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Jean and her attorney have leaked to a third party (NOT me, as they should've) intention to resign, probably because of this*:

Link to Petition (with signatures) has over 25 million viewers, mostly progressive site, and encourages SHORT petitions. Mine is, with signatures from many different states.

= a concise, truthful statement of the problem.

Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds are Not her Private Playground was set up April 20, 2014, and apparently that, or this (probably that) has persuaded Jean to plan to resign, and will remain up at least until I see it with my own eyes, and am in a far safer condition and situation. For shorter attention spans, go there!

And, the updates page blog linking to it @ JeanPfannUpClose. And, a Facebook page about the Petition Campaign, and occasionally I'll post articles on this category of abuse.

*While attorney would not tell me directly, a third party calling on my behalf (unannounced) recently (June, 2010) obtained it at least in email, which was cc'd me.

Conditions for resigning are as unacceptable as conditions under which she has "administered" the trust.

I am continuing to negotiate for change before then, and signatures are still being accepted above, and will help. This is a choice anyone faces who stands up to abuse -- report, and be prepared for retaliation. Don't report, and sit still while abuse increases incrementally beyond intolerable -- or suddenly, if someone gets "out of line." Been there, done that, not again. (Sign the petition!) I also want to notice, with some exceptions, how few "good Christian people" very aware of the situation, including the abuse, decline to stain their hands with public involvement (that's not including the not-so-good Christians involved in sponsoring or covering the domestic violence and other issues right along). Finding the strait and narrow here has been interesting, but with practice, it's easy to tell where it's not.
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Fine artist; LOUSY fiduciary, 2002-2014. Intro + Chrono.

Fine artist; lousy fiduciary.

      Archaic Sphinx, by Jean Pfann => => =>


(My post Jean Pfann Step Down Now! (4/8/2014) states the problem and asks for direct action.  Any other post, including this one, is more background for the more curious, and for a more effective conversation if you plan to have one.  They add depth perception and the whole topic remains a PUBLIC INTEREST topic.  So far, I’ve survived to narrate and investigate.

This post looks better below the two introductory, purple-background boxes. But, they’re still needed.  And, they got long, because I started, again, saying what I think.

My sister Jean won’t hear it, so you might as well….  If you are interested in reasoning, logic, cause, or the larger issues — maybe read.  If not (scroll down).

 If you’re JEAN — get off my trust fund, distributing from it to me FIRST!  

Let it go and let me go!  New Year BlueJay Flying

Don’t force this into legal action. But if you do, there are now more public witnesses than there were last week. And you can’t drive them all away because they’re not all local, and a very short time here will tell you and me both, just how many there are (not that there won’t be people who read and will continue to monitor my safety and situation without contacting you. By forcing me to beg, you are wasting their tax dollars; they have a vested interest in stopping this and similar cases.

You messed with the wrong person, woman, musician and mother, unprovoked.  And incidentally (last, and least) biologically your sister.

ALL of THIS BLOG is an appeal for help:  

Help Save Tax Dollars and Save my Life, Now, please!


My Life is at Risk. I’m laying it out now, before possible repercussions for going fully public affect my ability to write, if not to speak!

Doing this involves risk and I don’t take it lightly.

Not doing so is not an option

I feel the public, who I’m asking for this help, deserves the facts.

I also want them known. 

This post chronicles what preceded “Jean Pfann Fiduciary

The next box has 3 important links.

They summarize the purpose and context of the blog.  

For people (like me) who prefer things laid out orderly, Jean Pfann Step Down Now — Let Your Sister Go! is #1, this post (“Fine Artist Lousy Fiduciary“) should be post #2.

Down the Rabbit Hole” and “Strange Species” on a local family justice center I sought help from, are #3 and #4.  I learned that seeking help can be hazardous to one’s health, even when it’s needed..

Again, this is the Logical Order of Posts:  #1 – Step Down Now; #2 – Fine Artist, Lousy Fiduciary 2002-2014; #3* – Down the Rabbit Hole with ACJFCJ, Inc.; and #4* – Strange Species Down the Rabbit Hole.

(= both on the ACJFCJ as a public/private-funded business model that dumps domestic violence survivors unarmed and despite hiring people called “Navigators” without a map of the terrain, into the family law system. I got the lay of the land the hard-way, scouted out the economics (or a good start on them) which became part of MY roadmap.  I’m nice that way, I don’t like to see people hurt, or public funds wasted.)

However, Post #1 alone, a fiduciary who has forced a beneficiary onto food stamps and begging, and needs to be talked to is plenty.  The others may help that be a more informed conversation (my advance insurance at the usual anticipated alibis), and assure you that other options are not in my best interest, or the public’s.

 Thanks in advance.  


Jean Pfann, Step Down Now! Let Your Sister Go!


Please help save my life — and Save Tax Dollars.   Tell Jean that California’s Welfare System is NOT Her Private Playground! 



Let it go — and let me go!

New Year BlueJay Flying

I feel my life is at risk and directly threatened by my sister, who is hoarding my inheritance and has forced me to instead beg for basic physical nonfoods and to resort to public assistance for food.  Since October, 2012.  This pattern is longstanding and beyond redemption.

I have run out of time for asking resolution.

You can make a Statement to my Sister  — “There is No Excuse for Abuse (at any age, for any reason)”

— or don’t.  Pass it by and “pass the buck.” 

You have that option.  I truly don’t.  But realize there is always a public cost to accommodating private abuse.   

Family Abuse is TaxPayerAbuse!  

Sibling rivalry is one thing, but this is off the charts – we’re all three adult women in our sixties!

I am Victoria Englund (born Anna Victoria Pfann), the sole heir (beneficiary) of a trust fund worth $802,355.34 on January 1, 2014 — but it’s in the control of my older sister.

 My name is on the trust fund after the words “for the benefit of” (“FBO”).

So what’s with forcing me to beg for basic nonfoods and onto public assistance for food?  

Jean became my fiduciary (assumed the control of my inheritance) in 2010.

Within just two years of my sister’s “help,” I’m back on food stamps and seeing work I just got, driven away, . . . all sense of safety is gone.  I am a domestic violence survivor, and in this situation, safety and knowing I have it is not optional.

This has happened before.  Here’s how, this time:


Protected: @ April 17, 2014. For password see “Fine Artist, Lousy Fiduciary” post.

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Strange Hybrid Species Inhabit that Rabbit Hole….

(See “Down the Rabbit Hole with ACJFCJ” first)

…And guess who’s funding the breeding programs?  [look in the mirror]

WHY should anyone go Down this Rabbit Hole (and Read this Long Post), which FYI, wasn’t easy to write;  I’m also in the middle of this situation and dealing with some VERY frightening prospects?  

Owner Nicky Harwood is reunited with seven-year-old Bilbo who get wedged chasing a rabbit down a 10-inch wide hole in Dobwalls, Cornwall. Back home: Bilbo relieved to be back home following the ordeal

Miracle mutt!  Terrier survives 20 days down rabbit hole…then wriggles free after losing weight

(Daily Mall Reporter, 2 Dec. 2011),

With a name like Bilbo, you would have expected him to be good at finding his way out of holes.  But when the border cross lakeland terrier chased a rabbit into one, his owners feared they had seen the last of him.

For unlike his hobbit namesake, the seven-year-old pet was unable to find his way out of the narrow underground maze. …

‘We will never know what happened to him but I think he may have got stuck in one of the small tunnels and after he lost the weight managed to free himself.’

The family had sat outside the hole for a few hours every day and tried to lure Bilbo out with various familiar scents – including his bed, the family’s bedsheets, and his pet food.

But after 20 days he was thin enough to wriggle free and dashed straight back to the car park where his family had parked nearly three weeks before.

A passer-by recognised him from missing posters that had been plastered around the village and reunited him with the grateful family. Mrs Harwood added: ‘He looked so skinny and sorry for himself when I first saw him. He was caked in bog mud and had trouble breathing. Luckily he is gaining weight and is nearly back to his full health now.

‘We are just so grateful to have him home. It really is a  miracle he survived.

Read more:–wriggles-free-losing-weight.html#ixzz2z5AmwIHk  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Don’t let the long sentences fool you — that’s partly how I deal with the PTSD of (a) confronting this situation and (b) still being without funds for food or gas, as we speak.  

I also faced this every time, for years and week by week, month by month since August 2012, in  realizing my sister’s “Round 3” game plan — and confronting it, when I repeatedly had to write my sister, who is also trustee and controlling my inheritance, to demand what she had a legal duty to provide me as fiduciary — resources to live on, without retaliation for insisting this not involve taking personal abuse for asking.

(See sidebar for Donate Button if you want to help temporarily!)

Short Answer — for the same reason you should ask Jean Pfann to Step Down Now!    It’s your tax dollars — not mine.  I’m not earning enough to be taxed, as I said, I’ve been held to begging and food stamps, when I wanted a safetyzone and a stable employment record. The alternative is letting her private family matters (aggressions/abuse) continue to waste public funds.  FYI, this didn’t just start in 2010 – it started as far back as 2001 (while my restraining order was still on).


Down the Rabbit Hole with the ACFJC, Inc.

“ACFJC” = “Alameda County Family Justice Center”**

“ACFJC, Inc.” defined:

Precisely. That’s quite a trick — and whose definition counts? Theirs? Mine? or something less Public Relations and Grants Solicitation — and more solid, for example, is this a government agency, and if it is, why is it also a California corporation (as of 2007) and a nonprofit (as of 2010, when California Attorney General’s Office finally got on their tails to register)? Or all of the above?  and what’s Justice got to do with it?

In this blog’s context, they are a place in Oakland, California (which is in Alameda County) that I walked into for HELP last October, 2013.  In fact I walked in on 10/4/2013. In the public/PR area, the websites and news media articles say they help people like me, i.e., they deal with family violence, stalking, domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual assault. Also, where there is a District Attorney in any county, it’s that District Attorney that decides whether or not criminal activity they are made aware of is, or is not, actually prosecuted.

When D.A.’s or other criminal enforcement people are made aware, and do nothing about it — and the aggressor (criminal, perp, whatever) then realizes this — the situation is worse afterwards, the person seeking help has spent precious survival time not getting it, and checking off a decreasing list of survival options.

So, from my perspective, in asking the public to put some positive pressure on Jean Pfann, I said:

And while you’re at it, cc to District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, Oakland, California and ask her office to look into my case, for real this time!

I already did, last October, after walking into the “Family Justice Center,” and saying “please help!” expressing that I felt this situation also placed my daughters at risk. I also offered feedback, having previously come through their nonprofits on the way out of a violent marriage.

This is the public spin:  ACJFCJ (website)Justice is not served til Crime Victims Are!”

Meet the Executive Director:  Cherri N. Allison (click and read), who is absolutely highly qualified and recognized in the field of domestic violence.

The description also says that before functioning as Executive Director and a founder of the ACJFCJ here, Ms. Allison was Executive Director of “the Family Violence Law Center.” [“FVLC” for short]

As we can see [California Secretary of State, Business Entities Search] , FVLC is a California corporation with a registered agent, and a birthdate — 7/12/1978:

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

Ms. Scott has been been Associate Director of the FVLC organization since February 2009.  FVLC doesn’t approve of “myopic solutions” [such as??]  but wants to influence the larger culture.

Instead of myopic solutions, FVLC focuses on long-term social change and the larger culture of violence, in order to lay the groundwork for a stronger DV field of the future. By developing effective business and evaluation strategies, the Center provides a model for other DV organizations working to maximize the impact of their resources and ensure their sustainability. – See more at: [StrongFieldProject]

Erin Scott (LinkedIn, or google) is a clearly very smart, well-educated, and very busy attorney.  Background:  Princeton Day School, Swarthmore (BA with Honors, History and English Lit) and NYU School of law.  That’s for starters — then see the professional experience.  She is also (concurrently) a Board Member of Family Violence Appellate Project (formed only in 2012) and California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (“CPEDV”) another LARGE one formed by merger of certain others:

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is a statewide membership coalition of domestic violence agencies and victim service providers that was formed in 2005 through the merger of the California Alliance Against Domestic Violence (CAADV) and the Statewide California Coalition for Battered Women (SCCBW). These two organizations joined together to form one state coalition to foster unity within the domestic violence movement in California.

Like other Domestic Violence Coalitions throughout the U.S. States and Territories, The Partnership is rooted in the battered women’s movement and the values that define this movement, including working towards social justice, self-determination, and ending the oppression of women. No other organization in California has the resources to recognize and recruit support from related organizations such as the national coalition or law enforcement agencies that can play a powerful part in helping end domestic violence.

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence believes that by sharing expertise, advocates and legislators can end domestic violence. Every day we inspire, inform and connect all of those concerned with this issue, because together we’re stronger.

Their Board of Directors and related organizations, incl. Ms. Scott for FVLC

In fact I have come to the conclusion that so long as there is this so much money, and so many careersto be made in the industry of Ending Domestic Violence or Stopping Family Violence (etc.) we (and “the public) can forget ending it.  Where are all these violent people coming from, and how come they keep either being bred – or slipping through the cracks of the legal system, HUH?

On July 24, 2010 the FVLC got a Delinquency Notice from the California Office of Attorney General [“OAG”] (which runs the registry of charitable trusts, i.e., nonprofits etc. in the state.  These charities have to file a simple “RRF” form annually and provide copies of their IRS tax returns too, so we know what public (gov’t) sectors are contributing to them.  This one was getting big around that time:

FVLC Charitable Registration Details:   FVLC Charitable Details=Assets,Revs, and Filings 2001-2013 (run @Apr2014)

FVLC Delinquency NoticeFVLC’s July 24, 2010 Delinquency Notice re Yrs 05,06,08 and 09 Tax Returns, from California OAG (Compare to ACJFCJ 2010 notice from OAG to file as a charity)

(sent to FVLC — click above to see)


July 14, 2010

The Registry of Charitable Trusts has not received annual report(s) for the captioned organization, as follows:

1. The $150.00 renewal fee for the fiscal year ending: 6/30/09 was not received. Please send a check in that amount, payable to “Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts”.

2. Registration Renewal Fee (RRF-1) Report (s), together with required renewal fee, for fiscal year(s) ending: 6/30/08.

3. IRS Form 990, 990-PF, or 990-EZ report(s) for fiscal year(s) ending: 6/30/05, 6/30/06, 6/30/08, & 6/30/09.

Failure to timely file required reports violates Government Code section 12586.

Unless the above-described report(s) are filed with the Registry of Charitable Trusts within thirty (30) days of the date of this letter, the following will occur:

1.The California Franchise Tax Board will be notified to disallow the tax exemption of the above-named entity.In addition, the above-named entity will be billed $800 plus interest by Franchise Tax Board, which represents the minimum tax penalty.(See Revenue and Taxation Code section 23703).

2.Late fees will be imposed by the Registry of Charitable Trusts for each month or partial month for which the report(s) are delinquent.Directors, trustees, officers and return preparers responsible for failure to timely file these reports are also personally liable for payment of all late fees.

WHASSUP with NOT FILING THEIR IRS form with the State for:  2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009, not turning in their RRF-1 for 2008, and apparently sending in 2009’s RRF-1 without the required fee OR the required tax return?  The website I got this from shows (from their 2009 RRF-1 they finally submitted) that in that year, they had gross revenues of $3.25 million and assets of $1.4 million.  What we are talking about here, is record-keeping and timely reporting.

  • These government agencies contributed, per that same Yr 2009 form:  City of Alameda, City of Berkeley Housing, City of Hayward, City of Oakland Measure Y (see bottom of this post), City of Oakland OFCY (Office of Family Children and Youth, I guess), City of Oakland CDBG (Community Development Block Grant), AND, City of San Leandro, COUNTY of Alameda (see map below, know that it includes Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, Hayward, and more), FEMA in San Francisco, and Legal Services Trust Fund, State Bar of California.

I’m not sure, but I’ll bet this happened while FVLC was actually housed within the same ACJFCJ which is County of Alameda Real Estate!  Erin Scott (smart, active and educated attorney with multiple board memberships now, and others before in her career) was Associated Director at this time, and Cherri Allison, Esq. LinkedIn says she was Executive Director of this organization from Feb. 2003-April, 2011.  In April 2011 she moved to running the ACJFCJ (in the same building).

If that’s not enough to keep track of, it seems to me that the ACJFCJ,  incorporated (below) in 2007 (although funded through Alameda County itself, through Federal Grants to — in part, this FVLC), but got a May 2010 notice to register as a charity, did so then made more excuses.   Who is keeping track of this shell game, or has time to?   Was  Ms. Allison was simultaneously on the boards of TWO nonprofit corporations, neither of which was filing correctly and both of which were housed in county facilities and taking a variety of public funds in a variety of manners.  Since ACJFCJ has been around, it also appears to have been running Gala fundraising events.

The ACJFCJ as we’ll see below is (in one of its several appearances) actually corporation with by-laws stating that its Board of Directors include one representative from the DA’s Office, and one from leading nonprofit agency providing DV services (link below, for exact description).

If I sound indignant, I am.

I’d rather have been, and would still rather be working (i.e., with income, i.e., paying my own bills)  and dealing with my own children regularly, to help them, than stuck asking for help and forced year by year to explore the entire (sure seems like) social service and family court, child support, and law enforcement infrastructures in two different counties, with no end in sight!

All systems have some operating principles, and they have financial incentives.

So? I went looking for answers. You should too (notice date: April 15th!).

Below, they will talk repeatedly about how wonderful and centralized (versus “fragmented”) it is for such victims to come to the lovely facilities.  But what I’m going to talk about is their business entity and corporate structure.  Which is downright strange.

You might want to look at it IF you’re going to actually contact this DA on my behalf.

I’m almost afraid to say more (like what else I already know about the system– ask for if you want the links). I’m not the only person aware of the situation, but may be one of few who have a pretty good handle on the corporate/nonprofit setup here — and in San Diego, and how this relates to getting favorable legislation passed, etc.     FYI this is a long post. Two-for one perhaps.  (It takes a while to lay out the information.)

I assure you, this post is relevant. You’re UNlikely to get this information elsewhere.

On the other hand, if the public has become such passive spectators we don’t, won’t, or can’t afford the time to follow District Attorneys and their favorite projects, (which the public funds; these are civil servants, right?), we might as well just give it up, and not complaints when justice doesn’t come back out of that slot machine we took a chance on when we pay taxes.    Also then don’t complain when people like me (in my situation, or worse) are forced onto welfare (or homeless) and when we, also hoping for justice, then come on the web, or to you if we’re associates/ friends/ colleagues — asking for help, in the process of staying alive, fed and housed when we can’t just WORK instead.  I learned this the hard way, and at a very high cost.  Perhaps there are better ways to learn — if you’re willing.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” defined:

 California Registry of Charitable Trusts, among other places trying to identify what kind of creature is a One-Stop-Justice-Shop that takes funding, uses public employees, exists in a county building — and dumps cases.

Why would the top enforcement official of any county — which is last I heard, the District Attorney– need to go set up a corporation (to be run right from a county building) to do what their public office already says is to be done — prosecute crimes, including domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse, and against children?

I dare anyone to straighten out the public versus private funding in this model, and figure out if services claimed are actually being provided to the victims, and whether (appears likely) or not (a slim chance) there is a built-in, inherent conflict of interest with sane people and taxpayers.

It doesn’t sound like they can keep themselves straight either.  I don’t feel comfortable, really, with having an organization or agency investigate a complex matter (which they are in the business to do) when this was submitted as an excuse for requesting an extension on their first tax return.  Seriously:

Alameda County Family Justice Center EIN: 26-1141080 Schedule E Line 5

Request for an extension of time for failing to file form 1023 within 27 months from the date of formation:

“In early 2009, Form 1023 was filed on-line and a fee was paid to an agency, which we believed was the IRS. It wasn’t until we inquired into the status of our filing later in 2009 with your agency (IRS) that we discovered there was no record of our filing and in fact the agency was in fact a private company with no affiliation to the IRS. In good faith, we believed we had filed 1023 with the IRS but in fact were misled.”

[see Page 17:  ACJFCJ %22FoundingArticles%22 Applic for IRS Tax Exemption, See p10, last pg%22 000F105E-10  More on this below…]

(No proof attached.  Can the rest of us use this excuse with the IRS too?)

Why this post:

I have attempted to leave a violent marriage and stay employed in a neighboring county, without violating court orders specific to our case, without cutting the father of my daughters out of their lives, and unfortunately, without understanding who I was dealing with in the various government agencies, criminal and family court sectors — and how they interact with each other, and how their operations relate to their federal grants, and state, local and county matters.

I wanted to know WHY I couldn’t leave a violent relationship and stay re-enaged in a wonderful profession, and maintain my ability from then on, not to be economically entrapped into very bad relationships involving the family members.  Or, to ever again have to resort to welfare.

I wanted to know why the word “family” when it applies to blood or marriage relationship, should be allowed to cover up so much violence, destruction, and hatred, such evil intent.  I don’t believe that blood or marriage relationship should pre-empt the restraints of criminal law.  If I had to choose between a known, destructive criminal who was also a family member (by birth or marriage) and a stranger, client, or colleague (co-worker, etc.) who wasn’t, I’d go with the stranger.

I also after 2006 absolutely wanted to know why a crime isn’t a crime if the case lands in “family court,” which is where, I found, public servants whose duty is to enforce the law (which includes standing court orders) want cases to go which otherwise qualify as crimes.

I’m not the first person to notice that the “outbox” of the criminal enforcement of family violence is the family court system and the “inbox” (“ka-ching!”) for the collaborative service “centers” (hybrid public/private operations) includes the word “family.”   The buzz, the myth, is that, it’s better to reunify families than break them up because single parents (especially single mothers) are a drain on the public.  This is inconsistently applied — they certainly broke up my family and household!


Well, I learned how that works in Contra Costa County, California after leaving Alameda County, California  (scene of major trauma) many years ago with energy, hope, employment, and growing children in my household.

These are the 9 San Francisco Bay Area Counties: (Association of Bay Area Governments)

Bay Area


Berkeley (UCBerkeley), Oakland and other cities (“East Bay”) are in Alameda County

San Jose, Palo Alto (I.e., Stanford University), Silicon Valley are in Santa Clara County

The California Judicial Council  is in San Francisco (City and County), California having the largest court system in the country, and many (not all, but many) programs influencing court programs seem to center around the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area and its nine counties.

Courts: The Judicial Branch of California   Center for Families and Children in the Courts

  • Court Programs and Practices for Working with [prisoner] Reentry 
  • Community Justice Summit 2014: International Summit
    • April 22-24, 2014  San Francisco
      The Center for Court Innovation, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s [“USDOJ”] Bureau of Justice Assistance and the [California Judicial Council’s] AOC [Administrative Office of the Courts], will host a conference for judges and criminal justice and social service partners working together to implement evidence-based practices addressing addiction, mental health, homelessness, recidivism and reentry issues among high risk or hard to reach populations
  • Ending the Criminalization of Homelessness: The Role of Courts, Lawyers and Advocates
    • April 25, 2014 San Francisco
    • In conjunction with the Community Justice Summit, the ABA’s Commission on Homelessness and Poverty will offer a California Homelessness Summit.
  • The Juvenile Dependency Court and You – A Guide for Parents
  • Juvenile Dependency Mediation Resources
  • FAMILY LAWAccess to VisitationChild SupportFamily Dispute Resolution ~Unified Courts for Families/ Court Coordination

  • etc.

Others, around Los Angeles, and still others in San Diego, including the first insemination of this Family Justice Center idea.

However the main idea of the Family Justice Center Alliance was it seems the USDOJ federal grants hookup.  


The Alliance is the coordinator of the current California Family Justice Initiative, funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, which has helped start ten new Family Justice Centers in California in the last three years. The $2 million Blue Shield of California Foundation California Family Justice Initiative is funding development of a statewide network of Centers made up of core criminal justice system professionals and a host of community-based non-profit and government agencies. Today, the Alliance is assisting with the start up of fifteen additional Centers in California.


Protected: Quit Wasting My Time, Talents, and Inheritance — and, Where’s My Younger Daughter!!??!!

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Protected: Hounding a Single Mother (Pre-Abduction)

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Protected: The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil. The Love of the Truth is Best for All. (About that Trust Fund)

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Protected: Fiduciary Abuse 2012, Same Psychotic Sister, New Toys: A Trust Fund

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Protected: Draft Notepad 02-21-2012

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The Seventh Day of My Public Petition (click on "Jean Pfann Step Down Now!" for descr)April 19th, 2014
See "Jean Pfann Step Down Now!" post (April 8). My sister controlling funds I need to survive on, my housing, has forced me onto Food Stamps at public expense, and as of today Sunday April 13th (almost two weeks) has not even acknowledged my April 1st letter. The milestone marks six days from a petition I'm posting today on, a progressive public site with over 23 million members. I posted this "milestone" is the seventh day of the public petition. [I will post link here once it's up]. I'm asking Jean to RESIGN/DISTRIBUTE from my trust so I do not have to beg and can safely leave California's FOOD STAMPS program for people who do NOT have an inheritance with their personal name on it. I'm not an attorney (she's hired one from the trust fund), but California Probate Code seems clear that in order for her to resign, my petition (as sole beneficiary) qualifies. It's also implied that at this time she could distribute to me.Calif Probate Code 15640, 41, 42. 15641 says liability doesn't end with resignation, and 1542 lists six conditions for the court to remove a fiduciary. From what I can tell, Jean meets four of them. It is in the best interest of the public that I be released from this hostile and dangerous relationship with a hostile trustee. Time will tell how the public, and my sister, respond.

Timeline of Milestone:

See "Jean Pfann Step Down Now!" post (April 8), which explains that: My oldest sister controls my inheritance and funds I need to survive, and my housing, and since October 2012 has forced me onto Food Stamps.

On April 1, 2014 after another devastating month of dealings with my sister, I submitted (emailed her) a formal two-page letter, again demanding stepdown, and distribution. (see post) She didn't acknowledge letter. On April 8th, I published this post (at considerable effort), for a landing page of a public campaign IF I got no answer. Friends have the link, but I didn't publicize it much.

Today April 13th (almost two weeks!) she still has not acknowledged my letter, distributed one cent this month, or shown any indication of changing policy, I'm submitting a petition to, a progressive public site with over 23 million members. [Link here Updates Page is JeanPfannUpClose">, and for what it's worth, FacebookPage ]. So the milestone just gives one week for me to find out who is more apathetic in this matter -- my sister, or the public (hopefully not the public).

Since June 2012, I've been consistently asking Jean Pfann to RESIGN as TRUSTEE, and DISTRIBUTE from my trust so I do not have to beg and can safely leave California's FOOD STAMPS program, which is for people who do NOT have an inheritance with their personal name on it. (I wonder how many others nationwide, and in California, are forced onto Food Stamps just as I was, or even homeless, needlessly. I know some -- but I wonder just how many).

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I'm no an attorney (she's hired one from the trust fund), but California Probate Code seems clear that my petition as sole beneficiary enables her to legally resign as trustee . I am not asking for anything in conflict with probate law -- or this trust. The code also implies that when she resigns, the trust [a legal document regulating whatever's under the trust's control] could be terminated as its principal is distributed to me.

NO ONE has ever given me a reason for her control of my inheritance (I'm not incompetent, a substance abuser, have no criminal record, and am not physically disabled), this would seem sensible.

Clear conflict of interest and intent towards me:
"Fine art, Lousy Fiduciary!"
ALSO, the trust seems to have been drawn up about 3 years after my sister Jean Pfann and her husband Jim Morgan aggressively opposed me in court actions to (1) retain a restraining order for safety reasons, (2) retain custody of my two young daughters their nieces after I left a violent relationship (marriage), having had reasonable knowledge of just how violent it had been.

While I don't understand WHY my inheritance should be under someone else's control I am speaking the truth: leaving it under Jean's is dangerous to me, has compromised two young women my daughters, and burdensome to the public. I am not challenging the trust itself, but the administration and the administrator of it, who has a clear and on-the-record conflict of interest.

Calif Probate Code 15640, 41, 42. 15641 says liability doesn't end with resignation, and 1542 lists six conditions for the court to remove a fiduciary who doesn't voluntarily resign. From what I can tell, Jean meets four of them. Of the only two reasons to remove a trustee that don't apply here, one relates to co-trustees (none here) but speaks volumes to my situation:

"(3) Where hostility or lack of cooperation among cotrustees impairs the administration of the trust."

There's just one trustee and just one beneficiary -- and there's hostility. It is in the public's AND my best interest that I be released from this hostile and dangerous relationship with the hostile trustee. The trustee for almost two years now has refused to acknowledge she's even been asked! MEANWHILE, (and shortly -- just months -- after she was asked) One of my two daughters A.L. Englund almost died, did (from what I can tell) become homeless and fled the area to get away from this trustees' household -- a fact which was concealed from me by the same. That's why I started this blog in Febr. 2013 (and why several of its posts are "protected"). From what I can tell (and completely consistent with the historic context) Jean and Jim's demands upon my daughter, then an adult (only 19) involving a third nonrelative, were resisted, her "rent" was raised, and my daughter, realizing she was an adult (as I years earlier realized and made it clear, Jean had no jurisdiction, or business, in directing my life, either), apparently made a clear "No!" and chose hardship rather than abusive control of her own future. . . My other daughter M.K.Englund, alienated, lives with the trustee, her aunt.

The father, Eric Alan Englund (from MN), a "loose cannon" in part through my sister and brother in law's prior relationship with him (and interference in my divorce, custody, child support, and restraining order legal matters!) continues to haunt my life through stalking behaviors (more than one media and occasionally at my home!), which Jean knows -- but apparently doesn't care about. Jean was given and saw clear written evidence on 10/25/2013 in a rare face-to-face interaction with me. I was asking for funds for a safe house!

How am I, A.L. and M.K.'s mother (future beneficiaries if I die) supposed to negotiate for timely and sufficient distributions, or to relocate or anything else, with a trustee sister who refuses to acknowledge there is a mother-daughter relationship, period, was instrumental in destroying it, and in the process, my sustainable work life? And who then attempts to engage in conversations with me (around the trust) as though none of the above happened, or were relevant?

So, I set a milestone. Time will tell how the public, and my sister, responds to this petition going to and whether it has to be taken to court. Meanwhile, my urgent concern is surviving that time span without further major losses and if possible, trauma or vicarious trauma to onlookers, remaining friends and associates.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking up for me (I realize many people who may be going through similar things may not want to compromise their own cases, and are often likewise destitute) can help (even very small amounts), please do so, now.. [Wed 4/16/2014- situation unchanged. No distribution, no response. I am forced to beg, which you bet this is!].

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I promise if freed, I will not forget others in similar situation or worse (see bottom of "Step Down Now!" post for work samples; for five years now I have been investigating and reporting, regardless of my personal situation.

In fact, this forced-dependency, survival condition is already hindering my ability to unleash my full energies on protecting others from what I went through. I am not asking for a free ride. I am asking for access to what is legally mine, and be freed from ongoing PTSD which comes from being unable to get certain dangerous, unethical people out of my life, year after year. What happened here is outrageous! It is also a sign of these times.

Please help Save my Life and Save tax Dollars. Check back for a link to the Petition Site, and Speak up in this situation.

Taxpayers' lives (particularly those with less, not more, of a buffer) are going to be disrupted, or drained one way or another, as some of the policies setting up situations like mine -- are in fact public policy. White-collar crime is still crime, and I have been tracking and reporting the funding for five years now. I didn't sign up for "advocate and systems change agent," it has been a matter of survival from the first.

"For Justice and for Life!," Anna Victoria Englund (that's me).