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Fine artist; LOUSY fiduciary, 2002-2014. Intro + Chrono.

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Fine artist; lousy fiduciary.

      Archaic Sphinx, by Jean Pfann => => =>


(My post Jean Pfann Step Down Now! (4/8/2014) states the problem and asks for direct action.  Any other post, including this one, is more background for the more curious, and for a more effective conversation if you plan to have one.  They add depth perception and the whole topic remains a PUBLIC INTEREST topic.  So far, I’ve survived to narrate and investigate.

This post looks better below the two introductory, purple-background boxes. But, they’re still needed.  And, they got long, because I started, again, saying what I think.

My sister Jean won’t hear it, so you might as well….  If you are interested in reasoning, logic, cause, or the larger issues — maybe read.  If not (scroll down).

 If you’re JEAN — get off my trust fund, distributing from it to me FIRST!  

Let it go and let me go!  New Year BlueJay Flying

Don’t force this into legal action. But if you do, there are now more public witnesses than there were last week. And you can’t drive them all away because they’re not all local, and a very short time here will tell you and me both, just how many there are (not that there won’t be people who read and will continue to monitor my safety and situation without contacting you. By forcing me to beg, you are wasting their tax dollars; they have a vested interest in stopping this and similar cases.

You messed with the wrong person, woman, musician and mother, unprovoked.  And incidentally (last, and least) biologically your sister.

ALL of THIS BLOG is an appeal for help:  

Help Save Tax Dollars and Save my Life, Now, please!


My Life is at Risk. I’m laying it out now, before possible repercussions for going fully public affect my ability to write, if not to speak!

Doing this involves risk and I don’t take it lightly.

Not doing so is not an option

I feel the public, who I’m asking for this help, deserves the facts.

I also want them known. 

This post chronicles what preceded “Jean Pfann Fiduciary

The next box has 3 important links.

They summarize the purpose and context of the blog.  

For people (like me) who prefer things laid out orderly, Jean Pfann Step Down Now — Let Your Sister Go! is #1, this post (“Fine Artist Lousy Fiduciary“) should be post #2.

Down the Rabbit Hole” and “Strange Species” on a local family justice center I sought help from, are #3 and #4.  I learned that seeking help can be hazardous to one’s health, even when it’s needed..

Again, this is the Logical Order of Posts:  #1 – Step Down Now; #2 – Fine Artist, Lousy Fiduciary 2002-2014; #3* – Down the Rabbit Hole with ACJFCJ, Inc.; and #4* – Strange Species Down the Rabbit Hole.

(= both on the ACJFCJ as a public/private-funded business model that dumps domestic violence survivors unarmed and despite hiring people called “Navigators” without a map of the terrain, into the family law system. I got the lay of the land the hard-way, scouted out the economics (or a good start on them) which became part of MY roadmap.  I’m nice that way, I don’t like to see people hurt, or public funds wasted.)

However, Post #1 alone, a fiduciary who has forced a beneficiary onto food stamps and begging, and needs to be talked to is plenty.  The others may help that be a more informed conversation (my advance insurance at the usual anticipated alibis), and assure you that other options are not in my best interest, or the public’s.

 Thanks in advance.  

*[Posts #3 & #4 will be an intellectual stretch and perplexing unless you pay attention to details and look at the links to evidence.

Posts #3 and #4 also expose (signal) a major gap between the criminal law system and the civil law system, out from which crawled a few decades ago the entire “problem-solving” [<=<= hover cursor over that link without clicking for my commentary, take a look for the official version] field of family law and the family law courts.

Like the crawlspace underneath some car seats, (or, the Bermuda Triangle?) no one knows what’s really growing under there.  Looking closely or inspecting (let alone classifying) at what’s been dragged out into the daylight it can be disturbing. What’s more, getting a forensic definition of what’s what (i.e., is this private OR government, is it NONprofit or ForProfit — and what was THAT?) is a real task. 

Not everyone has the stomach, heart, or mind for it.  I only did after my kids were stolen, although in the ears leading up to it, who IS this court system, was definitely in my mind.  I didn’t think of this til later, but it seems that also this was how our father WGP (1917-1982) seems to have made the connection between a known process – and zone melting.  He was a problem-solver with a task assigned by the times, and by his employer, Bell Telephone Laboratories.  This was funded by AT&T and Western Electric who were jointly running “Bell Labs.”  The problem was mass communications, and for a period, how to bomb others more accurately for World War II. I.e., Military funding. When WWII was over, they got back to the mass communications issue again — and my father picked right where they’d left off before the war with a problem that he’d been attempting to solve.   He wrote about it (very straightforward), too and there are links scattered around these posts. 

I am not interested in more accurately bombing people, or destroying lives, but the opposite.  I also am not interested in studying their personal breaking points, for personal use in later eliminating them and taking over their family, lands, property, or businesses (if any).  But I HAVE been working on this issue of the family courts for a very long time — not ON salary to do so, but in order to maintain some sort of salary with which to purchase food, gas, housing, and with which to help my kids.

In case you want to fast-forward to my conclusion (and haven’t picked up on it yet), I live as a citizen in the USA, a country that makes war on other countries; it is the very REVENUES (taxes from normal work salaries being a nice chunk), which help accumulate the R&D power to create more technologies to win those wars; the ability for favored groups to become tax-exempt (like religious corporations, or some of the critters inhabiting the nonprofit business entity in Oakland, California called “Alameda County Family Justice Center, Inc.” anyone?) which actually fund the problem programs — a problem when they hook up with government


..i.e., Government with its power to tax (or not), to incarcerate (or not) if one doesn’t pay taxes, fines, assessed penalties or fees — or if one is the wrong color, wrong place at the wrong time, or otherwise is felt to look at “government” or one of its appointees) cross-eyed on a bad-hair day (do men have “bad-hair” days? because most law enforcement still are men), and its power to grab kids overnight and send them somewhere else, for a fee to whoever does it, AND the discretion power to just stand by and do nothing while someone else, like a parent without the right to or custody, or other non-relative even less right, or a parent AND non-relative do)..

LIKE THEY DID TOWARDS A CERTAIN SCENARIO IN ALAMEDA COUNTY SHERIFF’S SUBSTATION ON 8/25/2006 (a Sat a.m.) when I came to retrieve both daughters from an “court-ordered overnight” visitation with their father.   

RE: That space under the car-seat, and that Bermuda Triangle credibility gap between criminal and civil law which is called the “problem-solving courts” (FAMILY courts being just one of several kinds of them) — I wonder how many families and kids have been eaten by the programs, policies, etc. emanating from its refusal to answer (or at least clearly tell the public in a way they can tell without paying more experts, “when is a crime that we’ve named a crime in the penal code(state-level), NOT really a crime?”  And if the public can’t get a solid answer to that, the public should not be held to the other laws, including fines, fees, penalties for failure to pay them — including CHILD SUPPORT — either.

I do know that I’d like to slow down or stop the process of losing kids (mine or anyone else’s) in the system, and letting one or both of their parents wander around wondering how to find them, or contact them without waking other “dragons” still below ground.

[This is the 2nd of two purple boxes added 4/17/2014]

[First please see “Jean Pfann Step Down Now — Let Your Sister Go!,” the 2014 purpose of this blog, and read the text box (maroon border) on the right sidebar of both home page, and any post.]

See that main post and this one for WHY I am demanding this situation change FIRST.  Also read here, and know that this ltr has been neither acknowledged, nor answered, since April 1, 2014 — which NONresponse is a statement:

2014 APRIL 1, [PUBLIC] VEnglund to JLPfann. Distributn & Timeline”

All other posts published in 2014 are to supplement that, and in case there are unanswered questions. Once this hits the Petition site, and I do have people I know who will be contacting my sister once it’s up, my situation may be in fast motion again, and I might be in (worse) PTSD mode.  There may be repercussions.

For more explanations (including formatting disclaimer on this post– paragraphs breaks got stripped out) click HERE [@April 17, 2014), type password “PfannSphinx.”  I don’t know if it’s case-sensitive, but I’ve typed it in as you see it. (FYI, that’s not the password for other protected posts you may see, which date to Feb. 2013, and where written in a state somewhere between outrage, shock, alarm at recent events and recent major DOWNTURNS in not just my life, primarily through Jean’s behavior, but also one of my daughters’ life also, i.e., she almost lost her life, and at this point I didn’t know where she was.  Think this was UNrelated to my fiduciary refusing to distribute one cent EXTRA (i.e., for living expenses) direct to me since the prior August, with only two small exceptions, $500 & $125, both car repair in context of strangely timed car vandalism, after the fact and after the repair was done)? ??

[IMHO, I also believe that Jean is being used by other family members, like her husband, as a sort of front/shield. All of this shows scripted strategy and a variety of “players.”  I think [note — that’s a qualified opinion, based on what I’ve seen over time] she lacks the backbone to stand up to larger bullies (male or female) and so chose instead the life role of keeping people unable to protect themselves (without legal intervention) under lock and key so they don’t get out of hand — and report or expose.  I could be wrong.  Possibly she just lacks character, and ethics.  Either situation is still a major, a chronic problem.  I’m 61, and can’t handle this one alone as in prior years.  And who should have to, anyhow? Jean has failed to distinguish between animate (living human beings) and inanimate, like the sculptures and creatures of her imaginations she fabricates as an artist. They are frozen in time, but human, work, and other relationships involving voluntary (vs. forced or extorted, or obtained the immoral and illegal means) participation with other living souls — are not. They cannot and should not be frozen in artificial and distorted postures — which having my sister as my “trustee” when she’s been an antagonist in more than one court proceedings, and more, is. It is an oxymoron, a conflict with reality. Jean’s sculptures do not have ethical and moral duties (or, rights) to engage in while hey are in storage, or on display. Live human beings do.

And as a professional classical piano/vocal/choral musician, Oberlin, Chicago, Kansas City (briefly), SF Bay Area (one reason I came here in 1988 was for those cultural and work opportunities and the ocean — not for my sisters’ companionship, for sure). I came single, in excellent health and with very good prospects, and quickly became involved in music scene, plus working full-time. I stayed with friends, not my sister. Now, I am ready to leave. I have no the reason to leave the SF Bay Area, really — other than the horrible memories it contains of these factors, and for safety. I have never FLED any city or urban area before, and without my sister’s incompetence (or, from another viewpoint, competence — depending on intent) and wish to control me and maintain the fake-a-functional-family posture (and control of my inheritance and, for now, possibly my older daughter) for herself, I would probably stick around. I have friends here, and as anyone can tell, there are fantastic opportunities in the area. (Pardon that truth-telling rant…and there may be more..)

BUT NOW (instead): I am in crisis mode and time is of the essence.  I only put this much effort into several posts because — well, click on the three links inside this box. Then get on email, get on the phone, or when you see the public petition up, get on there (or, all three). Understand CLEARLY that I am not doing this to ask for anything which isn’t legally mine, and demanding what’s mine for the purpose of life — and for separation from someone who has refused to consent to my planning anything NOT a life of dependency upon a person who prefers me dysfunctional — and herself free pursue her art (not me my music, or parenting, or much else) without having to worry about accountability for present, or past, aggressions and damages. Between the two of us, I was supporting myself in music as far back as 1974, including balancing housing and expenses to income. I did this single, and I also did this as a single mother straight out of a violent marriage. Needless to say, I could’ve done it, without a repeat or escalation of MOST of the same forms of abuse (and adding some more to the mix), for “Round 2” (another ten years, and then fiduciary abuse, then forced onto food stamps in 2012).

In some of these matters, you can call this “everywoman.” A lot of creative energy and talent is destroyed through immediate family (of any income level), but without ALSO the dysfunctional family law/child support systems to ensure that such people are exploited– not supported — through standing up to family abuse. Then the “justice centers” and other agencies can tell part of the truth when they go for more grants — yes, here is a lot of family violence in the world. The part omitted is their role in condoning it. The public ought to make time to look into it, and not just through the lens of “mainstream media” (MSM).

I hope this is a good start (as well as, I hope it helps save my life and save tax dollars). Feedback welcome. Help also welcome (there’s a donate button on the sidebar!)

Fine artist; lousy fiduciary.

Archaic Sphinx, by Jean Pfann => => =>

I put this page up for a point of reference after noticing that during the PRECISE years I was being attacked in and out of court by a sister who later became my fiduciary (gained control of funds I needed for survival after having been driven out of music and through many other devastating life events,  a process that destroyed my profession and ability to function in it, among other things) she has been able to do a variety of shows and displays(shows listed here).    My survival priority right now is getting her off my trust fund and posting a public petition for this; so this page is not polished.   I question what my sister Jean Pfann’s motives are for refusing to respond to my request to step down — and get out of my life. There has been a track record of failure to protect and gravitating towards setting up situations that endanger me.

She is a fine artist, but has been a lousy fiduciary, and before that, sister!


From 1992-1999, my sister Jean Pfann and her husband James Morgan, being aware I was a battered wife and mother struggling to protect my children and myself from a very violent man — and to retain a toehold involvement in my lifelong profession of music, did NOTHING to refer or report, did next to nothing intervene, such as calling the police, or helping me learn my legal rights.  Neither one of them ever even said in my presence to my husband “Stop it!” after I showed up at their home terrorized or fleeing. Many others who witnessed, saw, knew, and to whom I also fled at times for help from the household didn’t refer, report, or intervene either.

So, what else is new? 

That’s not the issue,

…although it hardly speaks well for Jean’s overall perception and judgment of basic human and legal issues — which fiduciaries have to deal with… 

The issue is what they did after I eventually found someone who DID intervene legally, saving our lives (from one to four Englund lives were saved through that intervention).


At that time they suddenly sprang into action and interaction with me as experts on everything from parenting,  to their opinions on my prior marriage, balancing my work and home life, and other actions indicating they disagreed with the judges who had just thrown my husband out because he was dangerous. Again, disagreeing was hardly a problem — but attempting to take existing law into their own hands, as if it didn’t exist and violating it (and my boundaries) was. This was harassment, and worse — and has gotten worse and worse, year after year, since then. Now, we are fully 12 to 13 years after that point. THAT’s a problem

Time and context are meaningful.  There was a pattern of behavior, and a sequence of escalations, which began almost immediately after I first veered from what I later learned, was Pfann/Morgan (Mr. Englund) intentions for MY life. These intentions //actions have been bearing fruit (bad fruit, from my perspective) for many years — so now, I am 61, and there’s $0.21 (still today, 4/14/2014) in my bank account, no steady employment, a forced reliance on food stamps.

Jean is to this day forcing me to either fight her personally or beg for what as my fiduciary she legally owes me (see sidebar for more description), starting with a fiduciary duty to care, and to make decisions to my benefit — not my chronic harm and economic shutdown.  Her primary avenue for doing this is control of the trust fund with my name on it as beneficiary.  Secondary, control of one daughter and hoarding of information on both daughters and some other issues, over the past several years. As I have mentioned, she continues refusing to tell me where our mother’s ashes are. I suppose it makes her feel powerful?  Am I supposed to continue the posture (pose, pretense) that this is neutral and professional behavior on someone with a legal duty towards me?

From 2002-2008 (shows listed here) Jean Pfann, her husband, and my ex-batterer played a major role compromising my safety, attacking and undermining my work as a musician, and of course as a parent, and now, as a person. Not having their own children, and historically not having much interest in children (over the decades), their expertise in child-raising as of 2002 was one recent (2001) teaching credential and theory. They also not having experienced domestic violence directly (at least not from my husband) also became sudden experts on that, too, a little late in the game I’d say, the key word here being “denial.” In 2001/2002, I was about 49 years old and my sister Jean 55.  

Acting sometimes alone, sometimes in unison, Jean and her husband functioned quickly to reverse and undo what I had just done, to reframe-and-rename it.  I did not agree with their reframing and renaming of what I’d just spent almost a decade dealing with.  I attempted to disengage, respectfully enough, and go about my own business separately.  As you can see by this blog, that wasn’t received very well.

What was Wrong with that Picture?

Jean and Jim knew the family background. Given this background, I have to reject the idea that they actually believed what they were saying to me (and others). I was told, repeatedly, in essence, that I was somehow stupid and in need of a life coach, immediately (while thriving as a musician and having just managed some complex life changes it doesn’t seem either one of them has faced). In fact, they’d attempted some swift back-seat driving through our mother (affecting my housing, my daughter’s schooling, and a transition to a new location mid-restraining order). The problem appears to have been my actually undoing just ONE aspect of the furtive back-seat coaching and immediately having begun to prosper. Words don’t describe it, but I was there and am a witness that this deeply upset Jean Pfann and spouse Jim Morgan.  I had told them “No,” reminded them of the court order, and asked them to respect boundaries.

From this hindsight (although I was of the opinion some years ago), this looks a lot like foresight and planning.  Planning to control, then inherit my inheritance.   When compared with present behavior, I don’t think there is another logical conclusion to the emotionally driven behavior of forcing one’s own sister to beg and continue to go onto public assistance — while elsewhere and periodically making sure life is tough, and NEW sources of income are cut off. It’s still a siege, here. Do you think, given the next section, that Jean is dumb, or that I was dumb at the time? Or was it a matter of ethics, and intentions? Or just greed? She and her husband repeatedly attacked my credibility when our household was up and running, income through music was now a non-issue,  the children were doing well was the shock and betrayal aspect. They started in private, WHILE I HAD A PROTECTIVE ORDER IN PLACE (attempted to emotionally blackmail of doing exactly that which was producing success and stability –for both me and our daughters). Then the attempt went public, as in, submitting material to the courts on my ex-batterer’s behalf. By Spring 2002 — I was now safe enough to engage in music, and for the first time in many years, genuinely happy and living much more of a normal (as opposed to isolated, survival, “on-edge” life that goes with classic domestic violence) was a real shock factor.  In short, I was not needy, or calling upon my sister for crises, or fleeing to her home after in incident, calling for babysitting because Dad hadn’t showed up in time for me to go to work, etc.  because there weren’t crises. To get to this point, I made two strategic decisions, to relocate (geography) and one year later, another adjustment (including a move) which immediately tripled my household income (within about a month!) and connected me with an ongoing source of referrals, colleagues, administrative support, and access to the arts and music for our daughters, through a local community music school. This included the ability to teach both from their facilities and from my own home. My schedule was back under control and both daughters for the first time in their lives — were taking weekly private, instrumental music lessons (flute, harp — both rental instruments) from another professional. Knowing this and seeing a good deal of it (I just described a segment, not the full spectrum), and seeing firsthand that as of at least 2000 I was being hired for challenging music (children’s opera) with both daughters involved (another first for them — staged, blocked, costumed production with boys and girls of many ages; they were six and eight years old at the time) — but choosing to ignore it, Jean Pfann and Jim Morgan still attempted to interrogate and lecture me in my own home about my “choices” for their nieces. The court had entrusted them full-time to my custody– but my sister and brother-in-law simply didn’t like it. (Summer, 2002).

While I was processing that shock, my husband was getting ready to file for custody, not even really wanting it at the time.  Collectively, this is what I called “Round 2” in my other post; Family Court Face-off, Back the Batterer. Before, I was facing violence right in the home (sometimes involving a loaded weapon) and generally ALONE with two small children nearby and ongoing work sabotage, but now it was a triumphant (through having one over my sister and brother-in-law, though not my mother) evicted ex-batterer father citing my sister’s name in exchanges, in front of police, and at times on pleadings.  This began when our girls were about seven and nine years old, very important years.

“ROUND 2,” Some Characteristics

So there came a season of dropping strange legal paperwork off, of harassing letters from Jean’s spouse and of our regular visitation exchanges becoming: their father picked up children on  a Friday and drove straight to my sister (Jean’s) house.   Apparently someone started connecting the dots and seeing this as a real opportunity (not for me, but for that household). In 2002/2003 when I went to renew the restraining order (still being a novice to the courts except for the initial two hearings) my ex had found an attorney who served me with paperwork attempting to take our daughters from me, give him full custody, have me pay him child support, and of course reverse what was being done educationally. Brother-in-law submitted a brief affidavit (a pale shadow of the letters, several of them, I was actually sent) implying he’d attempted to “communicate” with me, submitted with the attempt to remove two children from a nonviolent home and give them to the violent one. At this time, my then-husband, Eric Englund, was living in a small studio in another county, and had no space for our daughters.  Having only one year of community college in his background, no college degree (I had two and a background working with children in Chicago, since the 1970s, and at the time as well) he made “education” the central theme of why he should raise our children.  He was in essence fronting for my sister and brother-in-law.  Apparently family and ex-batterer had some common ground in wanting to take me down.

  • This is a common scenario in people who leave abuse.  It has been the topic of books and studies, some of them federally funded.  There are nationwide movements to deal with it.  In simple human terms, some want to move on for a fresh start, others do not, and there’s money and social acceptance at stake.  The conflict is profitable for certain professions, and their leadership.  Publish, conference, consulting, expert witnesses, speaking.  

Later, I’ve learned that our government is funding both sides of the conflict (i.e., taxpayers are funding it), both men’s (father’s) rights and women’s rights.  Somehow in the conflict, it’s not called “mother’s rights,” which would at least be more consistent.  From this point forward our elderly mother, Mary L. Pfann, wife of (see next session), was placed in the middle of essentially war between her daughters (my other sister quickly joined Jean) and their spouses for control of my children with the primary feature being rejection of evidence and denial of abuse.  As abuse supposedly didn’t occur, then any after effects must be my fault?  I continued refusing to perjure myself and showing initiative, making the best judgments I could in the situation. From spring 2003ff (after a season of snail-mail harassment from my brother-in-law AFTER I set a boundary), then sudden mid-year switch to a custody battle), then, thanks to the “wonderful” family court venue, I was immediately forced to  fight to retain work — just as in the abusive marriage — only this time it was in my primary profession, piano/vocal/choral and right in the NEW neighborhood I’d just moved to. And doing this while a single mother absent access to credit (see prior DV), and with court-ordered weekly (not bi-weekly) contact with their father, NO restraining order (meaning midweek issues, also).  As a musician/accompanist/conductor — I had to actually be available and fully functional.  There were seasons without any vehicle (managing car-pooling with my own clients and for the children).   Luckily musicians tend to be supportive, networked, and very appreciative of each other. Our children were jerked in and out of school situations as each time I’d make a pro-active adjustment, in compliance with the existing court order and for benefit of my daughters, their father would refuse to give feedback (but wouldn’t hesitate to give orders), or sometimes just go behind my back, show up, and undo what had just been done — while our daughters were living with me full-time except weekend.   Jean and/or Jim would also express their anger one way or another.  Accusations were flying left and right.  My sister NEVER relented from her position that she was somehow an expert on “what children need,” which was, frankly, insulting. So I was left in the very strange position of helping OPK (“Other People’s Kids”) get a leg-up on their college applications through providing excellent music services (arts involvement being a definite plus), while my own children’s arts AND music AND language participation was being (a) jerked around and (b) especially for the younger daughter (with obvious and early music AND language talent) simply eliminated, and (c) their academics (core subjects) also slowed down to traditional public school level. During this time, for those paying attention and not self-obsessed with their own importance and position, California Public Schools were known for cutting arts budgets, and other “peripheral” budgets.   This is what schools often do, making a living for professionals like me who tended to help supplement them, or put them back in. Artsed411 (casual lookup, I know actually more from personal involvement in the local schools, and as a parent dealing with other parents.  However, I couldn’t provide the quality of arts/music/language involvement — in our two-parent household with weekly UNsupervised exchanges with Mr. Englund, particularly when some weekends involved music gigs:

California Alliance for Arts Education State of Arts Education in California Public Schools

According to the California Department of Education, there are 8,305 full-time credentialed teachers of the arts, teaching 1,462,297 students in discipline-specific arts classes, representing only 23% of the State’s 6.3 million students.

Professional Development in Arts Education The 35-year gap in elementary teacher preparation in the arts (1970-2004) created an entire generation of classroom teachers with little or no arts experience in their own K-16 education and preservice training.

All this was just about control — it was never legitimately about the issues on the table.  I attempted to handle this by reminding my relatives of, first, their lack of “jurisdiction” not just their (more than obvious) lack of experience to match their theories, on the subject of how to raise children and get them to college, or for that matter of how to balance a budget, such as income-to-expense. I had had to juggle variable household budget, unpredictable income and a whole LOT more variables in the 1990s which they’d just witnessed, than probably either Jim or Jean had faced in the past decade, themselves.   And it was CONSTANT (no break). Now that a few different people were involved (eventually, another girlfriend Mr. Englund picked up at a church group, or vice versa, became involved ca. Fall 2004, which was helpful as she had a vehicle. Apparently Jean my sister also became friends with this woman, too. Whatever it took, I guess, to get at my daughters?


What Jean and Jim Knew When Demanding I Submit as a 49-year-old Double-Degreed Single Mother and Working Professional Musician, to Their Personal Life Coaching  …

…while under Protection from a Domestic Violence Restraining Order and Fully Re-engaged in Piano/Vocal/Choral music as a single mother with two pressing goals:

1. Retain new-found financial independence (see “No Violent Spouse in Home”) and

2. Help Daughters get to College on Scholarships — a very clear and specific tasks, very achievable, and we were at the time well on the way to accomplishing this.

Rapid Progress towards these goals (goals any good parent might have) was in itself tremendously healing from the prior violence, and produced hope and energy within me.  I  knew that one’s life was off the lethality and chronic abuse track and back on a good one.  THE primary factors which had jumpstarted this process were:

A.  That DV Restraining order and its safety zone.

B.  Reasonable control of my own infrastructure — for the first time in a DECADE, and with the ability to actually retain and spend income I did earn, and make significant choices, including where I lived, where I worked, and what I did, according to needs.  I was able to maximize time and talent for the above two goals.

What I didn’t know, yet, was my family’s character, or of course anything about the family court system.

The safety zone had already (by Fall 2002, specifically), and undoing the first round of coaching (specifically) which had been given behind my back, without my informed consent, and based on falsehoods apparently pressed upon an elderly widow, our mother at the time.

While I moved out of my sister’s home town (Oakland) and to a place where I already had been working (in music), and done this independently, it seems they (egged on by Jim) managed to persuade her to tie HOUSING to SCHOOLING, and to thus demand control of my daughters’ SCHOOLING.

Unaware of Jim’s personal hostility towards school choice and newly presumed expertise in all things “children,” I accepted this initially, the other choice having been to rely utterly on welfare, which common sense says, wouldn’t be very likely to result in my working to capacity — or in music. I was still a mother, still an informed one, and still intended to allow our daughters a fair shot at college based on their long-suits and, of course given Dad’s NOT being very supportive of that goal (meaning, college, at all), scholarships. …What We ALL Knew, at this time, of the Family Background.

Pfann, Bell Labs, Computers and Whatnot. Creative interdisciplinary problem-solvers aware of their time and place in history help make history: Here’s a brief summary (SemiWiki, Oct. 2012) of the influence of “Bell Labs, the Idea Factory” on the 20th century, and how we got Silicon Valley, the Semiconductor Industry, the Information Age and in general computers.  The men mentioned are who our father (Bill Pfann) worked with, under or around.

by Paul McLellan   Published on 10-25-2012 01:00 PM
The transistor was invented at Bell Labs in New Jersey in 1947 by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley. The transistor is at the heart of almost all electronics and so it is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Shockley fell out of favor with Bell Labs and returned to Palo Alto where he had been brought up. He opened the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory of Beckman Instruments and tried to lure ex-colleagues from Bell Labs to join him. When he was unsuccessful, he searched universities for the brightest young graduates to build the new company. This was truly the genesis of Silicon Valley and some of its culture that still exists today. Shockley is credited with bringing the silicon to Silicon Valley. Shockley’s management style was abrasive and caused dissension in the ranks but the final straw was when Shockley decided to discontinue research into silicon-based transistors.
Eight people, known as the traitorous eight, resigned and with seed money from Fairchild Camera and Instrument they created Fairchild Semiconductor Company. Almost all semiconductor companies, especially Intel, AMD and National Semiconductor (now part of Texas Instruments), have their roots in Fairchild in one way or another. It was where silicon based integrated circuits began, which as it turns out, is the prevailing technology still in use today. …
So those two inventions, the transistor and the integrated circuit, really are the key to electronics today and the ways in which semiconductors affects our lives.

So?  …. our father’s idea for purifying germanium was translated into purifying silicon.
His contributions, as a full-time (and lifelong) employee of  Bell Labs, the “Idea Factory” included Zone Refining 1951 which gets a chapter in “Computer History Timeline”

William Pfann [left] and Jack Scaff with early zone-refining equipment => => => => [ca. 1950s?]
© 2006-2007 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved
Also search “Scaff, Pfann” here in “History of Semiconductor Engineering”  Or “Pfann” (it occurs 10 times) in “Oral History Transcript – Dr. Jack Scaff,” from the Center for History of Physics at “American Institute of Physics.”
There’s a warning about quotations, or I’d show more, how Scaff recognized he was “bright,”got my father assigned to certain projects, and that they were in weekly meetings with Shockley on certain projects involving the transistor.  That was before his invention of zone refining:

Scaff:  They were all produced by Bill Pfann, using this technology. And most of the transistors that went into the first press show, where they demonstrated the vacuum tubeless radio, amplifiers and all kinds of gadgets, practically all of those were made by Bill]]

In the Oral Histories, this Hoddeson, interviewed Jack Scaff at the recommendation of Dr. Stanley O. Morgan (Oral History Transcript, hover cursor, or click and search for “Pfann.”) who further describes the work group in 1948? and further recognizes my father’s contributions, how he was learning to purify silicon. Oral History interviewer Lillian Hoddeson and Michael Riordan by 1997  had published “Crystal Fire:  Birth of the Information Age.”* See page 198 (*that’s a link) for a description of our father’s 1951 contributions, i.e., how Bell Labs had kept it under wraps for 2 years at the military’s request, the processed produced an unprecedented purity of over 99.99999999 percent [“a pinch of salt in 35 freight cars of sugar”] for germanium, and “hardly a typical researcher, Pfann already had a variety of important contributions to semiconductor technology under his belt,” having earned his night degree in chemical engineering from (Cooper Union) while working.  Or, how his technique improved the process by over 1,000 percent.

Also see (interesting reading, and part of American and information age history).
This very short review shows how Bell Labs (created in 1925, a joint operation of AT&T and Western Electric, and in Manhattan?) after World War II, mixed physicists with experimentalists, who also needed the materials provided by the metallurgists and chemists — and how Bell Labs leadership at the time brought them together.   In the 1930s, they were talking about solid state physics; after moving to new facilities in NJ, it was how to replace the vacuum tube.    Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen (1947), TRANSISTORS using SEMICONDUCTORS.    All three got the 1956 Nobel Prize for Physics.   The transistor “started a digital revolution in computing and information technology.”
The theories (and men who had them) linked with the advances made by the metallurgical and chemical staff’s  “revolution in new materials.”  “Without the materials, Shockley would have spent his career trapped in a prison of elegant theory.”
(Just found this one; there were a lot of bronze or other medal trophies at home, as a kid I didn’t know what they represented. I guess some families, their parents, or children, do sports trophies. In ours, our father accumulated medals, occasionally a sculpture, for creative invention awards for his work at Bell Labs.  As he died in 1982, before the Internet too off, I keep finding things about this on-line. For example:):  Industrial Research Institute, IRI Achievement Award:

The IRI Achievement Award, established by the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) in 1973, is awarded “to honor outstanding accomplishment in individual creativity and innovation that contributes broadly to the development of industry and to the benefit of society.”[1] The recipient is first nominated by an IRI member organization for his or her invention, innovation, or process improvement, and then voted on by a nine-member Awards Committee, led by the immediate past-chairman of IRI’s Board of Directors.[2] The IRI Achievement Award is a bronze sculpture exemplifying the flight of innovation. . . presented each spring during IRI’s Annual Meeting and is one of the highest honors awarded by the organization. (Some Recipients, starting with the first):

  • 1976, LeGrand Van Uitert (Bell Labs)[3]
    • Electronic Materials

. . .

Yep, the Pfann family line is a footprint in a long line of dummies. Offspring that believe they have intelligence, or that show initiative or creative-problemsolving even for the most basic of human activities (like leaving a bad/violent marriage, and afterwards, planning a work life, or like raising children single (not without a father around — but single) — ought to be trained out of thinking that they can actually think, apparently. This was what was tried on me. Of course I fought back, and that conflict was used to cause collateral damages which, I learned as of about 2010, AFTER our mother died, apparently were to justify that I still needed a life coach and fiscal management by the same individual who’d helped destroy my primary sources of income (not to mention hope, social connection and life enjoyment among the non-sociopaths)…

Where would the technology be without the materials to make it?   Wanna try another one?  Here’s from ACS (American Chemical Society), this time our father got the first in the entire series of awards, in 1968:

  American Chemical Society, Chemistry for Life ® ACS Award for Creative Invention Sponsor: ACS Corporation Associates Purpose: To recognize a single inventor for the successful application of research in chemistry and/or chemical engineering that contributes to the material prosperity and happiness of people. Eligibility: The award will be granted regardless of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, presence of disabilities, and educational background. An inventor/nominee must be a resident of the United States or Canada. A patent must have been granted for the work to be recognized, with the nominee listed as an inventor, and it will have been developed during the 17 years ending January 1, 2012 [or for current year, it would seem]. Awards Office American Chemical Society 1155 16th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036-4801 Phone: 202-872-4575 Fax: 202-776-8008 . . . .RECIPIENTS . . .

1973 Carl Djerassi
1972 H. Tracy Hall
1971 S. Donald Stookey
1970 Gordon K. Teal
1969 J. Paul Hogan
1968 William G. Pfann

Recipients (listed in reverse order, this is the bottom of the list)  Links and comments, mine, simply because I find it interesting, and gives a context.  They surveyed patents within the last 17 years (generation) and in 1968, came up with W.G. Pfann for the first award, presumably zone refining in 1951. Actually, it’s SO interesting I’m moving the details part to a separate page or post.  Makes you think.

All this is common knowledge to most people involved in those industries, and should be (I assume is) to my generation of the Pfann daughters, and while I can’t speak for my ex (he wasn’t much of a reader), I’m sure Jean’s husband.

What’s this got to do with Fine Artist, Lousy Fiduciary?

Well, you tell me — why does someone with her own successful and satisfying personal marital or professional life (?) at about age 55, [actually this case may require litigation and I’m not giving a free preview here].   In short, why would someone go about attempting to and just about destroying her own sister in such a situation?

Just looking at it logically– is her concern for my welfare at all credible, and was it ever?  I have my answer, but for on-lookers, what does the evidence say?

The trust fund Jean Pfann now controls, with my name on it, appears to have been written and signed a few years after- -not before — this attack began.  In all this context, I think it’s a natural enough question: was there undue influence on our mother at that time, and was the end goal of “finishing the job” of destroying my livelihood and, eventually inheriting not one-third, but basically (minus the less-than-survival funds she’s presently distributing to me) two-thirds of the family inheritance. I deal with PTSD on having to deal with Jean, to be in survival mode this many years later, and to talk about this.   This post may show some of it, i.e., out of sequence paragraphs.  If I can improve it later, I will.  It’s here now for an additional point of reference. I have a VERY good reason for seeking to detach from the relationship — and see NO good honorable reason for my sister to retain her privileges.   The entire family dynamic I could summarize as “started out clueless, proceeded to toxic/antagonistic, hasn’t changed since.” Just as I could, up to a certain point only, continue to function musically (not as well as I could’ve WITHOUT abuse, but I could function), so can another adult simultaneously be a fine artist, and a lousy fiduciary, if not abuser.  Obviously people can be more than one thing at a time. I have not sought to destroy Jean’s art, place her life at risk, interrupt her social connections, or stalked her.  I have not sought to hold her housing hostage to my personal worldviews. She has done this to me through others, and now through taking over my business relationships (housing!) over my clear objections.  Having done that, she cannot hear my cries to get off, get out, and step down. There comes a point where these cries have to be heard, and cannot be silenced, or shut up. I’d hoped to be free to tell the truth when both daughters turned 18 (the second, in June 2011).  With my sister as fiduciary and at different points both, or just one, of my children living in her household — THEIR safety, not just mine, remained a live issue. But this is now 2014 — and the situations are not improved. It’s TIME to publicize the truth while I’m still alive and in order to keep me alive.   Lies + “I just don’t want to talk about it” may spare some, but it can kill others. Truth hurts, but then it heals.  All should live, all should thrive — but for this, SOME have to separate from each other.  I want and deserve closure on many matters.   Jean has been withholding that, and from my own inheritance such that I have to beg, and has been refusing to answer my communications properly, or timely.   My music work was essential to providing financially for my own household as a single mother under a protection order (1999-2002).  It was something I loved, was good at, and was being hired by people in several communities at that time, to do.  Also, it was very healing and while Jean is not herself a parent, if she had much experience with people who are, most of them know that the arts and music involvement are wonderful enhancements to children’s lives — and to their future college applications. Jean and I had both attended the same college (Oberlin College, Ohio) at different times.  I was in their conservatory, which is consistently among the top ten in the country, and had played piano since I was 4 years old, sung since I was 14, and between 1999-2002 (while restraining order was on) was clearly witnessed by my sister heading straight back into music post-violence, and prospering in it.  They saw concerts I and their nieces (my daughters) were involved in. I could not practice music safely while in a violent marital relationship, which was also reasonably known.  ONLY that safety, and a household move, enabled my return to it. The restraining order plus household move placed some important legal boundaries on the father of my two daughters on his weekly visitations. Instead of supporting this out of common sense, or as my sister, or because assaulting pregnant women and domestic violence is actually bad  (let alone illegal), Jean and Jim backed my ex-batterer and husband, the father of their nieces, in a truly frivolous family lawsuit, opposed me in attempting to retain or regain protection, and forcing our elderly and frail mother, the widow of William G. Pfann, a fairly prominent research metallurgist from Bell Labs, into the middle of an UNNECESSARY tribal family warfare, waged over who raised my daughters.  My mother ended her life witnessing this literal family tribal war.


DV in the 1990s //

Sister and Spouse were codependent enablers, like others.

This happened right in their own  Oakland, SF Bay Area, back yard.    I am not a native Californian (we were raised in New Jersey) and only came here in Summer 1988, married and changed my last name to “Englund” April 1990, then had two daughters in 1991 and 1993.  The domestic violence and coercive, controlling and economic shut-down activities beginning almost immediately.  But as I recall it took about 2 years before the physical assaults and battering, started up.  They began summer 1992.  A major and shocking assault on me pregnant, with our toddler daughter, barely one year old, witnessing and hearing this, happened minutes after a holiday visit from Jean and Jim began in 12/27/1992.  I called my sister as soon as it was over, and I could.   That Incident: I had been prevented from running out the front door, hauled/wrestled to the floor after my husband raced to dump our daughter into the crib so he had both hands free to assault me with, and he pinned my wrists, was straddling me and slapping me in the face repeatedly.  I was in shock; the escalation was so sudden, and I couldn’t reconcile “husband” with that behavior.  Because she was my sister, and my only nearby relative (mother — not in the state; sister — southern California; father — deceased).    Jean expressed indignation (verbal support to it being wrong), but did not follow up. Next Major Incident, almost identical, this time I reported to more people, including my ob/gyn and a pastor.  I was going in for a major mid-trimester surgery, again in shock over this treatment.  Thankfully it went well and our second daughter was born full-term and healthy, and even a wonderful delivery.  But this is the household she was born into.    How long should it take before people learn what their legal rights are, and are helped to actually leave such relationships?  It took me seven years of surviving this type of behavior, and other forms of abuse, AND reporting AND asking for help,  to connect with people who knew my legal rights and helped get them enforced. In the final analysis, my having FOUGHT to stay involved, at least to keep our daughters involved in music played a turning point, a KEY deciding role in getting me out.  I had my first two weeks away from in-home spousal abuse, or personal threats, when our children were taken to their first over-night camp, Piedmont Choirs summer music camp. I was not working full-time since May 1998, I had no credit and we never shared a joint banking account.  I was only able to get there off by, with Piedmont Choir’s help and support, working for free, negotiating free board for our younger daughter (then only just six years old camp began at seven years) and a bit of sponsorship. In 1999, for two weeks (not counting a brief surly visit by my husband midpoint) no one was abusing or threatening to, I was working music WITHOUT immediate retaliation or sabotage, and was being treated respectfully among colleagues.  It was also an eyeopener, to also see his reaction when we returned.  Within three or four months, the restraining order with kickout was filed.  Ongoing abuse without intervention wears down anyone — I don’t care how strong anyone believes they are.  It takes a toll! Truth:  My getting out (finding referral, finding support, legal filing, and the critical turning point decision) had NOTHING to do with my sister or her brother in law.  It had a lot to do with music, and with connections I made personally and intentionally over the years, through keeping our children involved in such things, and because the alternative was simply isolation.   My husband had been suicidal, and had been collecting guns and knives, which Jean knew. I fled to their home. They saw police involvement. 

We (daughters and I) are indeed lucky to have gotten out alive.  The father also should be glad we separated — clearly it’s a bad relationship and he was talking suicidal towards the end.

While both girls and  I were under protection of a domestic violence restraining order from my then-husband, Eric Alan Englund, his father Richard Neil Englund, committed suicide by bullet (April 19, 2001) in Minnesota. I feel that normal, or truly neutral on-lookers might have connected the dots between a son assaulting pregnant wife, a son threatening to kill himself, recently, and accumulating weapons in the household (which Jean knew) and the son’s father actually doing it.  It certainly drove home at least to me (not to, obviously my two sisters) that the risk had been real. [That’s not the death certificate, but I do have it, and there’s no debate over whether or not it was suicide by bullet.  He was on medication for paranoid schizophrenia at the time, I’m told, and was a veteran.   His 1955 University of Minnesota college commencement program shows he was the only Bachelor of Industrial Engineering. He worked for IBM and was a veteran.] Jean Pfann and Jim Morgan appeared utterly clueless as to referrals, resources, or even the two words “domestic violence,” even though we also have another sister who is a California attorney with whom they historically have been more close.   Jean saw him sabotaging my work life on a routine basis and sometimes stepped in, for example, when I needed to get to a night job and father had decided not to show up and watch his daughters.  Or other situations. Thankfully, others were not. Eventually I connected with a nonprofit domestic violence support group who in Fall 1999 helped me file a restraining order with kickout, made permanent three years and expiring in fall 2002.

Fine Art, Music, and Exiting DV

I obtained a domestic violence restraining order with kickout in Fall 1999. In spring/summer 2001, our landlord decided to sell, forcing a move. Already having music connections and work in a neighboring county, perhaps at most 15 miles away, my daughters (Jean’s nieces) and I moved to a fresh neighborhood for a fresh start, and without curtailing their father, Mr. Eric Alan Englund’s** weekly and alternating holiday contact with his own daughter. It did, however, force him to find somewhere else to stow his tools, as the local mediator hadn’t even forced him all the way off our property during that kickout — just out of the home itself.

The question comes up:

My sister has been in California since about 1969 (myself since 1988 summer).  At some point after years working as a computer programmer? at Longs Drugstores, she either was laid off or quit and has not, to my awareness, been working full-time since. However, after the first round of sabotage and antagonism (when it became clear she and spouse were going to back the man who’d almost — and had threatened to — kill me in family court, to be honest, I had my hands full and was “out of the loop” with Jean’s personal and work life.     But it does note that the years of Jean’s art shows parallels the years and process of destroying her sister in a personally targeted, vicious, and unnecessary manner, and starting at just about the same time. I have many unanswered questions about WHY Jean, with her husband possibly [indications are] inciting brought so much harm and loss to my family line for years, and in many ways also undermined also the legal system in place to protect women in my situation – in between creating artwork and setting up her personal shows.  Is there a connection between the intense need to destroy me as a musician, mother, and person who had ALREADY left domestic violence and was prospering, peaceably, in a nearby community — and Jean’s trail of art shows from 1999ff?   Isn’t art fulfilling enough? Isn’t one’s own inheritance enough to live on? I also have friends in the visual arts and realize it’s harder (in many ways) for a visual artist to support him- or herself IN this field after not having done so before, than a lifelong musician who HAD done so, to re-engage in it. There are differences between the two fields. One is that music services revolve around repeated events – concerts, rehearsals, weddings, marriages, coaching, lessons – with income for each event. I don’t believe that art hung in galleries draws an hourly income, does it? The income I believe comes when it’s sold.

**”Englund” it turns out is a common name. To protect the innocent men of similar name, there is more than one Eric Englund around. The economist/author one from Lew Rockwell isn’t my husband, and if he’s a husband, I hope he is or was a good one. [“The New York Times Company’s Self-Inflicted Insolvency” etc.] Or this Eric Alan Englund one who was working at Wells Fargo Bank 1989-1997 (while I was working at staying alive, married), now is in London, and appears to actually have a consistent work life. No, it’s this man from Minnesota (See LinkedIn. I should mention that we’ve been separated for 14 years, he (not I) filed for divorce in 2002, and I don’t recall him looking like that. Certainly not when we married….


  1. […] up to a certain point, it was yes.  However, look at “Fine Artist, Lousy Fiduciary!” (and the “step down now!”) post.   I HAD work — repeatedly, plenty lots […]

  2. […] see Fine Art, Lousy Fiduciary posted 4/13/2014 — and you might call that a “Dry run” toward the simpler […]

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Let it go — and Let me go!

Want the Short Version, or to Sign? It’s Here.

Jean and her attorney have leaked to a third party (NOT me, as they should've) intention to resign, probably because of this*:

Link to Care2.com Petition (with signatures)
Care2.com has over 25 million viewers, mostly progressive site, and encourages SHORT petitions. Mine is, with signatures from many different states.

= a concise, truthful statement of the problem.

Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds are Not her Private Playground was set up April 20, 2014, and apparently that, or this (probably that) has persuaded Jean to plan to resign, and will remain up at least em>until I see it with my own eyes, and am in a far safer condition and situation. For shorter attention spans, go there!

And, the updates page blog linking to it @ JeanPfannUpClose.

*While attorney would not tell me directly, a 3rd party calling on my behalf (unannounced) obtained it at least in email, which was cc'd me. Conditions for resigning are as unacceptable as conditions under which she has "administered" the trust. I am continuing to negotiate for change before then, and signatures are still being accepted above, and will help. This is a choice anyone faces who stands up to abuse -- report, and be prepared for retaliation. Don't report, and sit still while abuse increases incrementally beyond intolerable -- or suddenly, if someone gets "out of line." Been there, done that, not again. (Sign the petition!) I also want to notice, with some exceptions, how few "good Christian people" very aware of the situation, including the abuse, decline to stain their hands with public involvement (that's not including the not-so-good Christians involved in sponsoring or covering the domestic violence and other issues right along). Finding the strait and narrow here has been interesting, but with practice, it's easy to tell where it's not.
[box added only June 10, 2014]

Seventh Day of my Public Petition (Descr. Below)April 19th, 2014

Milestone: One Week since Petition went Public

See "Jean Pfann Step Down Now!" post (April 8), which explains that: My oldest sister controls my inheritance and funds I need to survive, and my housing, and since October 2012 has forced me onto Food Stamps.

On April 1, 2014 after another devastating month of dealings with my sister, I submitted (emailed her) a formal two-page letter, again demanding stepdown, and distribution. (see post) She didn't acknowledge letter. On April 8th, I published this post (at considerable effort), for a landing page of a public campaign IF I got no answer. Friends have the link, but I didn't publicize it much.

Today April 13th (almost two weeks!) she still has not acknowledged my letter, distributed one cent this month, or shown any indication of changing policy, I'm submitting a petition to Care2.com, a progressive public site with over 23 million members. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]]. So the milestone just gives one week for me to find out who is more apathetic in this matter -- my sister, or the public (hopefully not the public).

Since June 2012, I've been consistently asking Jean Pfann to RESIGN as TRUSTEE, and DISTRIBUTE from my trust so I do not have to beg and can safely leave California's FOOD STAMPS program, which is for people who do NOT have an inheritance with their personal name on it. (I wonder how many others nationwide, and in California, are forced onto Food Stamps just as I was, or even homeless, needlessly. I know some -- but I wonder just how many).

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I'm no an attorney (she's hired one from the trust fund), but California Probate Code seems clear that my petition as sole beneficiary enables her to legally resign as trustee . I am not asking for anything in conflict with probate law -- or this trust. The code also implies that when she resigns, the trust [a legal document regulating whatever's under the trust's control] could be terminated as its principal is distributed to me.

NO ONE has ever given me a reason for her control of my inheritance (I'm not incompetent, a substance abuser, have no criminal record, and am not physically disabled), this would seem sensible.

Clear conflict of interest and intent towards me:
"Fine art, Lousy Fiduciary!"
ALSO, the trust seems to have been drawn up about 3 years after my sister Jean Pfann and her husband Jim Morgan aggressively opposed me in court actions to (1) retain a restraining order for safety reasons, (2) retain custody of my two young daughters their nieces after I left a violent relationship (marriage), having had reasonable knowledge of just how violent it had been.

While I don't understand WHY my inheritance should be under someone else's control I am speaking the truth: leaving it under Jean's is dangerous to me, has compromised two young women my daughters, and burdensome to the public. I am not challenging the trust itself, but the administration and the administrator of it, who has a clear and on-the-record conflict of interest.

Calif Probate Code 15640, 41, 42. 15641 says liability doesn't end with resignation, and 1542 lists six conditions for the court to remove a fiduciary who doesn't voluntarily resign. From what I can tell, Jean meets four of them. Of the only two reasons to remove a trustee that don't apply here, one relates to co-trustees (none here) but speaks volumes to my situation:

"(3) Where hostility or lack of cooperation among cotrustees impairs the administration of the trust."

There's just one trustee and just one beneficiary -- and there's hostility. It is in the public's AND my best interest that I be released from this hostile and dangerous relationship with the hostile trustee. The trustee for almost two years now has refused to acknowledge she's even been asked! MEANWHILE, (and shortly -- just months -- after she was asked) One of my two daughters A.L. Englund almost died, did (from what I can tell) become homeless and fled the area to get away from the influence of this trustee's household -- a fact which was concealed from me by the same. That's why I started this blog in Febr. 2013 (and why several of its posts are "protected"). From what I can tell (and completely consistent with the historic context) Jean and Jim's demands upon my daughter, then an adult (only 19) involving a third nonrelative, were resisted, her "rent" was raised, and my daughter, realizing she was an adult (as I years earlier realized and made it clear, Jean had no jurisdiction, or business, in directing my life, either), apparently made a clear "No!" and chose hardship rather than abusive control of her own future. . . My other daughter M.K.Englund, alienated, lives with the trustee, her aunt.

The father, Eric Alan Englund (from MN), a "loose cannon" in part through my sister and brother in law's prior relationship with him (and interference in my divorce, custody, child support, and restraining order legal matters!) continues to haunt my life through stalking behaviors (more than one media and occasionally at my home!), which Jean knows -- but apparently doesn't care about. Jean was given and saw clear written evidence on 10/25/2013 in a rare face-to-face interaction with me. I was asking for funds for a safe house!

How am I, A.L. and M.K.'s mother (future beneficiaries if I die) supposed to negotiate for timely and sufficient distributions, or to relocate or anything else, with a trustee sister who refuses to acknowledge there is a mother-daughter relationship, period, was instrumental in destroying it, and in the process, my sustainable work life? And who then attempts to engage in conversations with me (around the trust) as though none of the above happened, or were relevant?

So, I set a milestone. Time will tell how the public, and my sister, responds to this petition going to Care2.com and whether it has to be taken to court. Meanwhile, my urgent concern is surviving that time span without further major losses and if possible, trauma or vicarious trauma to onlookers, remaining friends and associates.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking up for me (I realize many people who may be going through similar things may not want to compromise their own cases, and are often likewise destitute) can help (even very small amounts), please do so, now.. [Wed 4/16/2014- situation unchanged. No distribution, no response. I am forced to beg, which you bet this is!].

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Official PayPal Seal

I promise if freed, I will not forget others in similar situation or worse (see bottom of "Step Down Now!" post for work samples; for five years now I have been investigating and reporting, regardless of my personal situation.

In fact, this forced-dependency, survival condition is already hindering my ability to unleash my full energies on protecting others from what I went through. I am not asking for a free ride. I am asking for access to what is legally mine, and be freed from ongoing PTSD which comes from being unable to get certain dangerous, unethical people out of my life, year after year. What happened here is outrageous! It is also a sign of these times.

Please help Save my Life and Save tax Dollars. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]] and please speak up in this situation.

Taxpayers' lives (particularly those with less, not more, of a buffer) are going to be disrupted, or drained one way or another, as some of the policies setting up situations like mine -- are in fact public policy. White-collar crime is still crime, and I have been tracking and reporting the funding for five years now. I didn't sign up for "advocate and systems change agent," it has been a matter of survival from the first.

"For Justice and for Life!," Anna Victoria Englund (that's me).
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