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Jean Pfann, Step Down Now! Let Your Sister Go!

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Please help save my life — and Save Tax Dollars.   Tell Jean that California’s Welfare System is NOT Her Private Playground! 



Let it go — and let me go!

New Year BlueJay Flying

I feel my life is at risk and directly threatened by my sister, who is hoarding my inheritance and has forced me to instead beg for basic physical nonfoods and to resort to public assistance for food.  Since October, 2012.  This pattern is longstanding and beyond redemption.

I have run out of time for asking resolution.

You can make a Statement to my Sister  — “There is No Excuse for Abuse (at any age, for any reason)”

— or don’t.  Pass it by and “pass the buck.” 

You have that option.  I truly don’t.  But realize there is always a public cost to accommodating private abuse.   

Family Abuse is TaxPayerAbuse!  

Sibling rivalry is one thing, but this is off the charts – we’re all three adult women in our sixties!

I am Victoria Englund (born Anna Victoria Pfann), the sole heir (beneficiary) of a trust fund worth $802,355.34 on January 1, 2014 — but it’s in the control of my older sister.

 My name is on the trust fund after the words “for the benefit of” (“FBO”).

So what’s with forcing me to beg for basic nonfoods and onto public assistance for food?  

Jean became my fiduciary (assumed the control of my inheritance) in 2010.

Within just two years of my sister’s “help,” I’m back on food stamps and seeing work I just got, driven away, . . . all sense of safety is gone.  I am a domestic violence survivor, and in this situation, safety and knowing I have it is not optional.

This has happened before.  Here’s how, this time:

Jean Pfann became trustee of my inheritance (and received her own direct) despite obvious and chronic conflicts of interest, in summer 2010, when our mother died.  She and my other sister Susan Pfann appear to have had five or six years’ advance notice of this — I had none, and at the time was destitute (guess why) and in shock at the news.
By summer 2012 over my strong objections and probably illegally, Jean took control of my rental housing, paying it directly and distributing nothing to me for living expenses.  To do this only took a few short months of  hell, meaning, I had to negotiate with my sister after she had identified an area of current need.  

Jean obtained control of my housing in a mean-spirited and ugly manner.  After approximately three months of near-evictions (May, June, July) and causing major trauma on my part, and involving a known supportive friend.  My landlord of many years had to make a choice — file for eviction, or participate in Jean’s fiduciary abuse/extortion through on control of my housing.  He chose the latter, and so the one stable relationship I had (and stable housing) was taken over and turned against me,  needlessly ensuring that each month  my inheritance is drained by the full rent — and that’s been going on now almost two years.

If Jean didn’t pay the rent, and I got an eviction notice, I would obviously, go to court, possibly with some pro bono legal help. Apparently my sister doesn’t want her name as my trustee on an eviction notice proceeding.  (It’s already on my application for food stamps, but apparently that doesn’t bother her much).

My other sister Susan Pfann is a Southern California Super-Attorney, a career public servant (City of Los Angeles) now I believe on a public pension (retirement), currently inactive.  She also was involved in administering the main trust and our mother’s estate.  While she is not my trustee (but executor of the estate) an eviction proceeding still might not look too good for her either.

Whatever the motives,  continuing to control ME for years to come, between the threat of homelessness and control of my housing (not to mention hunger and dependency on such people) seems to fit the bill.  What I actually need, and have since 2010, is abuse and extortion-free access to my own inheritance so as  to put a wide distance between me and my sisters, and re-engage in something approaching a normal, functional WORK and SOCIAL life.

In case you are wondering, no, there is no excuse from within the trust!  Jean is NOT (thank God) my court-appointed guardian !   

Some trusts, for example if they are for young children, or disabled dependent children or adults, are for specific purposes:  College education.  Disability.  Medical (etc.).  This one is not.  It is broadly worded, general,  so it requires a competent and ethical person with some basic good judgment.  Trustees shouldn’t steal, or lie or have conflicts of interest.  They should be able to refrain from actively harming the person the trust is for.

They have a fiduciary duty to act solely in the best interest of the person named on the trust.   “A fiduciary duty is the strictest duty of care recognized by the US legal system.”   They have to care.

When Jean chose (she had a choice) to become trustee, she assumed a legal duty to care about me.  

So why is she forcing me, the only beneficiary, to beg for nonfoods and onto public assistance for food?  

How does that benefit — the public, or me, or society – – or the trust?

I turn 61 this week.  

Why should it happen like this?. . . Do I deserve to beg?

Does the public deserve to fill the very wide gap between what Jean wants and what fiduciaries ought to do?

Today, and since about August 2012, on a typical day: I have only $0.21 in my bank, no cash, and no response from my last Demand Letter to Jean Pfann to Distribute even 3% of my own trust (let alone even 0.1% monthly (that’s one one-thousandth!), get me off food stamps, get off my trust fund, get out of my face and get out of my life.

Here’s my last letter, asking for basically just that. It’s two pages, quite clear:

2014 APRIL 1, [PUBLIC] VEnglund to JLPfann. Distributn & Timeline”  I have removed address, and certain identifying information — but left dates, and other details.

It begins:

Dear Jean:

As trustee of my inheritance, you have stranded me chronically to this date; I am without funds sufficient for food or even minimal basic nonfoods.

Your practices are dangerous. They put and keep my life and property at risk, needlessly. I have repeatedly asked you to stop.

Sometimes, these requests were met with real or threatened retaliation.I question your competence. Your handling of my trust isn’t just negligent or incompetent, it is criminal.

As trustee, you have habitually interfered with my basic human right and efforts to seek and retain work to pay my own bills.

It ends:

I reiterate my demand of August 2012 that you step down from my trust….

I am well qualified to handle my own affairs. You are not qualified to handle my inheritance.

Please act promptly on on all these matters. Deadline as I have said is noon this coming Friday [4/4/14 just past].

Get completely out of my life and my business, so I may go about my life and business safely, without further interference, harassment, chronic endangerment, and damages.


Victoria Englund

Today (April 7th) in typical fashion — she has not even acknowledged this formal letter I sent one week ago. Nor did she distribute one cent to me this month, let alone one PERcent.   [4/11/2014 update — no acknowledgment, not one cent either].

Thank God there are at least food stamps and some stalwart friends who care more than this woman has. These people have no legal obligation to care.  They don’t have $800,000 inheritances of their own to pull  from, either.    FYI, most of them are from my former profession of music, or what I’ve been able to scrap together since then.  Most of them also saw me progressively driven out of it, and attempting to participate in concerts, rehearsals, coaching, or other normal music activities — while also handling police, police reports, lawsuits initiated by my ex-batterer, with Jean and her spouse as support team in and out of court.

It seems my sister doesn’t care about innocent bystanders or taxpayers any more than she cares about me.  

Apparently Jean Pfann likes things just as they are,  if I would only shut up, quit complaining, quit expecting her to do her job, and quit providing others proof that she isn’t.

My next to last communication from her, which I won’t embarrass her (yet) by publishing protests that I’ve actually asserted she wasn’t distributing, and threatened to punish me with further delay (withholding) until I acknowledge her previous generosity (??) – including three “big bills,” paid from my inheritance.  

No one knows exactly what she’s referring to (I’ve asked) as she didn’t mention date (other than what months — which doesn’t match my records), actual amounts, or which bills (who was paid for what).  

She did remember “big” and “paid” but the other troublesome details seem to have slipped her mind.   

I’m also not quite clear what “big” means to Jean, she doesn’t seem to think clearly about numbers, or time, in general.  

And right now, there’s no incentive to learn.  So long as she remains fiduciary, major screw-ups of time and money right now aren’t affecting her household and her associates or her profession.  They are affecting mine. They also aren’t affecting her daughters — because she has none.

What about my Daughters, on this Regime?

I also have two wonderful young adult daughters who, if Jean Pfann won’t Step Down Now! and I as a result come to (worse) harm, will then inherit this horrible trustee after me. And right now, this appears to be the plan.

Talk about Wasting Others’ Time and Talents:

I am also Oberlin Conservatory of Music, B.Mus.Ed 1977, a lifelong classical musician (piano/vocal/choral), the mother of two daughters, a survivor of religious-justified wife-battering (years of it til I got free), and apart from these circumstances, completely competent.  Oberlin Conservatory remains in the top ten music schools of the United States.  You see #1?  I was admitted to that one too — by audition.

I’m more than competent, and not just in music.

What I am not, however, right now and ongoing, is SAFE.  That’s where you come in.

(These two paragraphs repeated below):

How You Can Help

Please use the Internet right now to say “Thanks!” to our father Wm. G. Pfann (1917-1982) who literally helped invent it (Ch.14)*  by saying “No Thanks, Jean Pfann: Step Down Now!” to Daughter #1 who 40 years later (2012) chose to force and keep me, Daughter #3, on food stamps, begging for anything else.

Incidentally, Daughter #2, Southern California Super Attorney Susan Pfann doesn’t exactly have clean hands in this matter of my inheritance either.  From what I can see so far.


 *That’s not an exaggeration — WGPfann’s inventions did indeed facilitate the Internet, pioneered one of the first transistors, and a process for creating such extreme purity of germanium, adopted for silicon, and thanks to William Shockley’s ego and arrogance, several men who couldn’t work with him split off and formed “Fairchild Semiconductor.”

Biography Blurb (from that reference):

William G. Pfann, author of “How zone melting was invented”, was a member of the technical staff of AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ from 1935 until he retired in 1982. He was born in New York City and received a B.S. in chemical engineering from the Cooper Union School of Engineering in 1940. He conceived and developed the prototype of the first transistor to be manufactured. In 1951 he developed a process, known as zone melting, which produced semiconductors of extreme purity and made possible the large-scale manufacture of transistors and other integrated circuits. He held 65 patents on zone melting, semiconducting devices and crystal growth techniques. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the American Society for Metals and won the first Award for Creative Invention given by the American Chemical Society. Bill died in 1982 not long after this article was written.

For my daughters, who are probably going to find this page shortly, and to highlight how outrageous it is to attempt to make my financial decisions for me — throughout my 60s or for however long I can survive the treatment — I’ll post separately on just how true that statement is.

There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for trying to establish a parent/child relationship between Jean and myself, and exploit the situation to make my financial and life decisions for me.

Bill Pfann, Bell Labs, 65 Patents, National Academy of Science, and numerous other signs of “incompetence” which might possibly have transferred some “defective” DNA (or, was it IDEAS?) to his youngest daughter (who, because of this, ought not be allowed to make her own life decisions, spend her own inheritance, or plan separately from the other two…..)

Yep, having grown up thinking and female, I must be a danger. Intelligent and courageous single mothers  attempting to run their own lives are troublemakers. Quarantine the idea, break up the family. Take their kids, repeatedly sabotage work, and put them on a punitive, conditional allowance, try to make planning impossible

Maybe that wasn’t the reasoning — but this is literally what has been done.  Case history, and my sister’s involvement, separately (and coming soon if this situation doesn’t change soon.  I asked first — she was notified).

Jean Pfann already received her own inheritance directly, but controls mine.  She won’t step down, and has kept me on a food stamps-plus-begging “diet.”  My housing is dependent on her mood, which gets better when I don’t protest her abuse, and retaliatory when I do, which, FYI, I have been.  

In 2012 and on her watch, Jean forced me onto Food Stamps (Nov. 2012ff) apparently in retaliation for resisting forced eviction; took control of my housing — and refused to distribute anything at all for living expenses — for fifteen months!

During her insane siege and attempt to break my will, and take over my decision-making, she managed to sabotage new work I’d just obtained to pay the bills Jean refused help me with from my own money (like: phone, food, and gas), my car was vandalized (twice), I even had trouble extracting anything from my own inheritance (through Jean) to get to a safe house for only three days in a row.  One day, yes, but by day two it was back to arguing about her inconvenience, when my very legitimate concern was safety!

Within 12 months of this takeover, ALL three of my long-time cats died, the last one suddenly, mysteriously and right on my lap within 12 hours of again having told Jean to actually distribute to me, not just my landlord.  March 2nd, 2014, 5:00 a.m.  Jean STILL won’t even cough it up for cat cremation #3 (only $109),  and to this day refuses to tell me where our cremated MOTHER’s ashes are.   
That’s why in my latest letter (again, here) you’ll see a “#4”  about withholding Information.  The email it refers to is specific, firm, and is itself also a demand letter.

This behavior  is on top of  and completely consistent with her many  aggressions towards me 2002-2012, which have completely destroyed one profession, a significant one, prevented me from sustaining work in another, even when I periodically still manage to find some.  As an Oberlin College graduate herself, Jean reasonably knows the significance of graduating from that conservatory  and of engaging in sustainable work within it.  She refuses to acknowledge this represents my competence, ability, or anything significant, or her active role in making it go away.  

Many women already know this routine  (The ECONOMIC abuse *that traps people in Domestic Violence).  Same here, wastes court time. We have to fight for fiscal and physical survival, and to retain contact with children we just took out of some very dangerous situations.  


Economic abuse can manifest itself in many different ways, and abusers can victimize their partners even after they have left the abusive relationship. Some abusive behaviors include:

Interfering with the victim’s work performance through harassing activities, such as frequent phone calls or unannounced visits.11

Denying the victim access to money or the means of obtaining it, to the point that he/she is entirely dependent on the abuser for food, clothing and shelter.12

Refusing to allow the victim to work or attend school, or engaging in activities that make it impossible for the victim to do so.13

•Intentionally withholding necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, personal hygiene products, or medication.14

Stealing from the victim, defrauding their money or assets, and/or exploiting the victim’s financial resources or property for personal gain.15

Requiring justification for any money spent and punishing the victim with physical, sexual or emotional abuse.16

• Stealing or destroying the victim’s personal belongings.17

•Forbidding a victim from maintaining a personal bank account.18

•Threatening to out an LGBTQ victim in their workplace.19

•Refusing to pay the victim court-ordered child or spousal support.20

•Forcing their victim to obtain credit, then ruining the victim’s credit rating or future ability to obtain credit.

Thing is, after exiting the abusive relationship, others sometimes get involved.  That’s the “Round 2,” tru   e here also.  “Round 2” didn’t have a true timeout, simply a change in circumstances making it “Round 3” which compromised my safety yet further as my sister was given the privilege of continuing THE SAME ROUTINE when she gained control of my inheritance and became its gatekeeper.

I did that fight.  But enough already — this is “Round 3!”

Before this, I did Round 1 Assault-and-Battery, Guns and Knives, Married Style,  Jean and her spouse codependent enablers, I filed to get OUT (1992-2002), Round 2 “Abuse, what abuse?” Family Court Face-Off, Jean andspouse backed my ex-batterer in and out of court to take extract my daughters from my home (2002-2012), and now it’s Round 3, Beg for Food, Find the Fiduciary, Stop the Stalker, and Hunt for Help (2012 – ???). [That’s a very brief labeling, not a case chronology].

My “Round 3” actually began in July 2010, on realizing I would have to take on Jean and spouse (and the other sister) AGAIN, over survival issues.  

Tell this woman to let it go — and let me go! => => =>

New Year BlueJay Flying

Please Vote YES, NOW for my life, and NO for wasting Public Funds.  

Please tell my Sister Jean “It stops right now! — keep your art,* keep your yoga, talk to everyone about yourself as an artist, and enjoy your own inheritance,

but let Victoria go – and get your hands off hers!  Or, should we in the public interest go after yours for a change?”

Tell Jean that every month, every week and every day she continues forcing me to beg for basics, and to ask the State of California for food — you take it personally.

Sign and publicize my petition and show that you do NOT endorse Public Assistance to Accommodate Private Family Grudges.

And that if she continues trying to pull off this stunt, it has witnesses. It has an informed and irritated audience.


*Does it ever actually sell?  Because I know I was being hired for music, til forced out of it post child-stealing in 2008, and even very occasionally since.  I also have been hired to write (which seems a little safer for my clients), in the short and sporadic breaks between attempting to get answers, policy change, or distributions from my trust fund, and other survival-related activities.   

Jean is clearly more interested in her profession than in her fiduciary duties. Why not ask her to make a clean break?

Do her clients know about what’s she’s doing to her own family members?  

Because mine certainly were exposed to this, year after year.  

Where is she now — in a yoga pose, in a studio?  

Planning how to spend what’s left after all current (me) and future beneficiaries (my two daughters) of my trust fund (all the Englund females) have been either: disposed of/driven off, or kept close by in forced-debt policies they wouldn’t dare ask for help, particularly after what happened to the last Englund/s who stood up to her [and her husband, Jim Morgan]?

                 [photo from] Jean Pfann: Artist’s Statement = > = > = >….

picture of jean

Apparently so.** Jean was too busy to respond to my requests for change and help Dec 2013/2014.  

ArtSlant: the #1 contemporary art network

**Jerry Adams Gallery, Berkeley City College,

2014 Digital Artists Collective Member Show

January 27 – February 27, 2014: (see below)


On January 22, 2014, I asked Jean (again) to acknowledge an email from 12/19/2013 into which I’d put significant effort, reminding her of the ongoing, unresolved situations.  By the time I have to forward an email quoting an email referring to three previous emails stretching back to 2012, all saying pretty much the same thing — I’d say, there’s a serious problem here:

Wouldn’t it be better to answer a question, or request, the first time, than to try and keep track of communications trails like this?

On 1/22/2014 I forwarded her a 12/19/2013 email which referred to a 12/13/2013 email chronicling November events — the first month after her failed attempt to get me into a safe house for three days, and when she was apparently going to break the “siege” mentality and actually distribute something for me to live on.  I was attempting to get a reading on this, and reminded her of the patterns of events causing distress and harm.  Simultaneously I was visiting (lots of) local offices and agencies seeking intervention, and as most months, still in survival mode.

This is me talking to Jean, quoting one of the above emails:

For the last time, a record of recent events
It laid out some facts, again:

“Here, I have attached as pdf three examples, of detailed and plenty good enough writing from 8/2012, 12/2012 and 7/2013, during which time period you began over my objections, direct payment to my landlord AND nondistribution of almost anything at all direct to me, over a 15-month period.  This 15-months of neglect and deprivation were broken ONLY on Wed 10/30/2013 with $300 and Monday 11/25/2013, just a few days before thanksgiving, also $300, which were help, but also in context an insult.

And a reference to November 2013, among other issues:

Last month, November 2013:

. . . .On short recall, I asked (see those emails) on 2013 November 2nd, 7th, 12th and 18th.  None, at all, of my emails were answered OR acknowledged.

She habitually ignores, and did also during the ART SLANT times as well, requests for help, change, and for the most part, my emails.  So, on January 22,2014, I AGAIN asked her for 3% of my balance (at the time), and the about 0.1% of it  of it by a different method for speed.  At the time I had nothing to live on, it was just a few days before Christmas — and no indication of when any was coming.

Throughout February she continued to ignore my requests and emails, however I did get one implying there was a technical problem, she’d received four emails from me (didn’t say which ones, and didn’t answer any of their questions, and hasn’t since that I can recall).  If Jean can manage to be  a member of a Digital Arts Collective (let alone, do art), but claims she can’t handle the technical difficulty of receiving emails, she should drop the facade of being TRUSTee (or trustworthy) and stick to the sculpture, photography, and studio art.  

Maybe people buy her art.  I don’t buy her logic, and the public shouldn’t be billed because it’s defective.

It’s also putting and keeping people at risk, she doesn’t seem to care — so I say something at a deeper level (like some ETHICS software) is absent or defective.  Something ain’t right.  And I want that “ain’t right” away from me.


Sociopaths (not pointing fingers, let’s just put it this way) need a few things to execute the basic scheme of “winner takes all” :

  • SECRECY (it starts in secret) and the SETUP.
  • APATHY and ENABLERS (that’s the escalation.  How are people going to respond to low-level, but chronic aggressions?)
  • a CONFUSED AUDIENCE for the TAKEDOWN, end of a truthful track record after that person is GONE.

They need a lot of people to pretend all is normal and that the people resisting them are somehow not.  When the scheme in the later stages becomes more public, they need onlookers to be afraid to intervene because of what it might cost them to come between a sociopath and their target (the target usually being a means, or an obstacle to something ELSE they want).

All I am asking here is to remove the “Confused Audience” factor. Tell this woman you see!  Tell her you don’t as trustee, force the beneficiary to beg, and remain trustee.  She is in breach of her fiduciary duty, and reasonably knows this. And if she cares, it’s being shown by behaving worse and worse, month by month — her “care” is to make sure the truth doesn’t get out, and I am kept in this condition, not having another safe and VERY costly option.

Who stands to profit here, if NOTHING changes?  As trustee, JEAN stands to inherit anything not distributed ONLY if all beneficiaries die first.  If you are still confused about whether or not that is the goal, then ask yourself — what other goal could this policy possibly be about?  The public interest?  EITHER one of my daughters’ best interests?

Callous neglect and endangerment of one of my daughters.

I started this blog in February 2013.  Find out what recent news about my younger daughter prompted it.

Understand that the first thing my childless sister and her childless spouse attacked when I was a single mother under the protection of a restraining order, living a balanced healthy lifestyle — and supporting this household in music — was my parenting  and of course how that wasn’t really domestic violence.

Then read what nearly happened  to one of only two daughters Aunt Jean had wanted to take charge of.  Apparently I’m not the only Englund who has been abused, neglected, entrapped and on getting free, dangered by Jean and her spouse Jim Morgan, with others (not named here yet) actively involved in the network.

After  (ca. 2008) both mother and father (mother first) had been eliminated from my two daughters’ lives,  my two daughters were then left with one also religious disgruntled ex-fiancee of their father (in whose house they lived), and as coached and financially helped by Jean Pfann and Jim Morgan — while I was kept up here, having been DRIVEN out of music through certain actions, housed destitute, and periodically stalked — as I also am now.

Their involvement in this  case, and my life, absolutely does not bear close scrutiny.

I believe Jean’s primary purpose AS FIDUCIARY in the larger picture is to force me into dependence and onto food stamps, in addition to placing one of my daughters at risk, seriously so — and the other one in debt to, guess who (Jean and Jim) as just one part of the long-term plan to inherit.    I also have no question that while Jean is NOT my guardian, she’d love that privilege too and will not hesitate to seek it if I prove to be too troublesome (which I plan to continue being).

Please tell her to step down!

And while you’re at it, cc to District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, Oakland, California and ask her office to look into my case, for real this time!

I already did, last October, after walking into the “Family Justice Center,” and saying “please help!” expressing that I felt this situation also placed my daughters at risk.   I also offered feedback, having previously come through their nonprofits on the way out of a violent marriage.

It may seem that having family members actively, right now, engaging in forms of violence (including economic abuse, but there was more), and especially when the long-term situation involves a domestic violence case (local) and the person seeking help has come previously through one of their agency’s doors, which would qualify under a one-stop-justice-shop dedicated to dealing with domestic violence, as “domestic violence.”

But over the years, I have learned that often whatever DV survivors are asking for at any particular time, that never seems to qualify for whichever programs are currently funded.  For example, when I had no phone, was being stalked (prior years) and Verizon helpline was advertising free cell phones, in truth, this was only if you sign up for some long-term program.  If the need is a phone, it’s a phone — not ALL the services that come with it, like enrolling in classes, or learning how to be told how to recognize lethality situations, but literally, a cell phone, period. For safety during stalking — and for contacting current or potential clients or employers.  OR, one’s family members….

IF and WHEN I get free and self-sustaining, I am qualified to make a difference in the “case-dumping” practices of some of these organizations.  See bottom of this post.  When cases are dumped, the programs continue to get their funding, and it’s the public, and whatever support system people seeking (but not getting) help here, who end up both funding it — and picking up the pieces as friends, neighbors, and colleagues anyhow.

The Alameda County Family Justice Center (ACFJC), envisioned byAlameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley, began as a simple concept; to create a 1-stop location that would provide effective, comprehensive services to victims of interpersonal violence in a collaborative and coordinated way.

The ACFJC is a Division of theDistrict Attorney’s Office and provides visitors with legal, health, and support services and the opportunity for physical and psychological safety, recovery and well-being.

FYI, don’t contact this office (if that was a possible response) until reading the associated “Down the Rabbit Hole ACJFCJ” post.  It’s more complex than it seems — but I want people to understand their business model, and the problems this causes when domestic violence cases are shuffled along into the family court systems.   Which may explain what happens when people approach actually seeking services from this organization.  It’s complicated business-wise, and it’s complicated because it blends personnel from both the criminal law enforcement area (DA’s office) and the nonprofit sector (family violence agencies, nonprofit — and that can be significant money available — to the providers, not the victims).

What, again, was this outfit being paid to do?


 (my curiosity as to WHAT were they doing came after asking for help, and noticing what they were doing while my kids were being stolen, and life upended, by an ex-batterer I used to live with an be married to, who had ongoing issues with stalking, working, and paying minimal child support, among other things).  


In desperation I walked into this center, still on Food Stamps and having had ZERO cash distributed direct to me, and having to negotiate, deal or simply argue with my sister to handle the repeated crises this policy was setting up, I was asked to follow up write up, and did so.

 The same month — in fact within about one week — I was suddenly being stalked by Mr. Englund, my ex-batterer for days — while attempting to complete a rare, and single, simple music gig, for $150.  

The current connections between Mr. Englund and Jean Pfann, or Mr. Englund and Alameda County are still unclear.  The timing of various incidents seem to be more than coincidence, particularly after the DA’s office allowed him to keep our daughters he’d stolen on a court-ordered visitation back in 2006, resulting in retroactively reduced child support arrears – and the destruction of my ability to work in music, and me being driven back onto welfare afterwards.

Music gigs of $150 (and piano/vocal studio work of roughly $40/hour, adequate for any normal needs) would’ve been routine, normal — had it not been for the prior diligent and chronic attempt to fight me for control of my daughters, and taking that restraining order off, which cleared the way for harassments mid-week, weekend, and at any point in time.  What a waste!

Why shouldn’t I be allowed to go TO and FROM jobs that pay well, are fun, and that people chose to hire me for? 

This time, mid-October 2013, I tried to flee the area (not for the first time).  Only I couldn’t.  GUESS WHY NOT?   No funds for gas.  No ability to spend a single night in a cheap hotel.  This was during that 15-month siege “no allowance” (sic) for you, and may have been what finally broke it (I DNK).  I was beside myself, in serious shock, and several people had to listen to this on the phone also.

I did not need a “program.”  I didn’t need communications skills — I needed the wherewithal to temporarily leave my home neighborhood.  My sister’s program doesn’t endorse this.  It doesn’t endorse safety in general.

Since August 2012, and this treatment began, my top survival priority has been  to separate Jean Pfann from my inheritance.  

  • She has been repeatedly offered a competent and ethical replacement, or to fully distribute, and asked to change harmful practices until this happens.
  • She responds to this, and most, question by holding on yet tighter (and refusing to acknowledge the question).  
  • Occasionally I will get a scolding, complaining letter.  They are getting stranger and stranger, and less and less accurate.
  • Communications are impossible.  

This, or taking it to the next stage, litigation, is not in my best interest, or my daughters still in their early twenties, or the public’s.  Jean will spend down my inheritance (that about $800,000 trust) rather than replace herself on it.

Any Other Option Wastes More Public Resources.

This may also cost my life, through chronic stress (health), forced begging (endangerment), or other means:

If Jean cannot be embarrassed SOON into stepping down or distributing, I WILL have to either take her to court (PTSD and all) wasting court time and public funds, or use up more social services in an effort to flee.

She has no legal or legitimate need to stay on as my trustee.

I have and am pursuing an unalienable right to life, and seeking to handle this without getting anyone else hurt in the process.   That’s a significant handicap when dealing with sociopaths and without a functional criminal or family justice system.

In my situation part of that “right to life” is a “right to work” — which means, that the infrastructure supporting such work should not be in the hands of a temperamental and angry overlord, with less protections than an employee would have, or even a spouse.  A spouse can file for divorce, or a kickout.  Even romantic relationships, unmarried can do this.  For people in my situation, now — if we can’t just “work it out” somehow — the option is “Take it to court.”

I feel the courts have had enough of my life already, a full decade of it.

I never voluntarily entered into contractual dealings with my sister, post-divorce; rather she has bullied her way into my life, legal pleadings (most of them PLEADING for safety), taking the back door into controlling my housing — while I was under a protective order and completely restructuring my life.  In other words, there appears to have been pre-meditated intent to assume control.

Anyone — in order to take complete economic, legal, or any other form of control of another human being (adult’s) life with no legal right to do so — has to do so either either sneaky — “covert” — behind the back, usually to get a head start, and then through prolonged pressure, testing of the will, if the target person doesn’t just HAND it over, sooner or later, it gets to violence.  After a few acts of extreme violence, particularly when it’s not directly upon oneself, but upon immediate, vulnerable relatives — there is no relation left which is NOT under conditions of imminent threat IF one does not simply take orders.

In this situation, however, my sister is essentially ordering me to subject ALL business, life, and other decision-making to her “OK” after first participating for years in events just about guaranteed to make sure I’d never have a stable work life again.

How You Can Help

Please use the Internet right now to say “Thanks!” to my father Wm. G. Pfann (1917-1982) who literally helped invent it (Ch.14)  by saying “No Thanks, Jean Pfann: Step Down Now!” to Daughter #1 who 40 years later (2012) chose to force and keep me, Daughter #3, on Food Stamps, begging for anything else.

Incidentally, Daughter #2, Southern California Super Attorney Susan Pfann a.k.a. Susan Diana Walsh, doesn’t exactly have clean hands in this matter of my inheritance either.  Susan is a lifelong City of Los Angeles attorney married to another one.  It is my understanding they are retired on pensions.

Both are expert in throwing innocent people out of their homes, or standing by while others do it for them, and when confronted, either making light of it, or escalating suddenly in some other manner. NEITHER is someone I would like to deal with, from this time forward, period.  Do I not have that basic human right?  

For example, both my kids were stolen overnight while I was pressing the matter of safety and child support enforcement, AND, properly, telling Jean and spouse to keep their noses out of my business.   Both my sisters reasonably know exactly how competent, intelligent, and in these related legal matters, innocent, I am — and that they’re not.  And for me to negotiate with one of them backed by the other — for conditions involving my safety, functionality, immediate future — and my daughters’ futures — is no simple task.

~ ~ ~ ~

Jean in her best moments as a sister, and my daughters’ aunt, functioned as a codependent enabler of wife-battering, and in my opinion a little obsessed (being childless) with her nieces, my daughters.  Great art, but at this time, she knew and had known there was violence in the home and I was being, literally, terrorized and seeking help.

Fine artist; lousy fiduciary.

Jean’s actions show an intent to “Knock It Out of the Ballpark” within the next few months.

She and her misogynist spouse Jim Morgan, after whom that website is really named, seem to want me silent, discredited, or better, dead through attrition. What’s more worrisome– she’s also nearly 67 and progressively showing more and more signs of financial incompetence, like vague references to past distributions to excuse withholding for the present, unable to understand basic financial concepts, and easily confused/resorts to retaliation and “lockdown”on policy when confronted with change or resistance.

On March 17, 2014, by email ten days after having learned that my third cat had died (and someone else had fronted for cremation) while withholding answers AND funds, Jean again exhibited her understanding that she is a parent, I am a child, and that her position could be used for behavioral modification if I didn’t have the right attitude.   Again, I’d been kept on food stamps pretty consistently for about one and a half years, AND one of my daughters meanwhile had fled the area and attempted to commit suicide (which Jean didn’t feel newsworthy for that daughter’s mother, me)  and she’s talking about, essentially, using her privilege to punish me for a bad attitude?

Get real!

I believe that my sister, her spouse, and possibly the other sister, are — literally — in “crime scene cleanup” mode, attempting to eliminate witnesses, to sweep the evidence of past causes of my present poverty (and who knows what else) under the rug.

Don’t Stand By and let that happen.  Let Jean know that this is “Three Strikes You’re Out.”  Tweet, Facebook, email, Circulate.  I am not lacking competence, intelligence or courage — not one bit.  Most domestic violence survivors aren’t.

All I need is a fair chance — I need access to my inheritance, and this fiduciary away from it.

Help me get free, so I can work — and I absolutely will finish telling the truth, and helping others.

Thank you in advance!

WILLIAM G. PFANN, Bell Labs, Research Metallurgist.

FYI, My father’s obituary (download, 1982, 1 page):

“His pragmatic, purposeful and enthusiastic approach to every endeavor, his high standards of honesty in experimentation and reportage, and his unprejudiced approach toward the new, the untried, even the heretical served to define the word scientist for a large number of his peers and acquaintances.”

Take a Look (or google the name). . . JUST PERHAPS I’m competent to handle my own finances without Jean and plan a public-assistance-free future?

JUST PERHAPS with a fair chance, the best is yet to come.  I was completely driven (traumatized — in large part by the position my sisters took vis a vis the father of my children, who was violent) out of music.  

But let’s just say, “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings.”

Here’s a head start on some of my reporting how the family courts & child support systems set up people like Jean to let the public pay for their private “family matters” (personal vendettas, family secrets, or just plain greed):

This year, 2014, as “EagleOnTheTree, “Dear Mr. Jasikoff,”; Jan 2013, as Let’s Get Honest in California Lawyer on”An Appealing Strategy“* (even with all paragraphing stripped out, not one attorney bothered to contradict…), or as “SystemicAnalysis” on Washington Post May 2013, “Conference shines light on the plight of battered mothers” (featured speaker caught lying, comments promptly shut down, rather than ‘fess up) or, a lot, on CarverCountyCorruption (sample), a MInnesota blog.  In a given situation, I will be the PITA, sometimes argumentative, person saying “but what about this?” and “Get Real!” and of course, “Let’s Get Honest” about the whole deal.


California Lawyer


The above plea accompanies a public petition to save my life, literally, and free me from a future that spells dependency upon an abusive relative, after I already legally extracted myself from a batterer.

As the petition says, I am 60 years old, almost 61 — and my sister Jean Pfann who refuses to step down will soon be 67.   Her long-term personal grudges began it seems, when I  left a VERY violent marriage, battering, weapons (plural, guns and knives) and threats to kill.

While my fiduciary may remember better her wonderful nieces (she’d bypassed motherhood, this was about as close as she’d been, typically, to living growing children over the years), I remember a nightmare and what it took to stay alive and keep us all alive.  I had moved on and moved forward — a dozen years ago!!  Apparently the family of origin chose not to….

This nightmare in my immediate future is different — in that there is less hope for change, or survival.  It is one thing to struggle in one’s 40s, rebuild and even fight in one’s 50s with a hope of restoring some continuity to a work, and family life, while children are growing into adolescents into adult.

But I am in my 60s! And I am entering here were major life energies are being drained (monthly, weekly, daily) with this primary issue — dealing with a sister who wants me on an allowance she controls, in housing she controls, for ever, without options.

It is an entirely different thing to have many of the SAME individuals, still as hostile as ever, demanding to control my decision-making, after two decades of economic destruction, chaos, threats and intimidation with hardly a pause.

Make a Statement to my Sister  — There is No Excuse for Abuse (at any age, for any reason)

Or, don’t and pass it by. 

However, in this case you’d be passing by someone who has already some momentum going on how the policies which set up these circumstances are indeed federally and privately funded to expand welfare, increase poverty, transfer wealth almost on the turn of a dime, and then used to justify further undermining the justice system.

On this blog, Click on “Home” and read from the sidebar:  “When Acceptance is Unacceptable, Ask Hard Questions.”  I wrote this on discovering some shocking things my relatives had hidden from me about my daughters.  I’m not ready to talk about it here (yet), but it bears directly to, possibly, why my sister is behaving in this strange, manic controlling manner towards me.

I also talk about “misogyny” which is hatred of women.  Some of the dynamics of our “family of origin” have to do with, I believe, the fact that our family line is mostly women right now — three daughters of Wm. G. Pfann.  One of them threw out her husband — and a brother-in-law, Jean’s spouse, apparently assumed he could start giving orders.  To me.  To my mother (then still alive).  To my sister to tell my mother what to do.  After extracting my daughters from my household, to my daughters — in their household.

It was based on the fact that I’m female and as of filing a restraining order with kickout, I was without a husband.  I’ve not posted the evidence, but I have it.  This also affected the mistreatment, very bad, of one of my two daughters:

misogyny (n.) Look up misogyny at Dictionary.com1650s, from Modern Latin misogynia, from Greek misogynia, from misogynes “woman-hater,” from miso- (see miso-) + gyne“woman” (see queen).

I put everything I had into first, into protecting lives and preserving my own profession, which I loved and had already dedicated life energies to over a four-DECADE span.  The final stable job in music was eliminated under the pressure of ongoing court and legal actions involving two daughters, their abusive father backed by JEAN PFANN and JIM MORGAN, to which my friends, colleagues, clients, students and their parents were exposed and forced to also deal with, as I fought to simply survive and protect the right to work free from abuse, to exchange our daughters, when this was to occur, without harassment or trauma on any given weekend, or without needing to contact police to get them back, or keep Dad away from the home.

When I realized lives could be destroyed by people who simply don’t respect boundaries (or, court orders) and that the family law courts had set this up– believe me, it had my full, problem-solving attention.  In this particular family line (DNA?), that attention has some serious significance.  On the other hand, the people causing some of the problems are from the same family line, and expert at setting up and covering up the difficulties to start with.

HOW and BY WHOM was a literal court system set up to parallel the one saying, “this behavior is a crime” and the other system says, “no it’s not – -it’s a relationship problem,” and in the process force people back onto welfare, if and when they’d just gotten off it?

If divorce “brings out the worst” in people, then these courts in concert with the federal, state, county and private contractors’ wealth flowing through their hallways (that federal fount of blessing) magnifies it.

Hidden Hurt – Domestic Abuse Information (UK)

I deal with many of these symptoms because I’ve dealt so long with many of the same personnel involved in the original bad relationship (though absolutely not the last).  I know many people who pour major energy into staying connected, NOT isolating themselves, and such.

If that results in long posts (which take too long to write), just know it could be worse.  It also could be better.  Please go back to the top of the post and do something (communicate to someone) about this situation.  Ask Jean WHY.  Ask Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County District Attorney, reminder her that my children were stolen overnight illegally in that county, facilitated by workers from her office, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, and that this is costing the public, and costing lives.

They could’ve simply enforced a standing court order THEN — and chose not to.  An attempt was made to traffick my kids into foster care, which I was given NO warning to negotiate against.  Because they had family court to dump criminal cases into, they  didn’t have to do their job — “law enforcement.”  Now, I’m asking for it, EIGHT YEARS LATER.



  1. […] Jean Pfann, Step Down Now! Let Your Sister Go! […]

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Let it go — and Let me go!

Want the Short Version, or to Sign? It’s Here.

Jean and her attorney have leaked to a third party (NOT me, as they should've) intention to resign, probably because of this*:

Link to Care2.com Petition (with signatures)
Care2.com has over 25 million viewers, mostly progressive site, and encourages SHORT petitions. Mine is, with signatures from many different states.

= a concise, truthful statement of the problem.

Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds are Not her Private Playground was set up April 20, 2014, and apparently that, or this (probably that) has persuaded Jean to plan to resign, and will remain up at least em>until I see it with my own eyes, and am in a far safer condition and situation. For shorter attention spans, go there!

And, the updates page blog linking to it @ JeanPfannUpClose.

*While attorney would not tell me directly, a 3rd party calling on my behalf (unannounced) obtained it at least in email, which was cc'd me. Conditions for resigning are as unacceptable as conditions under which she has "administered" the trust. I am continuing to negotiate for change before then, and signatures are still being accepted above, and will help. This is a choice anyone faces who stands up to abuse -- report, and be prepared for retaliation. Don't report, and sit still while abuse increases incrementally beyond intolerable -- or suddenly, if someone gets "out of line." Been there, done that, not again. (Sign the petition!) I also want to notice, with some exceptions, how few "good Christian people" very aware of the situation, including the abuse, decline to stain their hands with public involvement (that's not including the not-so-good Christians involved in sponsoring or covering the domestic violence and other issues right along). Finding the strait and narrow here has been interesting, but with practice, it's easy to tell where it's not.
[box added only June 10, 2014]

Seventh Day of my Public Petition (Descr. Below)April 19th, 2014

Milestone: One Week since Petition went Public

See "Jean Pfann Step Down Now!" post (April 8), which explains that: My oldest sister controls my inheritance and funds I need to survive, and my housing, and since October 2012 has forced me onto Food Stamps.

On April 1, 2014 after another devastating month of dealings with my sister, I submitted (emailed her) a formal two-page letter, again demanding stepdown, and distribution. (see post) She didn't acknowledge letter. On April 8th, I published this post (at considerable effort), for a landing page of a public campaign IF I got no answer. Friends have the link, but I didn't publicize it much.

Today April 13th (almost two weeks!) she still has not acknowledged my letter, distributed one cent this month, or shown any indication of changing policy, I'm submitting a petition to Care2.com, a progressive public site with over 23 million members. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]]. So the milestone just gives one week for me to find out who is more apathetic in this matter -- my sister, or the public (hopefully not the public).

Since June 2012, I've been consistently asking Jean Pfann to RESIGN as TRUSTEE, and DISTRIBUTE from my trust so I do not have to beg and can safely leave California's FOOD STAMPS program, which is for people who do NOT have an inheritance with their personal name on it. (I wonder how many others nationwide, and in California, are forced onto Food Stamps just as I was, or even homeless, needlessly. I know some -- but I wonder just how many).

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I'm no an attorney (she's hired one from the trust fund), but California Probate Code seems clear that my petition as sole beneficiary enables her to legally resign as trustee . I am not asking for anything in conflict with probate law -- or this trust. The code also implies that when she resigns, the trust [a legal document regulating whatever's under the trust's control] could be terminated as its principal is distributed to me.

NO ONE has ever given me a reason for her control of my inheritance (I'm not incompetent, a substance abuser, have no criminal record, and am not physically disabled), this would seem sensible.

Clear conflict of interest and intent towards me:
"Fine art, Lousy Fiduciary!"
ALSO, the trust seems to have been drawn up about 3 years after my sister Jean Pfann and her husband Jim Morgan aggressively opposed me in court actions to (1) retain a restraining order for safety reasons, (2) retain custody of my two young daughters their nieces after I left a violent relationship (marriage), having had reasonable knowledge of just how violent it had been.

While I don't understand WHY my inheritance should be under someone else's control I am speaking the truth: leaving it under Jean's is dangerous to me, has compromised two young women my daughters, and burdensome to the public. I am not challenging the trust itself, but the administration and the administrator of it, who has a clear and on-the-record conflict of interest.

Calif Probate Code 15640, 41, 42. 15641 says liability doesn't end with resignation, and 1542 lists six conditions for the court to remove a fiduciary who doesn't voluntarily resign. From what I can tell, Jean meets four of them. Of the only two reasons to remove a trustee that don't apply here, one relates to co-trustees (none here) but speaks volumes to my situation:

"(3) Where hostility or lack of cooperation among cotrustees impairs the administration of the trust."

There's just one trustee and just one beneficiary -- and there's hostility. It is in the public's AND my best interest that I be released from this hostile and dangerous relationship with the hostile trustee. The trustee for almost two years now has refused to acknowledge she's even been asked! MEANWHILE, (and shortly -- just months -- after she was asked) One of my two daughters A.L. Englund almost died, did (from what I can tell) become homeless and fled the area to get away from the influence of this trustee's household -- a fact which was concealed from me by the same. That's why I started this blog in Febr. 2013 (and why several of its posts are "protected"). From what I can tell (and completely consistent with the historic context) Jean and Jim's demands upon my daughter, then an adult (only 19) involving a third nonrelative, were resisted, her "rent" was raised, and my daughter, realizing she was an adult (as I years earlier realized and made it clear, Jean had no jurisdiction, or business, in directing my life, either), apparently made a clear "No!" and chose hardship rather than abusive control of her own future. . . My other daughter M.K.Englund, alienated, lives with the trustee, her aunt.

The father, Eric Alan Englund (from MN), a "loose cannon" in part through my sister and brother in law's prior relationship with him (and interference in my divorce, custody, child support, and restraining order legal matters!) continues to haunt my life through stalking behaviors (more than one media and occasionally at my home!), which Jean knows -- but apparently doesn't care about. Jean was given and saw clear written evidence on 10/25/2013 in a rare face-to-face interaction with me. I was asking for funds for a safe house!

How am I, A.L. and M.K.'s mother (future beneficiaries if I die) supposed to negotiate for timely and sufficient distributions, or to relocate or anything else, with a trustee sister who refuses to acknowledge there is a mother-daughter relationship, period, was instrumental in destroying it, and in the process, my sustainable work life? And who then attempts to engage in conversations with me (around the trust) as though none of the above happened, or were relevant?

So, I set a milestone. Time will tell how the public, and my sister, responds to this petition going to Care2.com and whether it has to be taken to court. Meanwhile, my urgent concern is surviving that time span without further major losses and if possible, trauma or vicarious trauma to onlookers, remaining friends and associates.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking up for me (I realize many people who may be going through similar things may not want to compromise their own cases, and are often likewise destitute) can help (even very small amounts), please do so, now.. [Wed 4/16/2014- situation unchanged. No distribution, no response. I am forced to beg, which you bet this is!].

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Official PayPal Seal

I promise if freed, I will not forget others in similar situation or worse (see bottom of "Step Down Now!" post for work samples; for five years now I have been investigating and reporting, regardless of my personal situation.

In fact, this forced-dependency, survival condition is already hindering my ability to unleash my full energies on protecting others from what I went through. I am not asking for a free ride. I am asking for access to what is legally mine, and be freed from ongoing PTSD which comes from being unable to get certain dangerous, unethical people out of my life, year after year. What happened here is outrageous! It is also a sign of these times.

Please help Save my Life and Save tax Dollars. [ [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]] and please speak up in this situation.

Taxpayers' lives (particularly those with less, not more, of a buffer) are going to be disrupted, or drained one way or another, as some of the policies setting up situations like mine -- are in fact public policy. White-collar crime is still crime, and I have been tracking and reporting the funding for five years now. I didn't sign up for "advocate and systems change agent," it has been a matter of survival from the first.

"For Justice and for Life!," Anna Victoria Englund (that's me).
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