive Director of this organization I have so much to say about.

As of April, 2012

As of (update) December, 2012 * “Ex-Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer arrested on meth, child-endangerment charges (by Josh Richman, Bay Area News Group).  Yes, first she was a $90K employee of the DA’s office as Executive Director of the brand-new ACJFCJ (and being married to a prominent career politician three decades her senior had nothing to do with getting the post, sure), then she became Alameda County Supervisor ($1 million — an outrageous sum — spent on campaign funds), only there were problems with drug use, having affairs with someone met in rehab, and numerous other things.  It was a media circus and a soap opera.  Here’s from that article:

*Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, estranged wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, faces drug and child-endangerment charges after her arrest last week in Orange County.

The arrest marks the latest chapter in a sad, very public soap opera of sex, drugs and bizarre behavior that has cost Nadia Lockyer, 41, her political career, her marriage and now, perhaps, her ability to be with her 9-year-old son.

Police went to the Orange home where Lockyer and her son, Diego, were staying with a relative on Aug. 28 after a caller tipped them that she might have drugs there, said Farrah Emami, spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. She said officers found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia — tubular aluminum foil with a burned end — at the house.

. . .

Lockyer resigned her District 2 supervisorial seat April 20, months after a Feb. 3 incident in a Newark hotel room brought her extramarital affair and her drug addiction into the public eye. She had told police that Stephen Chikhani, of San Jose — her lover since 2010 — had attacked her in the room she had rented for herself and her son after an argument with her husband. After a lengthy review of the evidence, the state Justice Department announced April 30 that no charges would be filed against Chikhani.

Lockyer this summer sought a restraining order to keep Chikhani away from her and her family;

As of March, 2013  She’s coming back from it.  I’m so glad.

These are the people I had to seek help from during similar time span!  The DA’s office, the Justice Center, the County Supervisors and more.  I don’t do meth, I haven’t been promiscuous, and I don’t do child-endangerment. Yet I had cause to call the county supervisors when my children were stolen overnight, and DA’s office in TWO counties.  Perhaps we need leaders with better judgment in their personal lives?   

Another press piece from 2005, our local district attorney on her own initiative and inspiration (???) decided that services were too fragmented for victims. Watch out on this one — whose convenience counts the most — the victims, or the collaborating agencies/nonprofits? Anyhow here it is, from “Oakland Magazine”

“Law – One Stop Shopping”

a photo of Nancy O'Malley


Putting an End to Domestic Violence

Before its opening in July 2005, victims had to seek help from a fragmented array of county agencies and nonprofits that offered related but uncoordinated services.

The federal government recognized a need for domestic violence services to be in one place, so, in 2003, the Department of Justice created The President’s Family Justice Center Initiative grant program. In 2004, Alameda was one of 15 counties in the country selected to receive the award, a $1.3 million grant that provided the funds to open ACFJC.

The driving force behind the center is Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County’s chief assistant district attorney. A 21-year employee of the DA’s office and a former head of its Sexual Assault Unit, she saw a need for a comprehensive, centralized center for victims and their families.

Support from donors also helped make ACFJC a reality. Chevron donated four truckloads of furniture, ClearChannel donated billboard ads and Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker paid for bus shelter ads to publicize the center. The Golden State Warriors cozied up a corner in the kids’ area, and Kelly-Moore donated the bright gold and red paint that covers the walls.

This Model, national or not, has significant drawbacks. Another site (I went up, down, around, and sideways over many years 2002 forward:

In Civil, a person can (directly) initiate a contempt proceeding (file an OSC, etc.), but in Criminal, a person can only request someone else initiate criminal contempt. This gets right back to the discretion not only of police to arrest or not, but of District Attorneys to prosecute or not.

See Justice for Women, Six Principal Obstacles to Equal Justice and Protection for Women. (Notice this contrasts entirely with the principle of the “family justice center” putting things conveniently under one roof. This advocates instead for separation. I agree:


The six principle obstacles to protection and justice for women in the criminal justice system are:1. A near absolute police and prosecutorial discretion to pick and choose which crimes the system will treat seriously and which they will ignore, and to do so with impunity. The exercise of this enormous discretionary power is virtually outside the rule of law.2. An intractable, deep-rooted sexism and racism that remains institutionalized throughout the criminal justice system. This sexism and racism, combined with the system’s absolute discretion to ignore crimes whenever they wish, means that violence against women cases are the cases most often ignored, dumped, or given short shrift.3. Society’s failure to answer the question of who polices the police, and the failure to even ask the question in regard to district attorneys, means the criminal justice system is not only legally unaccountable when dumping cases of violence against women. In addition, there is also virtually no other viable social mechanism by which the public can make the system implement its powers on behalf of victims of violence against women.4. The repression of effective victim advocacy due to increasing criminal justice system controls over the funding and functioning of rape and domestic violence centers. [[Case in point — Family Justice Centers pull funding and focus away.]]5. The invisibility of denial of protection and justice to victims of violence against women to the public, often to the victims themselves, and even to the officer’s supervisors who review the officers reports.6. The failure to target the district attorneys. Advocacy groups, social justice groups, and civil rights groups that aim to correct abuses in the criminal justice system usually do so by focusing on the police, while completely ignoring the District Attorney. This is monumental and puzzling mistake, since the District Attorney is the most powerful law enforcement official in your community.


Also, anyone want explain the following for me?  (Found when looking for the “groundbreaking” of this justice center).  I can see they need a good public profile and promotional website — but this is February 2014.  I came to them several months early and asked for HELP and ended up being heavily stalked the rest of that month and was truly desperate, as you can gather by this blog.  Guess real victims just aren’t interesting enough?

ACJFCJ hiring a Santa Fe (originally Los Angeles) contractor for new website design?

Liberate my joy, and explain:


On January 31, dsire was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2014 Business Excellence Awards by ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching firm. The Business Excellence Awards honor the “best of the best” results in small and medium sized businesses from around the world, and showcases exceptional results for business owners, entrepreneurs, their teams and their companies.

Dsire is well known in the entertainment world for creating promotional movie websites including The Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, Tower Heist, Star Trek Into Darkness and Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2, among many others. However, dsire’s process is one that works for companies of all sizes and industries of all types, having created everything from heavily animated theatrical marketing sites to internal business management systems, multi-user web applications, Facebook applications, ecommerce sites and ad banner campaigns.

In the coming months, dsire will announce new projects slated for completion in 2014, including a ground-breaking collaboration with Alameda County Family Justice Center in Oakland, CA and several new movie projects.

About dsire

Founder and CCO, Dickon Sire launched dsire in 1997 while living in Los Angeles.*** Over the years the company has developed a myriad of online projects for a wide range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, retail, film and entertainment industries. Now operated out of Santa Fe, NM, the team at dsire strives to create the vision for how businesses can accomplish more by using the internet.

I had to look (got curious) — California Secretary of State shows:
Entity Name: DSIRE, INC.
Entity Number: C2683214
Date Filed: 10/20/2004
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 34 N. CLOUDSTONE DR
Entity City, State, Zip: SANTA FE NM 87505
Agent for Service of Process: DOMINIQUE SIRE
Agent Address: 325 N FARING RD
Agent City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 9007

The street address is a 6 bedroom, 8 bath (6+thousand sf) home that last sold in 1996 for $3.4 million dollars.  Who are Dominique and Dickon Sire?  Was “dsire” launched in 1997 from this home, finally registered to do business in California (as a New Mexico corporation) in 2004, and then dissolved when?

So nice to know the ACJFCJ is pays attention to the needy and downtrodden in the business practices, too (?).  Were there no talented website designers with California businesses, and perhaps able to get the job done?

From New Mexico Sec. of State Business search site:

Entity ID Entity Name Type Status

Details show it filed in New Mexico, in July, 2011

Filing Information
Corp # 4466884
Status Active Corporation
Date of Incorporation Jul-01-2011
State of Incorporation NM
Fiscal Year Date Dec-31-2014
Report Duedate Mar-15-2015
Address Information
1. Corp Mailing Address
   SANTA FE, NM – 87505
Agent Information
   SANTA FE , NM – 87505
Directors Information
Officers/Organizer Information
1. President  – LEGALZOOM.COM, INC.
Instrument History
1. Instrument
    Number 4466884
    Filing Date Jul-01-2011
    Type Certificate Of Incorporation

Other New Mexico organizations the Sires are Director for (California doesn’t allow a search on that field):

4. DICKON SIRE  [= that’s “dsire”] 4466884 SELECT

Let’s take a look (why would they be so interested in collaborating with our Alameda County Family Justice Center/  What’s the connection.

Corp. #2 (4840062) is NM Academy of International Studies, “NMAIS” and is a domestic nonprofit.   It was formed 11/27/2013 and is already not in good standing.  It has 4 directors, both Sires, Carol McClure and Jeffrey Whalen of Warner Brothers on it.  Here’s Jeffrey Whalen talking about “The Promise of Asia” and “Asian Licensing.”

Here’s an excerpt of the labeling, it seems to be dated March 28, 2013:

Speaker: Jeffrey Whalen, Senior Vice President & General Manager Latin America & Asia Pacific, Warner Bros. Consumer Products 

Asia’s remarkable economic growth is shifting the global economy’s centre of gravity eastward, with millions of newly affluent Asians become avid consumers. At the Asian Licensing Conference, Jeffrey Whalen from Warner Bros. speaks at the plenary session “The Promise of Asia”, examining Asian market opportunities, identify global and Asian trends and reveal their formulas for success. 

Corp. #3  (4309480) is “Santa Fe International Elementary School,” a domestic nonprofit filed In June 2010, Amended in Aug. 2010 and hasn’t filed since.  It is not in good standing.  Dickon Sire besides being one of three directors is its last known “Secretary.”  Carol McClure is an Officer/Organizer.

1. President  – ARAGON, SHAUNA
2. Vice President  – MCCLURE, CAROL
3. Secretary  – SIRE, DOMINIQUE
4. Treasurer  – HERRERA, KATHLEE

Corp. #4 is Dsire.  Isn’t this fun —  Liberate my Joy.

Corp#5 (4438297) is: New Mexico International Studies Foundation Incorporated, a domestic NONprofit filed on April 29, 2011, filed an amendment Aug. 31, 2011 and nothing since.  It is not in good standing.  Its address matches Santa Fe International Elementary School, above, and its three directors are: Shauna Aragon, Carol McClure, and Dominique Sire.

Curious, I looked for corporations with Director “Carol McClure” and found two of the ones above, and at the same address as Corp #5 (and with only one director, Ms. McClure):

Corp. (4438289): New Mexico International Studies, Incorporated is a domestic Profit filed on 4/29/2011, and now suspended.   That said, the amendment in Corp #5 above says something about getting 501(c)3 status (after which they they were “not in good standing.”  It shows the same three officers as #5.

The address turns out to be “International Baccalaureate World School” (see “desertacademy.org“) (Engaging the mind, Engaging the World).

? ? ?

Dominique Sire  [“Experience the Passion of  Living in a Fearless Body”] 4-month Intensive workshops in LA.  Send check to “Dsire, Inc.”  (@$390 for each of the 4 weekends)


It is said that we have entered the age of Union and ended the age of separation that has lasted 10,000 years. As the result of this intense transition, we are living in a time of extraordinary opportunity as well as difficulty, because this transition is a period called “the collapse of time.” What this means is that while we are consciously experiencing the reality of our lives in the here-and-now our souls are able to bring to the surface their core wounds and splits within us, relived over and over throughout lifetimes. These core wounds and splits have stood continuously in the way of our wholeness from the starting point, so we are in uncharted territory, as this opportunity has never occurred in 10,000 years…

But each of our souls also carries within itself the imprint and memories of a time when it experienced and knew oneness within the self and in relationship to others. An ancient time called The Vedic Age that preceded the time of separation that has recently ended.
The purpose of this intensive is to lead you in each of the four workshops step by step to reclaim within your soul the ancient memories of the oneness you once were.   …  
In this intensive you will also learn to reclaim the integrity and wholeness of your sexuality through the Vedic ways. They teach us how to seduce and be seduced by our partner from a place of integrity and alignment with the self that is no longer at the mercy of our wound and split. When we merge sexually with the other from this place, our intimate relationships expands ourselves through the surrendering to the other, and therefore always builds more desire instead of deflating it as time goes by. Then and only then can this relationship become a Vedic Union.
In this intensive you will also learn the Vedic principles that teaches us how to choose and manifest our life’s goals by learning to access and direct our life force from a masterful place. After all, this journey cannot be just about healing our past it is ultimately about the future we want to create.

Helped design an interactive game for ONE.org ( a campaign to end world poverty.  Sorry, not interested in playing just now).


She worked with the partner providers of the Alameda County Family Justice Center (lawyers, doctors and social workers) who daily provide services to victims of domestic violence.

[“Worked with” means ???  Of the three examples, this is the only one that doesn’t say what she worked with them to do. I can speculate — but it doesn’t say:]]


DICKON SIRE linkedin (smaller photo, much more information than Dominque’s which you can see — if you’re a linkedin member.  He stopped going to school at age 12, held a job for about two months at JackInTheBox (1985) and from there on out it seems to be pretty well web-based, and good at it, too.  He does say, creative director at Dsire Inc. in Santa Fe since 2000.  California SOS says it was registered there in 2004 (but since suspended) and New Mexico SOS says it was only registered there in 2011, but hey, details, details….

Dickon Sire

About Us

Vyoopoint was created by dsire inc. We are a small web design agency and we specialize in online promotion and marketing for the entertainment industry. We take great pride and get lots of enjoyment from creating really good looking stuff for our clients, and now we are really excited to have done the same for our own product.

WELL, that is interesting, how did ACJFCJ hook up with Dominique Sire, and why are the Sires “siring” so many corporations that sputter and fail for no apparent reason? Anyhow — back to this Alameda County Family Justice Center….

I should note that this center got a GLOWING report in 2009-2010 by a “Grand Jury (who investigate citizen complaints) who took a tour of its facilities, and repeated some of the press information on the facility. What nice facilities…. “No recommendations.” Go to page 59ff for the report and page 5 for Grand Jury members — every one of who is appointed by a Judge. [how does that work if citizens have complaints about judges?] [I was looking actually for the section of AlamedaCounty.gov that tells us what was spent here. Or how it got its USDOJ grants which I can see didn’t come direct to the center, must have come through the county, it seems.

MISCELLANEOUS:  [Ala. County] Board of Supervisors meeting Tues Sept. 9, 2008.  You can see them voting to accept $990K federal funding some of which goes to the center, but it was actually VENDORS who applied for the grant, and (see above) that the Family Violence Law Center (Ms. Allison) was among the vendors applying.

I told you it was Down the Rabbit Hole to actually take a closer look!  There’s also probably some lost-and-found items (like federal funding) there as well.  See “Strange Species” post for more info.


Like I said, “Down the Rabbit Hole” — all I personally wanted was existing court orders enforced, and no felony child-stealing (no stalking would also have been nice), “I got the rest.”  Not having that makes for a true endless nightmare….

25.District Attorney – Approve the following recommendations related to the Safety, Enforcement and Expansion Grant Program:

A.Accept $990,000 in federal grant award from the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, 8/1/07 – 7/31/09; and approve related budget adjustments;

B.Approve and authorize 3.17 project positions for Administrative Services Assistant, Clerk I, Mental Health Specialist III, and Mental Health Specialist II to staff the Family Justice Center as Navigator, Lead Navigator and support staff, 8/1/07 – 7/31/09 ($453,739); and

C. Approve and authorize the execution of standard agreements with the following non-profit organizations, 8/1/07 – 7/31/09:

i.Family Violence Law Center, Procurement No. 3328 (Principal: Cherri Allison; Location: Oakland) to provide victim advocacy services ($163,200);

ii.Bay Area Women Against Rape, Procurement No. 3329 (Principal: Marcia Blackstock; Location: Oakland) to provide on-going case management services to sexual assault victims ($81,600);

iii.Building Futures with Women and Children, Procurement No. 3330 (Principal: Liz Varela; Location: San Leandro) to provide training development and facilitation and to develop the Alameda County Family Justice Center’s paper and online resource library ($50,000); and

iv.Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments, Procurement No. 3331 (Principal: Rodney Clark; Location: Fremont) to provide victim advocacy services ($130,560)

– CAO Recommends: Approve – (4/5 Vote)

Attachment (this is similar, but see foot note at the bottom) <=<= (that’s a link)

Here’s a 2005-2006 County Budget.  It’s long, so recommend just search “family justice center” to find occurrences.  This was before it opened:

The Year Ahead

Even in years where there is little to celebrate, through the creativity, persistence and vision of our department heads, employees and stakeholders, we manage to provide excellent service and innovation for County residents. Following are just a few of the noteworthy programs and services that are funded in the 2005-06 Budget.

Project YES!/Youth UpRising has opened! This comprehensive youth empowerment center is providing health and mental health services, education and career training, and art and cultural opportunities for youth and young adults.

The Alameda County Family Justice Center is due to open July 5, 2005. Funded under the President’s Family Justice Center Initiative as one of 15 pilot programs in the nation, the goal is to improve access to services for sexual assault victims, elder abuse victims, domestic violence victims and families by co-locating services and service providers. Housed in the former Central Health Clinic building and led by the District Attorney’s Office, it is an astonishing collaborative of domestic violence victim service organizations, law enforcement agencies, probation officers, forensic medical professionals, public health and social service agencies, mental health providers, child advocates, attorneys and religious leaders.

We expect to begin transitioning court facilities to the State as mandated by SB 1732. This statute requires counties to transfer all court facilities to the State by June 30, 2007 as the final step in trial court funding reform.**

[**ALSO in the same area — and this seems relevant, as JUSTICE and COURTS are related. California has/had been fighting for years about who controls the trial courts (with 58 counties, that’s a lot of funding represented!] so this year they were in the process of transitioning control of the TRIAL COURTS to the STATE (and away from the Counties).

DA’s office organizational chart now appears to have an accounting? code for the justice center:  230200

District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley announces federal grant award

November 2009

On November 20, 2009 The Victim/Witness Assistance Division of the Alameda County District Attorneys Office learned that it is the recipient of two Stimulus Recovery Act Grants, one from VOCA (Victims of Crime Act), in the amount of $45,438.00, and one from VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), in the amount of $32,615.00. The VOCA funds will be used to support a victim advocate in the DA’s South County Office. The advocate will work with victims and their families in felony domestic violence cases, particularly those that involve stalking and those that result in homicide. The advocate will also act as a liaison to connect with the local shelters and community based organizations. The VAWA funds will be used to help fund a victim advocate at the Alameda County Family Justice Center. The advocate will to work with victims of domestic violence and domestic violence stalking.


It would take some serious investigation for CITIZENS  to find out actually what it costs to run this center, and what they do.

Here are the tax returns for the Alameda County Family Justice Center, Inc., now that you know some things about it.

Form NameFiscal YearForm 9902013Download Form 9902012Download Form 9902011Download Form 9902010Download Form 9902009Download 

In case I don’t have your attention yet, perhaps the California Blue Shield Foundation DV funding might help.   


Blue Shield of California Foundation Announces $10.7 Million in First-Quarter Funding

New grants will bolster California’s healthcare safety net and domestic violence services; Edward Cymerys named to board of trustees San Francisco, CA (March 26, 2013) — Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF) announced $10.7 million in first-quarter grantmaking today. The majority of these funds will focus on modernizing California’s healthcare safety net and strengthening its community health centers. Additional investments will help to reinforce state and national programs that are effectively addressing domestic violence.

. . . . . [to be continued; some of this goes to the group in San Diego County (which is “national family justice center alliance” — and is called “statewide”), and $500K goes to the FVLC — which is, see above, under the Alameda County one.




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Let it go — and Let me go!

Want the Short Version, or to Sign? It’s Here.

Jean and her attorney have leaked to a third party (NOT me, as they should've) intention to resign, probably because of this*:

Link to Care2.com Petition (with signatures)
Care2.com has over 25 million viewers, mostly progressive site, and encourages SHORT petitions. Mine is, with signatures from many different states.

= a concise, truthful statement of the problem.

Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds are Not her Private Playground was set up April 20, 2014, and apparently that, or this (probably that) has persuaded Jean to plan to resign, and will remain up at least em>until I see it with my own eyes, and am in a far safer condition and situation. For shorter attention spans, go there!

And, the updates page blog linking to it @ JeanPfannUpClose.

*While attorney would not tell me directly, a 3rd party calling on my behalf (unannounced) obtained it at least in email, which was cc'd me. Conditions for resigning are as unacceptable as conditions under which she has "administered" the trust. I am continuing to negotiate for change before then, and signatures are still being accepted above, and will help. This is a choice anyone faces who stands up to abuse -- report, and be prepared for retaliation. Don't report, and sit still while abuse increases incrementally beyond intolerable -- or suddenly, if someone gets "out of line." Been there, done that, not again. (Sign the petition!) I also want to notice, with some exceptions, how few "good Christian people" very aware of the situation, including the abuse, decline to stain their hands with public involvement (that's not including the not-so-good Christians involved in sponsoring or covering the domestic violence and other issues right along). Finding the strait and narrow here has been interesting, but with practice, it's easy to tell where it's not.
[box added only June 10, 2014]

Seventh Day of my Public Petition (Descr. Below)April 19th, 2014

Milestone: One Week since Petition went Public

See "Jean Pfann Step Down Now!" post (April 8), which explains that: My oldest sister controls my inheritance and funds I need to survive, and my housing, and since October 2012 has forced me onto Food Stamps.

On April 1, 2014 after another devastating month of dealings with my sister, I submitted (emailed her) a formal two-page letter, again demanding stepdown, and distribution. (see post) She didn't acknowledge letter. On April 8th, I published this post (at considerable effort), for a landing page of a public campaign IF I got no answer. Friends have the link, but I didn't publicize it much.

Today April 13th (almost two weeks!) she still has not acknowledged my letter, distributed one cent this month, or shown any indication of changing policy, I'm submitting a petition to Care2.com, a progressive public site with over 23 million members. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]]. So the milestone just gives one week for me to find out who is more apathetic in this matter -- my sister, or the public (hopefully not the public).

Since June 2012, I've been consistently asking Jean Pfann to RESIGN as TRUSTEE, and DISTRIBUTE from my trust so I do not have to beg and can safely leave California's FOOD STAMPS program, which is for people who do NOT have an inheritance with their personal name on it. (I wonder how many others nationwide, and in California, are forced onto Food Stamps just as I was, or even homeless, needlessly. I know some -- but I wonder just how many).

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I'm no an attorney (she's hired one from the trust fund), but California Probate Code seems clear that my petition as sole beneficiary enables her to legally resign as trustee . I am not asking for anything in conflict with probate law -- or this trust. The code also implies that when she resigns, the trust [a legal document regulating whatever's under the trust's control] could be terminated as its principal is distributed to me.

NO ONE has ever given me a reason for her control of my inheritance (I'm not incompetent, a substance abuser, have no criminal record, and am not physically disabled), this would seem sensible.

Clear conflict of interest and intent towards me:
"Fine art, Lousy Fiduciary!"
ALSO, the trust seems to have been drawn up about 3 years after my sister Jean Pfann and her husband Jim Morgan aggressively opposed me in court actions to (1) retain a restraining order for safety reasons, (2) retain custody of my two young daughters their nieces after I left a violent relationship (marriage), having had reasonable knowledge of just how violent it had been.

While I don't understand WHY my inheritance should be under someone else's control I am speaking the truth: leaving it under Jean's is dangerous to me, has compromised two young women my daughters, and burdensome to the public. I am not challenging the trust itself, but the administration and the administrator of it, who has a clear and on-the-record conflict of interest.

Calif Probate Code 15640, 41, 42. 15641 says liability doesn't end with resignation, and 1542 lists six conditions for the court to remove a fiduciary who doesn't voluntarily resign. From what I can tell, Jean meets four of them. Of the only two reasons to remove a trustee that don't apply here, one relates to co-trustees (none here) but speaks volumes to my situation:

"(3) Where hostility or lack of cooperation among cotrustees impairs the administration of the trust."

There's just one trustee and just one beneficiary -- and there's hostility. It is in the public's AND my best interest that I be released from this hostile and dangerous relationship with the hostile trustee. The trustee for almost two years now has refused to acknowledge she's even been asked! MEANWHILE, (and shortly -- just months -- after she was asked) One of my two daughters A.L. Englund almost died, did (from what I can tell) become homeless and fled the area to get away from the influence of this trustee's household -- a fact which was concealed from me by the same. That's why I started this blog in Febr. 2013 (and why several of its posts are "protected"). From what I can tell (and completely consistent with the historic context) Jean and Jim's demands upon my daughter, then an adult (only 19) involving a third nonrelative, were resisted, her "rent" was raised, and my daughter, realizing she was an adult (as I years earlier realized and made it clear, Jean had no jurisdiction, or business, in directing my life, either), apparently made a clear "No!" and chose hardship rather than abusive control of her own future. . . My other daughter M.K.Englund, alienated, lives with the trustee, her aunt.

The father, Eric Alan Englund (from MN), a "loose cannon" in part through my sister and brother in law's prior relationship with him (and interference in my divorce, custody, child support, and restraining order legal matters!) continues to haunt my life through stalking behaviors (more than one media and occasionally at my home!), which Jean knows -- but apparently doesn't care about. Jean was given and saw clear written evidence on 10/25/2013 in a rare face-to-face interaction with me. I was asking for funds for a safe house!

How am I, A.L. and M.K.'s mother (future beneficiaries if I die) supposed to negotiate for timely and sufficient distributions, or to relocate or anything else, with a trustee sister who refuses to acknowledge there is a mother-daughter relationship, period, was instrumental in destroying it, and in the process, my sustainable work life? And who then attempts to engage in conversations with me (around the trust) as though none of the above happened, or were relevant?

So, I set a milestone. Time will tell how the public, and my sister, responds to this petition going to Care2.com and whether it has to be taken to court. Meanwhile, my urgent concern is surviving that time span without further major losses and if possible, trauma or vicarious trauma to onlookers, remaining friends and associates.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking up for me (I realize many people who may be going through similar things may not want to compromise their own cases, and are often likewise destitute) can help (even very small amounts), please do so, now.. [Wed 4/16/2014- situation unchanged. No distribution, no response. I am forced to beg, which you bet this is!].

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Official PayPal Seal

I promise if freed, I will not forget others in similar situation or worse (see bottom of "Step Down Now!" post for work samples; for five years now I have been investigating and reporting, regardless of my personal situation.

In fact, this forced-dependency, survival condition is already hindering my ability to unleash my full energies on protecting others from what I went through. I am not asking for a free ride. I am asking for access to what is legally mine, and be freed from ongoing PTSD which comes from being unable to get certain dangerous, unethical people out of my life, year after year. What happened here is outrageous! It is also a sign of these times.

Please help Save my Life and Save tax Dollars. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]] and please speak up in this situation.

Taxpayers' lives (particularly those with less, not more, of a buffer) are going to be disrupted, or drained one way or another, as some of the policies setting up situations like mine -- are in fact public policy. White-collar crime is still crime, and I have been tracking and reporting the funding for five years now. I didn't sign up for "advocate and systems change agent," it has been a matter of survival from the first.

"For Justice and for Life!," Anna Victoria Englund (that's me).
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